Review of Luxair flight Paris Luxembourg in Economy

Airline Luxair
Flight LG8012
Class Economy
Seat 15F
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 05 Feb 23, 09:35
Arrival at 05 Feb 23, 10:35
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Published on 18th March 2023


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Hello and welcome to Paris CDG Airport for this return flight !

After attending the aeronautical trades and training fair which was at the Air and Space Museum in Le Bourget from February 3 to 5, it is already time to return to Luxembourg ! 

photo capture-decran-2023-03-04-a-140819

After waiting ten minutes for the shuttle to arrive, it operates the link between terminal 2F and terminal 2G, which is very practical in the absence of CDGVAL, which does not go to terminal 2G. Maybe one day ?

photo capture-decran-2023-03-04-a-141905

Less than ten minutes later we have already arrived at the terminal.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-04-a-142157photo capture-decran-2023-03-04-a-142230

There's no crowd this morning, no one at baggage check-in.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-04-a-142447

The flight is scheduled on time, estimated departure 9:35 am.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-04-a-142328


The security checks are also deserted.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-04-a-142303

Quick check, there are more staff than passengers !

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-123123photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-123202

Arrived at the top of the escalators, a press offer is available.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-123231

There are more people here, the waiting room is already quite full.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-123309

So I decide to go to the boarding gates to be calm.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-123328photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-123354

Last look at FIDS.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-123435

And to use the expression of ATEON : We arrive at the farm of Embraer !

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-123512photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-123531

An Embraer 170 being pushed back.

photo img_2998

The Q400 is trying to find a place around this Embraer crowd ! 

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-123731photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-123751photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-123840

Shortly after, an Embraer 190 is coming next to the Q400.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-123919photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-123953

Direction now the boarding gates.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-174156

Here is the flight itinerary.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-07-a-194111

Here is the bird that will transport us today, it is LX-LQI, a Dash Q400 NextGen delivered new to Luxair in september 2016.

photo img_3003


Here is the door G24 direction : Luxembourg.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-174311

Boarding begins on time with business class passengers.

photo img_3011photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-174630photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-174701

Next to us are 2 Embraer 190, one have the new livery and the other in the old one.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-174725

Fuselage shot.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-174810photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-174829


Passage through the J which will be 3/4 full.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-174937-24874photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-175009-56459

For this flight I am installed in row 15, seat F.

The cabin will be full, there will only be a few seats left in the back.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-175030

View of the seat 15F and 15D.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-175125photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-175207

The pitch is not great but good for a flight of less than one hour, it will be ok !

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-180013

The safety instructions are glued on the front seat.

photo img_5319photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-175253-25701

Boarding is now finish ! 

photo img_3020


Takeoff from runway 26R.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-182451photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-182518

take off

Take off at 10:05 a.m.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-182546photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-182721photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-182740

Nice views of CDG !

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-182807

For those with expert eyes, we have the visit today of a Delta A330-900 Neo with the beautiful Team USA livery.

For those who might not have found it, it is at the bottom left.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-182834

The sky is quite overcast above Paris today ! 

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-182904

Turn around above the capital.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-182925photo capture-decran-2023-03-07-a-194127

A beautiful sea of clouds is forming under the plane.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-183003


 A small snack is distributed to us.  

photo img_3039-19780

The catering will be the same as for the outward, a bottle of water and a small bag of hard cookies.

photo img_5311

10 minutes after the start of the service the Chief Flight Attendant return with a bag to throw away our trash.

photo img_5256

The headrest is branded !

photo img_5261

Second beverage service for the business cabin.

photo img_5282

The landscape passes under us.

photo img_5287


photo img_5308photo img_5329


After this break above the clouds, it is already time to start descending to Luxembourg.

photo img_5367photo img_5390

The ground is revealed.

photo img_5394photo img_5411


Gear Down.

photo img_5437photo img_5440

Landing on Luxembourg runway 24 at 10:20 am.

photo img_5451photo img_5485photo img_5500

A little hello to the tower 👋 !

photo img_5522

A nice surprise is present at the arrival : LX-LBA is waiting, it wears the ESCH 2022 livery !

photo img_3051photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-185120

Next to us is another special aircraft of the Luxair fleet, answer in a few pictures…

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-185147


I was the last one to take out because i take many pictures !

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-185235photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-185304-90655photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-185356

The bus will transport us to the Terminal.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-185408

… and here is the answer of the special aircraft of Luxair's fleet, it is an Embraer 190 LR which joined Luxair's fleet almost a year ago to relieve the existing fleet.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-185436photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-185512photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-185540

The terminal will be a bit fuller than yesterday.

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-190216photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-191829

Bye Bye LX-LQI thanks for this flight !

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-191905

Direction to the exit now !

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-222824photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-222838

Few people in the baggage claim ! 

photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-222944photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-223040photo capture-decran-2023-03-05-a-223154-92695

This rotation LUX - CDG - LUX is now finished, thank you very much for reading me and see you soon for new FR ! 

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Cabin crew9.5

Paris - CDG


Luxembourg - LUX



In conclusion,

Paris CDG airport : Shuttle between terminal 2F and 2G On time boarding and quick security check.

Luxair : Correct cabin, clean plane, very simple catering but which has the merit to exist for a one hour flight.

Luxair crew : Very pleasant crew who took care of their passengers even for a one hour flight !

Luxembourg Airport : Quick disembarkation, transfer with the bus to the terminal, always so clean !

Short flight but still kept its promises with a perfect crew !

Nice little rotation of a Week - End, see you soon for new FR !

Maël 😉

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