Review of British Airways flight London Lyon in Business

Airline British Airways
Flight BA358
Class Business
Seat 13A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 27 Feb 22, 19:50
Arrival at 27 Feb 22, 22:35
BA   #62 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 963 reviews
By GOLD 756
Published on 5th July 2023

some great memories

Hello all and welcome to this Flight Report that is a bit special as there is an Helicopter bonus  

Avios claimed with this flight: 750
Status miles earned: 40

I don't fly anymore that much wth BA nor OneWorld since they started to become too low-cost, and also the fact that I moved to France so I was looking forward to be back on BA business class.

BA was offering a deal in J that was a real bargain, so the feeling was a bit like meeting again an old ex!

The flight is scheduled to be operated with an A320 of 144 seats.

photo map-320-european-35393

A really bad surprise to see that you need to pay for your seat in business, I mean come on, we already have paid like 4 or 5 times with the Business fare… This is what i meant by BA becoming low-cost, that is so cheap.

photo screenshot_20220225-095332_british-airways

The app is really well designed and I had no issues at all to check in and get my boarding pass like in the old days when I was flying regularly with them.

photo screenshot_20220226-201738_british-airways

the preflight… flight!

One of my best friends is becoming a helicopter pilot and as I was visiting London, he took me on a memorable helicopter flight 

We review together the flight plan, as we are planning to land in Heathrow! Just that!

photo 20220226_222737

A lot of helicpters there, including VIP transport machines, emergency helictopters etc

photo 20220227_105648

Just to give you an idea of how a VIP helicopter cabin looks like (unless you are used to travel this way!)

photo 20220227_105908

Today's bird..

photo 20220227_111832photo 20220227_112410

After a short preflight briefing (yes no FMC to fill in!) we start taxiing byt just hovering over the ground before taking off vertically.

photo 20220227_121149

Some of these houses in Northamptonshire are very tiny.

photo 20220227_121721

On this helicopter there aren't any heading autopilot nor automatic throttle.

photo 20220227_122026

We are approaching the London Heathrow radio zone and requesting to land..
"helicopter oscar Siera Echo Mike sqwak 21XX requesting transit Heathrow zone flying towards Southend"
"negative. too many aircrafts awaiting already"

Shame as we were also planninng to fly over the Thames…

photo 20220227_122358

Of course the approach is full VFR.

photo 20220227_133640photo 20220227_133734

at london - heathrow airport

Despite me living in the city for about 10 years I think this is the first time I come to the terminal 5 by car, I always used to get there with the train.

photo 20220227_173753photo 20220227_173955

One thing the UK airport do very well is sign posting - it is a real challenge to get lost at LHR - even perhaps too much according to some of my friends that refer to the UK as a nunny state :p

photo 20220227_174149

The Priority checkin lane is at the far right of the checkin counters hall.

photo 20220227_174215

The lady at the counter is very professional and check my bag in very quickly.

photo 20220227_175633

The fast track lane is almost empty - a very nice surprise.

photo 20220227_180051

Just on the right hand side of the fast security lane is the Concorde lounge, where I play dumb and naively ask if this is my lounge? 
Nice try but no.

A big view on the terminal 5. 

photo 20220227_180634

I wasn't sure if the North or South galleries lounges would be better, after a quick chat on the french Flight report whatsapp gold group, I am told the south Galleries are slightly better.

The escalators are just right by Fortnum & Mason, I guess I am on the right way ahah.

photo 20220227_181116photo 20220227_181131-35067

Hello giagantic glitter larva!

photo 20220227_181148

at the british airways south galleries lounge

The first floor is dedicated to showers and Concorde lounge, the business lounge is the floor above..

photo 20220227_181226

I'm passing by some of these old plane modeles, I am not sure there is anyone on the Flight report community that old that have flown on these..

photo 20220227_181240

I don't know if anyone had the chance to fly on this B747-100 neither!

photo 20220227_181248

But this one definitely!

photo 20220227_181255

And this one I have! The A380 model is actually enormous.

