Review of SAS flight Oslo Copenhagen in Economy

Airline SAS
Flight SK1465
Class Economy
Seat 31D
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 08 Mar 23, 17:31
Arrival at 08 Mar 23, 18:21
SK   #72 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 196 reviews
Published on 5th April 2023


Known as the "Venice of the North" for its many waterways and lakes, Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, lies on a number of islands and peninsulas at the outflow of Lake Mälar into the Baltic.

World Class museums, theatres, galleries and gorgeous parklands await travellers who will find no end of things to do in this beautiful charming city.

The excellent underground railway system, the Tunnelbana (T-bana), takes you almost anywhere in the city. A highly efficient and regular bus network fills in any gaps between destinations.

Stockholm is built to be explored by foot. The city also has an efficient network of bicycle lanes.  Stockholm's then new international airport, planned since 1944, was named in a contest in 1958. The jury settled for Arlanda, which combined the suggested Arland with the verb landa (“to land”). 

The name Arlanda was decided after a competition prior to the airport opening. It is derived from Arland, an old name for the parish Ärlinghundra (now Husby-Ärlinghundra in Märsta) where the airport is situated.

Royal Jordanian will commence Amman-Stockholm services on May 29th 2023. And no doubt the services will be very popular with Stockholm/Sweden's large Iraqi community who will seamlessly connect to their homeland and Sweden via Amman.

Emirates has served Stockholm since September 2013 but Qatar Airways was the first Arabian Airline to arrive at Stockholm back in November 2007, having previously served Gothenburg as it's Scandinavian gateway and then Copenhagen from 2010. 

Finnair used to fly a same Aircraft service on the Manchester-Helsinki-Stockholm route.   

Monarch Airlines used to serve Stockholm from Manchester before it's demise.  Currently only SAS and Norwegian fly regular service between Manchester and Stockholm (Arlanda). Although in 2022, airBaltic did operate select Manchester-Stockholm services on behalf of SAS.   

Having pondered about visiting Stockholm for many years, my August 2022 trip to Oslo catapulted me to book which I did on 21st October 2022. The Oslo-Stockholm sector was originally meant to be operated by an SAS A320neo so I was surprised to see it downgraded to the tiny CRJ. But this would mean a brand new aircraft type. I guess for a flight of around 45 minutes ( similar to Manchester-Glasgow ) I could cope with being onboard a Scandinavian baby operated by CityJet ! 

Star Alliance is meant to have it's group Airlines working together, so it does surprise me as to why it is not possible to book MANOSL on SK and then connect to the Ethiopian Dreamliner which flies almost daily OSL-ARN.

With its new investment, Ryanair will have a total of five aircraft stationed at Arlanda. Of the eight new routes in 2022–23, service is already available to Birmingham, Malta, Pisa, Turin, Tuzla and Valencia, while two new routes will debut in the spring and summer to Dublin and Porto.

Ten of the carrier’s existing routes will also operate more frequently during the summer period. These higher-frequency routes include the destinations Krakow, Milan, Thessaloniki and Vienna as well as some domestic destinations. Ryanair’s summer 2023 programme entails a 6 per cent expansion in service compared to summer 2022.

The investment in a new aircraft will mean 30 more jobs for pilots and cabin crew at Ryanair’s base at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. In addition to the 45 flight routes that will serve Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Ryanair has 22 flight routes in traffic at Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, two at Malmö Airport, one at Luleå Airport and one at Visby Airport, a total of 71 routes via Swedavia's airports.

The scenic route to Stockholm

The original plan. Oslo to Stockholm Arlanda.

This is a 45 minute flight or 6 hour road journey - take your pick !

Either way I would be flying to Stockholm in a scenic way today.

photo sto

Before I even booked my Stockholm trip, fate made this flash up on social media including the aircraft type I was destined to fly on !

photo arn

When I booked my trip in October 2022,the OSL-ARN aircraft was an A320neo but in the months before the flight was downgraded to a CRJ-900 Mitsubishi. The night before travel I noted it was an A320neo again but this changed to a CRJ again by the day of the flight.


After arriving off my Manchester flight into Oslo ( see report) I hurried to my gate for Copenhagen. Boarding was in full swing and I joked with 4 Scandinavian gentlemen that it had been a mission for someone of my build to rung through the Airport to which they laughed !

At the gate I heard Copenhagen being pronounced as Shopenhayen !

I asked the lady from SAS if I may have an onwards Boarding Pass and if my suitcase had been loaded. She printed a Boarding Receipt ( which I will call it ) and told me my bag was loaded on !

