Review of Iberia Regional (Air Nostrum) flight Madrid Toulouse in Economy

Flight IB8740
Class Economy
Seat 26F
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 18 Jan 23, 15:40
Arrival at 18 Jan 23, 17:00
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By GOLD 319
Published on 25th May 2023

Hello and welcome on board this report, return flight from a professional day trip in the Spanish capital.


We are at the beginning of January when a work meeting is organized on last minute in the premises of a partner company based in Madrid.

No av-geek consideration for the routing, it's the company that pays, so we'll make it as simple as possible with Iberia, which again offers the possibility of making the round trip during the day with a very early flight on Wednesday morning. and a return flight the same day in the evening enough to spend a good day's working on site.

Regarding the class of travel it will be economy (company travel policy) even if the ticket in J is cheaper than the ticket in Y on the IB website!!! Indeed at D-10 the prices are a bit crazy for such a short flight.

Unfortunately, beginning the following Thursday, the strikes against the French pension reform and to avoid having one of its aircraft and crew stranded in Toulouse Iberia will cancel my return flight less than 24 hours before forcing me to urgently contact the travel agency making reservations for my company in the evening  in order to be protected on another flight. Instead of an evening return it will therefore be a mid-afternoon return, with the last flight available within next 2 days and a shortened work meeting.

Which gives us the following routing:


  • IB8929 - Economy - Toulouse => Madrid - Bombardier Crj-1000 Not available
  • IB8740 - Economy - Madrid => Toulouse - Bombardier Crj-1000 You are here

This line is rather known on our website indeed Iberia links on average 3 times a day Toulouse at its Hub of Madrid using CRJ-1000 of Air Nostrum. For this summer season Volotea should start operating 2 weekly flights on Friday evenings and Monday evenings, which will undoubtedly reduce the prices on this route a little, which are, given the distance to be traveled, rather high.

In terms of report KevinDC has reported this line multiple times mainly in business. It will be the first report in economy in this direction

January afternoon in Barajas

After a constructive but shortened meeting, it's already time for me to head back to the airport. It is very easy to take a taxi on the street in Spain and as soon as I leave the offices (located on a large boulevard) I stop a taxi in less than 15 seconds and go to the direction of terminal 4! I am dropped off at the departures floor for a very reasonable rate this time (less than 20€). We can see that the architectural unity is respected including outside the building.

photo ib8740p1

We arrive in the check-in area which is for me one of the most pleasant in Europe with this superb architecture and perfect lighting. All areas are well indicated with XXL screens in front of each counter.

photo ib8740p2

Flight indication display where American cities are mixed in the middle of European destinations. My flight is scheduled on time, good news!

photo ib8740p3

Passages to security checks will be performed within a very reasonable time of just over ten minutes. To reach the Schengen gates (H, J and K) and the large hall of T4 you have to go down one floor.

photo ib8740p4

It will be a short but obligatory crossing of the duty-free shop which is located just at the arrival of the escalator. We find the usual cigarettes, perfumes and chocolate accompanied by articles a little more local.

photo ib8740p5

I head inside the huge pier that is the T4 where we find the doors on each side and the shops and restaurants in the middle.

photo ib8740p6

The terminal offer beautiful views of the aircraft at the gates like this Airbus A320 from Iberia which has just arrived from Milan Malpensa.

photo ib8740p10

 Or this Airbus A319 in One World livery which will soon takes off for Asturias airport located in the north near Oviedo and Gijón.

photo ib8740p11

Another Airbus A320 also departing for a domestic destination in northern Spain and it will be Vigo.

photo ib8740p7

Arriving a few minutes earlier from the neighboring capital of Lisbon, this Airbus A320neo will leave Madrid at the end of the afternoon for Venice.

photo ib8740p8

 Airbus single aisle aircraft are visible at the 4 corners of the terminal with this other Airbus A320 from Barcelona.

photo ib8740p13

Having eaten nothing since 4 am I would take a sandwich and a squeezed juice at the Mama Campo shop. The prices are not particularly cheap but the quality was good with excellent Iberian ham.

photo ib8740p9

If you want a bit of spotting variety, you have to go to the north end of the terminal where you can find regional Air Nostrum aircraft, mainly Crj-1000s like this machine arriving from a flight from Bologna.

photo ib8740p14

And unsurprisingly, it is in this area that my plane of the day will board. Our flight will be called for boarding on time and the priorities seem to me to be fairly well respected. Only small problem in this area located at the end of the terminal, is that many flights can board at the same time which brings a lot of passengers and creates a bit of mess in the announcements.

photo ib8740p12

Boarding pass was on my cellphone.

photo ib8740p63

We reach our aircraft parked on a contact position . Our aircraft this afternoon is a Crj-1000 registered EC-MPA. Delivered 6 years ago, it had the particularity of having flown on lease for almost 3 years in the Canary Islands under the green colors of the Binter Canarias airline.