photo 20220227_181413

The bar on the left hand side is well equipped with a lot of drinks.

photo 20220227_181637

Loads of Burgondy wine which I like.

photo 20220227_181740

There is a lot of people at the lounge and I guess not that much staff as not all of the tables are clean. 
I stay there for a bit to watch the plane show. 

photo 20220227_181911

There are also a lot of coffee places.

photo 20220227_181914photo 20220227_181918

Some vintage posters.

photo 20220227_182820

On the other hand of the lounge there is another bar that allows the passenger to do some cocktails with ingredients and instructions - and it is not so easy not to overfill the glass with alcool :p

photo 20220227_183746photo 20220227_183243photo 20220227_183345

The actual bar.

photo 20220227_183510photo 20220227_183557

There is a TV corner, for the live news channel afficionados.

photo 20220227_185616

Generally speaking the lounge offers a good variety of seating area.

photo 20220227_185846photo 20220227_185923

Besides the buffet, some chefs are available to cook some hot meals.

photo 20220227_185928photo 20220227_190036

You just need to scan a QR code an simply place your order and bob's your uncle!

photo screenshot_20220227-190608_duckduckgo

5 min later the food is brought over by the waiters and fanny is your aunt!

photo 20220227_190711

I went downstairs near the Concorde lounge to book a slot to have a shower.
At least the lounge do have a few cabins so there isn't much of a waiting time but the shower definitely need refurbishing. 

There are not dirty it is just that are all made of plastic and look like some sort of mobile home showers. 

photo 20220227_191213photo 20220227_191243photo 20220227_191249

I head to the boarding gate on time.

photo 20220227_192056photo 20220227_192236

My boarding pass, for once I am part of boarding group #1 (out of 9 - I think BA has pushed the group thing a bit too far).

photo 20220227_194212

onboard the A320

Our A320- sorry for the reflections.

photo 20220227_192317

Aircraft: Airbus A320-232
Tail number: G-MEDK
Engines: 2x IAE2527
Age: 16 years old
Layout: Y180

photo 20220227_194314

For once I am the first one on the jetway.

photo 20220227_194355photo 20220227_194413

The jetway windows are dirty sorry :s

photo 20220227_194419

The plane has started serving for BMI and I am very lucky to find these old and yet more comfy former BMI seats.

photo 20220227_194442

There is no headrest per say but they do recline quite a bit and are actually very comfy.

photo 20220227_194623

Unlike the BA A320Neo cabin, th pitch between seats is more generous on the first rows.

photo 20220227_194909photo 20220227_195005

BA offers some anti bacterial wipes to clean your seat if you wish to, a move that has been followed by most of the european legacy carriers.

photo 20220227_195157

The plane is equipped with WiFi, the instructions to connect and purchase your wifi pack are displayed on the seat in front (yes a pack has to be purchase, there wasn't any free wifi for at least messaging services)

photo 20220227_202518photo img-20220227-wa0048

We push back with only 15 min of delay, which isn't that bad for the last flight of the day of this aircraft.

photo 20220227_195802photo 20220227_195813photo 20220227_203051

Safety demonstrations are performed the good old fashion way, shame as BA was extensively using TV screens last a decade ago.

photo 20220227_202950photo 20220227_203138photo 20220227_203621

We are about to take off from the 9R runway..

And before this A350-1000.

photo 20220227_203844

Curtain is pulled after take off.

photo 20220227_205247

The service starts as we are just flying over the English Channel.
I am first asked what I wish to drink - as I don't know what is on the menu, I opt for Champagne which is always a good idea!

The pursuer comes back and tell us the choice for the meals: quinoa salad something or coronation chicken - a dish well known in the UK as it was served for the coronation of her late Majesty the Queen.

photo 20220227_210012

The pros
- Porcelain plates and silver cuttlerly (not a paper box)
- Hot bread
- A choice in the meal (unlike some others european carriers)
- A napkin made of fabric
 -A stubborn and persistent alcool refill

- No food menu
- No starters
- Both meal options were served cold 

The dessert was nice up until my spoon reached this way too sweet strawberry jam layer.

photo 20220227_211120

To be fair with the crew they were nice and always looking to refill our glasses but they did spend most of their time behind the service curtain.

