Review of IndiGo flight Dehradun New Delhi in Economy

Airline IndiGo
Flight 6E455
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:40
Take-off 14 Dec 19, 08:10
Arrival at 14 Dec 19, 08:50
6E 17 reviews
Published on 13th March 2023


Hola amigos!

Here's another chapter of my India 2019 series, this time covering a flight from Dehradun to Delhi.

The previous flights on this series are: 

Check in and awaiting for my flight

Considering the early departure time and that there was some distance between Rishikesh and DED, I booked the taxi to pick me up at 5am.

The taxi showed up, and I was picked as agreed. The very kind hotel manager was up as well and handed me a baggie with fruits for my breakfast (lovely detail).  I dosed off for the roadtrip to the airport…

 …I woke up at DED, and I was already used to the "drill" that entering an Indian airport involves. 

Check in was painless…and I was good to go to the waiting room. No VIP here.
DED boasts a very modern building (considering it is not a "primary" airport). 

photo 20191214_063712

Reaching the airport early and without much hassle at check in, I had a lot of free time before boarding. So it was time to eat the goodies I was given by the hotel

photo 20191214_064428

bussing to our airbus

We were called to board, and then we were bussed to our airbus. Its windows fogged because of the difference in temperature…

photo 20191214_073706

While it is not my preferred boarding method, it is nice to do it on foot sometimes, you get all the noise, smells and sense the size of the plane.

photo 20191214_073743

Nice and trusty CFM56s

photo 20191214_073749

Lovely skies this morning, with a lovely moon overlooking us….

photo 20191214_073801

Air India proposed an ATR for this hop… I chose IndiGo for this flight as I had already ticked Air India between BOM and HYD.

photo 20191214_073844

I found these platforms interesting, compared to the usual stairs…I also liked the use of informal messages.

photo 20191214_073902photo 20191214_073912

entering our blue (or indigo?) plane

The cabin looked fresh, and well kept… way more than enough for our short 40 min hop.

A look to DED's terminal, being expanded…and the snow peaks at the background.

photo 20191214_074109

The ATR besides being boarded

photo 20191214_075649

I wonder if that text in Hindi says "ATR"

photo 20191214_075651

Seatpocket contents

photo 20191214_075438

SpiceJet's flight from JAI (I think)

photo 20191214_080008

Boarding completed…good to go!

Enroute to Delhi

We passed by the little ATR on Taxi to our runway

photo 20191214_081127

One last view to the Terminal

photo 20191214_081249

The SpiceJet crew

photo 20191214_081225

Views on takeoff…the Himalayas become visible as we gain altitude (YAAAS)

But then we turn and then they are visible no more (NAAAY)

photo 20191214_081533photo 20191214_081646photo 20191214_081822

But in the end I managed to see these majestic mountains.

photo 20191214_081830photo 20191214_081855

The rest of the flight was pretty much eventless…(this bin opened by itself and was kept this way almost all the way).

photo 20191214_081334

The moon kept checking at us.

photo 20191214_082251

We soon descended and crossed the haze and smog into DEL


photo 20191214_084611photo 20191214_085145

Oh look, I had a seatmate…hi there!

photo 20191214_085113

We also had stairs to disembark and were bussed to the terminal. A shelved A320NEO was visible…

My bag came out quick (I expected a long wait as the bus ride was a bit long)…and in no time I was grabbing an Uber to my hotel 

photo 20191214_090950
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Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Dehradun - DED


New Delhi - DEL



Like the other LCCs, IndiGo did its job. Although I am inclined to think I like IndiGo better than SpiceJet and GoAir.
DED felt like a small regional airport without much to do. Probably this is not the case anymore with the expansion.
DEL was okay, clean and efficient. I enjoyed my ride to New Delhi and my hotel, to do my final stint of my India trip.

Thanks for reading!



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  • Comment 623677 by
    SR100 4 Comments
    Thank you for your report, which brought back memories of a very special day in my life - and all India, that begun at Dehradun on October 31, 1984.

    We were booked on the one and only daily Indian Airlines flight DED-DEL, to be operated by a Hawker Siddeley HS 748. The airport at the time was basically the runway. When we arrived at the airport, we were surprised by the amount of people there, many very well dressed, even school classes were there, singing and dancing, waving flags.
    Shortly afterwards, a HS 748 landed, though I immediately recognized that it was not our Indian Airlines HS 748 but one of the UK Royal flight. HRH, Princess Anne, was visiting a care home of Mother Teresa at Dehradun.

    We also learned that as long as her plane is at DED, no other plane would be allowed to land - no surprise any more since her plane was parked on the runway. So we waited a couple of hours without any further information, then she arrived back the airport, boarded her plane and off she went. Now it was an issue of timing, because the runway had no lights and it wasn't sure whether Indian Airlines would operate the flight on that very day. But luckily, they did.

    On the flight to DEL on board we learned that on this very afternoon, Indian's Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was shot. When we landed at DEL, news was that she didn't survive and there was already a curfew in place at Delhi. We somehow managed to get a driver to bring us to our next destination, Agra, where we spent the following couple of days with a lot of unrest in India.

    Seeing DED in your report again, almost 40 years later, seeing how it has developed was a great pleasure, indeed. Thank you.
  • Comment 623763 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6182 Comments
    It's great that the Indian domestic market has a so many choices between traditional carriers and LCCs. It's a huge market and will only keep growing. IndiGo in particular have been growing by leaps and bounds, especially since Covid recovery ramp up. Looks like 6E offer a good value for domestic flights.

    Nice tourism bonus. The area looks very pretty. A sticker in Spanish in the middle of India?

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 623780 by
    Trojans 7 Comments
    I wonder if that text in Hindi says "ATR">

    Yes it does, good guess!

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