photo ib8740p15photo ib8740p16

As usual on the Crj, the largest trolley bags are loaded into the narrow holds (under the cabin floor) by the baggage handlers who have to contort themselves to put them inside.

photo ib8740p18

Climb on board by the stairs integrated on door 1 LH.

photo ib8740p17

Push back is almost ready

photo ib8740p19

on board Air Nostrum Crj-1000

The welcoming on board will be very friendly from the senior cabin crew lady, while her young colleague in the back will be a real sunshine, smiling, attentive and paying a lot of attention to is passengers (did I really board on an Air Nostrum flight ?).
On the cabin side, there is a classic seat model that reminds me a bit of the Sicma seats found on board the former HOP Crj-700s. These are not the same seats that you found on board HOP's CRJ-1000 and they are unfortunately less comfortable.

photo ib8740p20

Cabin seatmap extracted from Aerolopa website is fairly accurate for row 26, which only has a small part of the window.

photo seat-map-crk-ib2

The pitch is correct without being great. However, it will be more than enough for my size and the duration of the flight.

photo ib8740p21

We are parked on the eastern part of the pier, which allows us to have slightly larger airplanes parked next to us, such as this Airbus A320 which, contrary to what its promotional sticker for Puerto-Rico indicates, arriving from Barcelona.

photo ib8740p22photo ib8740p23

On board our Crj-1000 the last passengers climbs on board and reaching their seats. This afternoon the flight is full mainly due to the cancellation of the flight scheduled for the same evening and the next day because of the strikes in France.

photo ib8740p25

Pushback will be done on time, under a superb blue sky which makes me regret leaving Madrid so quickly.

photo ib8740p24

We make a small bypass on a taxiway a little further to avoid the ATR which arrives in front of us. That's will allow us to make a review of the Air Nostrum fleet parked in Madrid.

photo ib8740p26

Passage alongside one of the rare Crj-200 still in service in the Air Nostrum fleet and more widely in Europe and if I believe the painting efforts that have been made on this machine very recently, it should not leaving the fleet soon.
I'm going to try to fly on board one of them next June, in any case I think the Iberia regional livery suits it perfectly! This small Crj will only leave in the evening for Logrono.

photo ib8740p27photo ib8740p28

Rest day for this CRJ-1000 which will only leave two days later for Nantes.

photo ib8740p29

Another machine often forgotten in the Air Nostrum fleet is the ATR 72-600, of which only 5 machines remain in service, which mainly provide inter-island flights in the Balearic Islands or rotations to the Spanish enclave of Melilla. Exceptionally this ATR will fly to Badajoz instead of the usual Crj-200. Moreover, unless I am mistaken, these are the only machines (in service) to still wear the former Iberia livery.

photo ib8740p30

Our taxiing continues, it will be a departure on runways 36. In the distance we can see the terminal 4S which host intercontinental flights. The most observant will have recognized a Boeing 777-300ER from the Angolan company TAAG operating a flight to Luanda.

photo ib8740p31

Take-off on runway 36R

photo ib8740p32

We leave our shadow on the ground and quickly climb above the small hills that border Barajas airport, we then fly over the M50 motorway.

photo ib8740p33photo ib8740p34

 We continue our climb above the agricultural area marking the border between the community of Madrid and the region of Castile and La Mancha.

photo ib8740p35photo ib8740p36

In the cabin, despite the crowd, the atmosphere is really calm and many passengers are taking a nap, as will be the case with my neighbor but also with the Philippines family on the left row of the aircraft arriving from a correspondence with QR.

photo ib8740p37

Passing above the clouds.

photo ib8740p38

And in some places a little snow is even visible on the hills! I really like flying over Spanish lands, there is a great variety of colors on ground and many land movements which are very beautiful to see from the sky.

photo ib8740p39photo ib8740p40

Let's see what the seat pocket contains, unsurprisingly we find a regulatory safety card (very tired) but also the Bob's menu. As on all Iberia Regional flights on economy, there was a sale on board which did not experience great success with only one or two sales despite the efforts of the young cabin crew. It must be said that the prices are not really cheap.

photo ib8740p41photo ib8740p42

We arrive above Aragon and the terrain becomes more and more hilly but the sky is unfortunately more and more overcast.

photo ib8740p43

We must be approximately there. Usual route between the Spanish capital and the Occitan capital with a cruise at 28,000ft today.

photo ib8740p64

 View of the Pyrenees peaks (You will have to believe me!!! ^^)

photo ib8740p44

Our descent is already well under way when we emerge from the cloud layer, the Pyrenees are far behind us and it is the fields between Hautes Pyrénées, Haute-Garonne and Gers that pass under our wings.

photo ib8740p45

We are approaching the Toulouse from the south by roughly following the course of the Garonne, on our right you can see the suburban districts of Castanet-Tolosan.