In terms of entertainment the Wifi was functional during the flight.

photo screenshot_20220227-210541_duckduckgo

However the webpage does not offer a live position tracker.

photo screenshot_20220227-210605_duckduckgo

The Buy on board is however well detailled

photo screenshot_20220227-202606_duckduckgo

A short nap later and it was almost time for our final approach.

photo 20220227_214903

The famous High Life magazine did survive the covid period but is now only to be found either online as a PDF version or on some shelves at the BA lounges.

photo 20220307_152839

The main focus of the month was on original hotels.

photo 20220307_152902

Also a lot of ads usually found on low-cost magazines!

photo 20220307_152956

Very sadly British Airways removed the fleet section and the network destinations pages.

photo 20220307_153059

AT lyon - saint-exupéry airport

We land on the 18L runway 

photo 20220227_225352photo 20220227_225552

And arrived at terminal 1, as usual.

photo 20220227_230224photo 20220227_230345

Passport control is quickly passed.

photo 20220227_230709photo 20220227_231723

Our flight radar 24 stat.

photo 20220307_162122

Last bonus

Because I love London!

photo 20220225_172736photo 20220226_100012photo 20220226_155808
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British Airways

Cabin crew7.5

British Airways (South) Galleries Club - 5A


London - LHR


Lyon - LYS



LHR: A very clean and well organised airport. Back in the days it was always a bit lenghty to get there, but that was before the elizabeth line opened.

Salon South: Not the best lounge I have ever visited in terms of food, but the lounge is vast with a lot of different dedicated areas and the bar is not disappointing. Showers are though.

British Airways:
This old cabin is quite confortable, the food is staty but in too litle portions for my liking. Staff is professional but a bit too cold at some point.

LYS: Super efficient as always.

For memory here are my criteria to try and be fair at each report
-Entertainment: None < 4.5 Magazine 6< a smartphone application 7< Wifi 8 < IFE = 10
-Cabin: visually interesting, comfortable and user friendly> 7.5. For example, "Ironing boards" are <7
-Crew: Went for the extra mile, they've outdone themselves > 7.5
- Meal: : Buy On Board <5 Free <7.5< Visually interesting, satisfying, visually good and yummy

Information on the route London (LHR) Lyon (LYS)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 16 avis concernant 1 compagnies sur la ligne London (LHR) → Lyon (LYS).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est British Airways avec 7.3/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 32 minutes.

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  • Comment 631865 by
    LeMatheuxVoyageur BRONZE 825 Comments
    Hello dear Chris and thank you for the sharing. I have curently a lot of delays in reading and comenting reports (the best explanation I have found is that weather is really sunny at home and that I am doing some sport to be fit the rest of the year XD ^^) ! Even if you posted that Report a few days ago, that is a pleasure to discover the British Airways Business product. It is really unbelievable that Business Passengers have to pay extra price for seat selection ! Even in the lowest J class, Air France is offering that choice for free. Despite that strange commercial decision, the product seems to be much better than the economy's one that may justify a price gap between the two classes. The concorde lounge seems comfy and tasty food is served. Onboard, meal's choice is a relly good point and if the catering is tasteful, that is nice ! The crew was perhaps a bit tired by their workday but remained quite proactive. That was a chance to fly on an ex BMI's aircraft in the sens that you've had a more comfortable seat than the original one. Thank you for sharing the bonus too and see you on a next Flight Report !
    • Comment 631992 by
      ChrisB GOLD AUTHOR 3413 Comments
      Hi Yann and thanks for your comment!
      No worries, reading and commenting every report is nearly impossible, especially in both languages! You are absolutely right, better to enjoy the sun!
      It is really unbelievable that Business Passengers have to pay extra price for seat selection

      I know right, just as if you haven't paid the business ticket enough!
      the product seems to be much better

      It is much better, but like every European legacy carrier, the seats are equal to that found on economy
      That was a chance to fly on an ex BMI's aircraft in the sens that you've had a more comfortable seat than the original one.