Excellent ! 1 flight done and 2 to go on this Scandinavian odyssey !

photo 20230308_164936photo 20230308_165013

all aboard for copenhagen !

photo 20230308_165533photo 20230308_165539

Bear in mind my hastily arranged new seat number on row D….

photo 20230308_165603


photo seatphoto screenshot_20230308-163240_sas

Hej Hej Emma Viking ! A new SAS aircraft for me, an A321 in the old livery and registered OY-KBE.

photo 20230308_165654photo 20230308_165753photo 20230308_165902


photo 20230308_165907photo 20230308_165940photo 20230308_170144


photo 20230308_170205photo 20230308_170319photo 20230308_171110

Overhead lockers were choc a bloc just like the passenger load. I was lucky to get space two rows ahead of me !

photo 20230308_171116

Air France A320 F-GKXI named "Roissy En France" ahead of her return home to Paris CDG and then flying onwards to Athens. Taken by my middle seatmate ! This is an ex JOON aircraft and also once wore Paris 2024 stickers.

photo 20230308_172038

Remember when I said my seat was 31D ? After the mad dash to board this flight, someone was sat on 31D but 31C was free so I sat down without even thinking. Weeks later when writing this report I realised !

I would be next to an Indian older couple on their way to connect with the Air India Copenhagen-Delhi flight.

I was welcomed onboard by a Danish male Purser. The 2nd SAS Male Purser so far and the second of the day too ! He was very warm and polite. The crew would be made up of 3 Danes ( 2 male and 1 female) and 1 very friendly Swedish lady. On the way to my seat I said Good Evening to a Danish Airhostess and Steward who replied politely. The cabin was super full.

I got up from my seat and went to the rear galley where a Danish Steward and Swedish Airhostess were standing. Both told me that Copenhagen is a nice compact airport and that I will not have a problem connecting to my onwards flight ( which at this point was on time).

I asked the Swedish Airhostess what the weather would be like in Stockholm. She said it would be cold but that ( as per a Swedish saying) there is no bad weather, only bad clothes !

The crew really put me at ease about my connection.

I went back to my seat and there were at least 2 announcements asking for a Polish lady to make herself known to the crew. The Purser asked tow ladies ahead of me if they were with her.

The lady never appeared and her bag had to be offloaded.

There was a Welcome aboard announcement and I will guess it will have been in Danish and then English. As I would not have a window seat and as this flight was fairly short, I will write a bit more before I start sharing photos.

The aircraft pushed back at 1720pm just as the crew performed a manual safety demonstration.

take off

At 1730pm, Emma Viking roared like a rocket towards Copenhagen. Some zoomed in blurry views. The best I could manage.

photo 20230308_173325photo 20230308_173330photo 20230308_173339

Sunny Scandinavian Cabin !

photo 20230308_175205photo 20230308_172437

Unlike on A320neo's where I cannot rest my head as it dangles over the headrest area, on the A321, I was able to enjoy some comfort as my head touched the seat !! The flight was uneventful and very smooth. The crew worked together amazingly to deliver service to all passengers on this short flight. It is my understanding that Plus Passengers would get some sort of savoury pastry.


My Jacket was hung up on the coathook at my seat and dangling inside my left leg area.

I had passengers next to me and no room to move or open the tray, so the Steward pulled out a tray from inside his trolley and mixed milk and sugar into my tea before handing it to me. I was most grateful. No SAS branding on the serviette again.

photo 20230308_175818photo 20230308_175643photo 20230308_180845

The Purser went to look, at my request,to see if there was a seat nearer the front so I may escape ( I mean disembark ! ) sooner to get my onwards flight. He went to have a look and there were no seats but he did give one bit of good news and that was that there would be rear stairs attached ! Meaning an unexpected photo opportunity !

are we there yet ?!

Some views before landing at Copenhagen - if I had had a window seat I would have got some amazing shots as the scenes were breathtaking and magical !

photo 20230308_181012photo 20230308_181033photo 20230308_181232


photo 20230308_181634

Velkommen til København !

At 1820pm, Emma Viking landed at Copenhagen Kastrup. I helped the couple next to me retrieve their overhead baggage which was heavy.

It was only when the rear steps were attached, that an announcement was made to that effect. I asked the lady who had sat in front of me if I may retrieve my bag to which she moaned like a spoilt child.

I apologised loudly for asking. Some people. Honestly.
I made my way out to this beautiful view after the Swedish Airhostess at the rear galley said my onward flight is delayed ! A bit of a relief as my next flight would be my last one for tonight !

Emma needs some beauty treatment judging by the tail !

photo 20230308_183349photo 20230308_183412photo 20230308_183421

The old and the new flag design of SAS, the flag carrier of Norway,Sweden and Denmark.

photo screenshot_20230305-202210_instagram


photo screenshot_20230308-193456_flightradar24

When, to get from Norway to Sweden you have to fly to Denmark and bypass Sweden just to go back !

photo screenshot_20230308-193526_flightradar24

Very professional service by the crew !

photo screenshot_20230309-112830_sas

I would not see this until after I landed in Copenhagen !

photo screenshot_20230317-172559_outlook

2 done and 1 to go ! Join me at the gate for Copenhagen to Stockhom Arlanda !

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Cabin crew10.0

Oslo - OSL


Copenhagen - CPH



An unexpected flight which really showed beautiful Scandinavian hospitality and my first time flying with Danish crew who really promoted hygge !

The Crew were most professional,friendly and service oriented.

I loved the rear steps disembarkation as it meant some great photo opportunities that you see here. On to the next one !

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