photo ib8740p46

Then we arrive on the steep banks of the hills of "Pech-david" where we find the Rangueil Hospital but also for some time now the new Toulouse urban cable car "Téléo" whose white pylons we see.

photo ib8740p47

Then after following the line of the Garonne for a few moments we let it reach the city center passing to the left of the island of Ramiers where we find the Stadium (largest stadium of Toulouse hosting the soccer team).

photo ib8740p48photo ib8740p49

Passing near the Arènes district we see the concert hall of Toulouse and we fly over the horse race field.

photo ib8740p50

landing in blagnac

Only a few seconds left in the air as we cross the threshold of runway 32R, so it will be a landing in 32L for this first arrival in Toulouse in 2023.

photo ib8740p51

Quiet touch and soft braking, the small size of the airbrakes on the Crj always makes me smile.

photo ib8740p52

We begin our taxiing towards the terminal, I can see on the other side of the runway the factories of the European aircraft manufacturer, still full of aircraft being finished and Belugas used for part transport. We will also note in the background the Pyrenees mountains particularly visible that day.

photo ib8740p53

We arrive in sight of the terminal with a large number of aircraft on the tarmac, it's nice to see back so much activity on the Toulouse platform.

photo ib8740p54

I would disembark in the last chatting a few minutes with the young cabin crew at the back who will be very friendly and charming. She will tell me that she has just finished her day and that she will be a passenger on the return flight…
Indeed the crew of our flight would have had to spend the night in Toulouse if there had not been the strikes. And the crew who had arrived the day before had to take the control of the plane to fly back to Spain… In short, see you Papa Alpha!

photo ib8740p56photo ib8740p57

Next to us will be parked 2 Easyjet Airbuses, the A319 seen that morning has not moved and will only leave the day after to perform a rotation towards Nantes.

photo ib8740p55

The path towards the luggage belts is very short when you arrive in hall C. It will be non-stop for me, having taken the minimum for this day trip.

photo ib8740p58

Passage in front of the indication display which does not yet display too many canceled or delayed flights (spoiler this will not be the case the next day and for months to come!)

photo ib8740p59

Exit groundside also very fast, it is still early the cafe near the arrivals is still open.

photo ib8740p60

Outside the facade of the Dominique Baudis airport which proudly displays its new logo.

photo ib8740p61

End of the report bringing a bit of update on the database and documenting one of my routine flight. Which you safe and nice flights see you soon on new reports !

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Iberia Regional (Air Nostrum)

Cabin crew9.5

Madrid - MAD


Toulouse - TLS



Flight which becomes a kind of a shuttle for me, Air nostrum does the job with flights of remarkable punctuality (well when the French ATC does not decide otherwise ^^). The Crj-1000 brings a touch of madness to European flights dominated by the A320/B737/E190 trio, rather comfortable at the front, less at the rear.

Air Nostrum:
+ Sensational crew on this flight and which really contrasts (service and friendliness point of view) with those usually found on Air Nostrum.
- Raw 26 on Crj-1000 should be avoided it is particularly noisy and the windows are not well aligned

Madrid (T4):
+ I say it very often here that I love Barajas T4, well designed and architecturally very beautiful.
- Sometimes long distances to walk
- A bit of a mess at gates K at the end of the pier when several flights board at the same time.

+ Very fast path to the exit from the arrivals of hall C.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Iberia avec 7.0/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 27 minutes.

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  • Comment 629408 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6823 Comments
    Thanks for sharing! This route has become one of my "shuttles" as I fly between MAD and TLS several times a year--and will in a few weeks again.

    Regarding the class of travel it will be economy (company travel policy) even if the ticket in J is cheaper than the ticket in Y on the IB website!!!

    Nice, I've never seen that before, but that's because I get my tickets well in advance. I assume this can happen closer in to the date when Y begins to sell out. I only fly J on these flights if it is a connecting flight from long-haul J. Otherwise it's usually not worth it, because Y is typically under 150 EUR roundtrip, while J is generally over 500 EUR--not worth it just for a meal, considering no seats are blocked in J (I already get lounge access and extra bags etc with my OW status).

    It will be the first report in economy in this direction

    Haha yeah, I have many of these in my drafts and just never get the time to write them up. They've become so routine for me now I've even stopped taking pics on some flights knowing I'll never get around to posting them haha.

    Cabin seatmap extracted from Aerolopa website is fairly accurate for row 26, which only has a small part of the window.

    I love AeroLOPA, such a great site and very accurate indeed. Plus I'm a geek for seatmaps. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the seats and space on these Air Nostrum CRKs is much better than mainline Y (except maybe XL seats...and even then, it's about the same).

    Glad you're posting these since I never get around to it. J'ai trop la flemme LOL

    Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Chibcha SILVER 574 Comments
    I find Air Nostrum's seats rather confusing. They give an old vibe to their fairly new planes. They are definitely more confortable though!
    Thanks for sharing it was quite an entertaining read!

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