      Yes there are still a few ex-BMI aircrafts around :)
      See you on the next FR too!
  • Comment 631892 by
    NGO85 SILVER 1972 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR Chris!

    A really bad surprise to see that you need to pay for your seat in business

    Surprised that they beat UA or LH to implement this^^ Arguably, LX has been doing this for years for the throne seats, but to charge for basic seat selection in J is ridiculous.

    There are not dirty it is just that are all made of plastic and look like some sort of mobile home showers.

    Maybe got a deal from Ibis?

    Overall decent experience on BA for short haul J. Lucky to have the extra legroom on the older cabin and the catering looks well presented (as expected with DO&CO) despite being only cold options. No cheese on the tray, just dessert?
    • Comment 631993 by
      ChrisB GOLD AUTHOR 3413 Comments
      Hi Michael and thanks for your comment!
      Surprised that they beat UA or LH to implement this^^

      AHAH exactly! The race on how to change things from free to payware lol
      basic seat selection in J is ridiculous.

      Exactly there won't really be a war to get that throne, I can't imagine the Lanisters fighting for it.
      Maybe got a deal from Ibis?

      AHAH or B&Q or Homebase lol!
      No cheese on the tray, just dessert?

      No cheese tray flying to France, a dangerous move as it could have triggered another Revolution. The dessert was nice but generated a cray-cray sugar rush for me!!
  • Comment 632061 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6719 Comments
    The app is really well designed and I had no issues at all to check in and get my boarding pass

    Hah, I have the exact opposite experience. I find the app to be aesthetically pretty, but not user friendly at all. Like if you wanna view a seat map or change seats it takes you out of the app to a page, which then has a banner at the top telling you to use the app...which then sends you back to's quite maddening....but it works on the page the app sends you to so whatever....still it drives me nuts how dumb the design is, haha.

    Check-in for short-haul flights is pretty straightforward, but it's suuuuuuper buggy for long-haul INTL flight, especially if there's an AA or IB codeshare somewhere on the itinerary. Haha...ok rant over. I still love BA for the most part...just not the app LOL

    A really bad surprise to see that you need to pay for your seat in business, I mean come on

    I know!!!! It's so tacky. And now in the past few months IB have started doing it as well. Luckily with my Emerald status I never have to pay (I believe even Sapphires don't pay), but still, I find it so tacky to scrape for a few more $$$ from Premium pax who have already paid a higher fare for the premium cabin.

    I went downstairs near the Concorde lounge to book a slot to have a shower.

    I remember being told one time when connecting to short-haul that the showers were only for long-haul passengers when I showed my short-haul BP, but then showed my inbound long-haul BP. Sounds like the attendant was full of crap, haha

    The plane has started serving for BMI and I am very lucky to find these old and yet more comfy former BMI seats.

    Oh man, I thought only some A319s still had the old BMI cabins. Had no idea some A320s still have them. I may be true that the A320s with BMI cabins have better pitch in the front but the A319s don't...I was in Club on one a few weeks ago and it felt more cramped than the standard BA cabins. I also wasn't a fan of the lack of USB ports.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 632095 by
      ChrisB GOLD AUTHOR 3413 Comments
      Hey Kevin,
      thanks for the comment!
      which then has a banner at the top telling you to use the app..

      LOL that was weird I didn't have that, maybe for short haul it is easier?
      still it drives me nuts how dumb the design is, haha.

      maybe an intern designed it lol
      It's so tacky

      And so mean! like BA is telling you that you didn't pay your business ticket dear enough.
      Sounds like the attendant was full of crap, haha

      Maybe the same persone who designed the app lol. Cauz I actually had my shower lol
      These old BMI seats are great, I don't like much the "new" seats.

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