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Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL2542
Class Economy
Seat 32E
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 04 Feb 14, 09:00
Arrival at 04 Feb 14, 11:10
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By 3518
Published on 25th February 2014
As explained in the FR regarding my AMS-IAD flight ( I took advantage of being in the US to do a segment run as these are cheaper there since you can do a same day return vs. staying overnight as often required in Europe.

After FLL and LAX during my last two trips to DC, this year the search for fares revealed MIA was the cheapest option.

The routing was then going to be:

DCA-ATL (MD90): FR here
ATL-MIA (757-200): FR to come
MIA-ATL (757-200): FR to come
ATL-DCA (757-200): no FR

I know the timing of this first flight may seem decent for some people here, but for me it was really early as I had to get up at 6:45am.
Still, at about 8am I was in DCA where I collected my souvenir boarding pass.

I took the opportunity to change my seat assignment in order to get a free middle seat on the right side, as planes were taking off towards the city and it would enable views of the Mall.

The nice DCA hall, that appeared frequently on FR.Com, mostly in KevinDC's reports.

photo DSCF6238

My plane, registration N922DX

photo DSCF6237

Going through TSA took about 10 minutes, even though I was using the SkyPriority line.

Agents were not really nice, talking to each other and only interrupting their gossips to bark at passengers.

By the time I reached the gate, boarding was underway.

I had hoped for an upgrade, but it seems that Flying Blue Gold members are even below Skymiles in terms of priority, so I was way down the list.

I was greeted by a smiling FA upon entering the aircraft, something which is not the norm on many american carriers where FAs are often chatting with each other as passengers are boarding.

The cabin, I think a red headrest would be nice a nice touch in this sea of blue faux-leather.

photo DSCF6239

This US Express E175 pushed back a little before us

photo DSCF6240

The flight was really not full, maybe 60% of the seats taken.

Then it was our turn to push back, about 5 minutes before schedule

During our taxi, we passed this MD88

photo DSCF6241

And the historical terminal of DCA

photo DSCF6242

As we were about to enter the runway, the captain came on the microphone to inform us that due both to congestion in the DC area and bad weather in ATL, we'd have to hold for about 25 min before being cleared to take off.

We finally did take off at 9:30am or so

The US Capitol appeared

photo DSCF6243

Then the Jefferson Memorial

photo DSCF6244

And the Mall

photo DSCF6245

The northern part of DC

photo DSCF6246

An undetermined city

photo DSCF6247

We then flew near Dulles, enabling a view of all four runways

photo DSCF6248

And eventually the clouds prevented any views, pretty much until we reached ATL

photo DSCF6250

Upon lowering my tray tables for the snack, I found it to be not so clean

photo DSCF6251

Of all the FA's onboard, I was served by the only unfriendly one :-(

Coffee and Biscoff cookies, too bad they're only available on mornign flights, then it's prtzels only for the rest of the day

photo DSCF6252

On the pair of two seats next to mine, a guy was trying to lie down (he had the two seats to himself), the purser saw him and kindly offered him to sit on the right side in order to have 3 seats to lie on instead of two, and brought him a blanket with a smile.

For the remaining time of the flight I just read my book.

We then started our descent in ATL

Another bank

photo DSCF6253

The clouds were pretty thick and we escaped them as we were only a few hundred feet above the ground

photo DSCF6255photo DSCF6256

Spoilers engaged

photo DSCF6257

Taxi to our gate took a bit of time as we had to let a few aircraft take off before we could cross the runaway parallel to ours

The F gates I think

photo DSCF6258

A few parked DL planes

photo DSCF6260

We finally stopped next to this 737-800

photo DSCF6263
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew7.0

Washington - DCA


Atlanta - ATL



The cabin is not bad especially when you have 3 seats to yourself, but not having a proper headrest gets uncomfortable after a while, also the dirty tray table was not really enjoyable.

The crew would deserve a 10 if it weren't for the FA who served me

Catering was ok for a 1,5h flight

As far as punctuality is concerned, we were on stand about 10 min late which shouldn't have happened considering the flight duration is well padded (2H10 according to schedule)

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