Review of Biman Bangladesh flight Birmingham Birmingham in Economy

Airline Biman Bangladesh
Flight BG 004
Class Economy
Seat 16A
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 23 Feb 14, 12:00
Arrival at 23 Feb 14, 13:00
BG 8 reviews
By GOLD 9221
Published on 27th February 2014
I did it !

This sentence as a foreword could summarize my state of mind today. Yes indeed, I had never expected to fly one day in a DC10, much less one operated by BG. Not even during the 2000's when I regularly spotted S2-ACR in ORY. Not even when I was writing the plane spotting bonus of a MAD-ORY FR two years ago. Never could I have believed that one day I would be on the other side of the telelens, experiencing one of the most beautiful planes ever made.
S2-ACR is one of the very last DC-10-30 produced in 1988. It was her apt destiny to engage in this grand farewell tour which started with a Bangladesh to Birmingham trip, followed by this series of scenic flights, on the way to a museum in the US, apparently in Seattle. Alas, for undisclosed reasons, the museum postponed the reception of the aircraft, requiring the DC10 to fly back to Bangladesh. Its preservation is highly uncertain. I understood that the current thinking is to have her dismantled in Thailand, selling numerous parts together with its engines to FedEx, which would be more profitable than flying her back empty from Asia to the US, especially since that would require renewing her certification by the FAA… Flight BG004 which I share with you now is therefore the next to last revenue service flight of this beautiful bird.

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Look for the intruder ;)
photo P1100817

Checking in
photo P1100819photo P1100820photo P1100821

The BP made by Servisair = a mere cash register ticket… I'll have to take good care of it! Note that the destination airport is BBS. The reservation system cannot handle the case where the departing and destination airports are the same.
photo P1100823

The Departures level, just before the security check.
photo P1100824photo P1100827

Going to the panoramic gallery
photo P1100828photo P1100829

The Arctic Lounge ^^
photo P1100830photo P1100832

While the A320 which had brought me to the Promised Land heads back in bad weather, Flight BG002 is going to push back.
photo P1100837

A beautiful AF takeoff despite the ghost of her enemy
photo P1100838photo P1100842photo P1100845

UTA passengers to… Sorry ! Wrong century…
photo P1100847

They nevertheless seem to have a problem with the GPU (Ground Power Unit).
photo P1100854

Admire the vertically sliding door
photo P1100856photo P1100857

The eventually solved the problem. Engine 3 start up, and pushback can start at last

photo P1100879

photo P1100882

Of course, she is not unnoticed ;)
photo P1100884

Despite its (very) low quality, the picture below shows the impressive crab-like drift, a proof that Aeolus was in high spirits that day
photo P1100885

Heading towards the boarding gate, over an hour later
photo P1100887photo P1100889

OK, it should be over there…
photo P1100890

Well, still over there?
photo P1100891

Apparently, it is still the correct direction… Access to the ground level boarding gates is quite particular! The difference between landside and airside is quite subtle ;)

The bird is back.
photo P1100896

The on-board souvenirs shop…
photo P1100897photo P1100898photo P1100899

Let's shift to serious business now. A small PAXbus to start with…

The strong wind conditions do not seem to deter the airport staff from indulging in a picture taking pause.
photo P1100917

Ongoing preflight visit
photo P1100919photo P1100920photo P1100923

An apt name…
photo P1100925photo P1100926photo P1100927

BG's DC10s where all in full Y cattle car configuration. So this is the first cabin. The central seats were not sold for these scenic flights
photo P1100930

photo P1100932

The projection screen is behind this.

Various wing views

My seat
photo P1100936photo P1100962photo P1100957

The safety card

The remote control ^^. Neither the light nor the FA call would work.
photo P1100964

An inflatable IFE is available in each backrest ;)
photo P1100966

The table which folds in two halves
photo P1100967photo P1100968photo P1100970

The seat pitch is very tight, but since I am not that tall either and since the seat was comfortable, fitting in was no problem.
photo P1100971

A royal seat incline: these were the great times of long haul flights. I wonder if the seats were the original ones…
photo P1100973

My small suite!
photo P1100975

On the other hand, there has never been a cabin retrofit!
photo P1100977

The signage
photo P1100978

The individual lights had seen better days…
photo P1100981

The in flight magazine… Too bad that the DC10s are already deleted from the fleet list
photo P1100982

The GPU is ready for operation.
photo P1100985

Night mode
photo P1100994

These signs appear to have been mounted upside down, but no problem, the wiring is correct!
photo P1100996

All that is really old-fashioned… And yet, this was their newest DC10. I wonder if they older DC10s got a retrofit.
photo P1100999

The decoration
photo P1110001

A small detail ^^
photo P1110006

Service before pushback
photo P1110015photo P1110016

The steam engine GPU springs into action !
photo P1110025

Pushback. The GPU is used to start Engine #3, and then the two others are started during the pushback.

photo P1110033

Slats are drooped
photo P1110036

All systems go!
photo P1110038photo P1110049

Picture/video tracking ;)
photo P1110054

photo P1110060

I hope you will manage to catch the ATC. I had brought my receiver, but forgot to change the batteries, so the sound level is very weak.

The cabin
photo P1110100

The window seats were sold out (at 150 GBP). The aisle seats (100 GBP) next to them were 80% full. Good thing that they did not market the central seats; it would have been unmanageable with all the moving around during the flight.
photo P1110080photo P1110101photo P1110106

Let's try a makeshift corporate shot
photo P1110108photo P1110114

Maximum reclining of the seat, two windows, a soft seat, the whirring of the air against the fuselage, the soft growl of the engines… Pure bliss!
photo P1110120

Actually, I found this aircraft to be remarkably silent given its ancient design, apart from low speed aerodynamic noise.
photo P1110136

Alas, descent is already starting… sigh!
photo P1110142photo P1110144photo P1110145

A certificate was delivered to each passenger.

The video of the approach, to have a full taste of the so unique and delicate sound of the CF6-50.

photo P1110175photo P1110177

And there we are back at the parking stand, after a 1:05 long flight.
photo P1110182

One of the galleys
photo P1110189photo P1110190

Haha ! This one appears to work !
photo P1110192photo P1110193

A short tour in the cockpit. All the avionics are 100% original, apart from a few modern intruders, including an FMS and a last generation weather radar.
photo P1110196

I can't avoid paying tribute to the real head of this aircraft: the flight engineer. The times of three-man cockpits are soon over…

A last glimpse at the last heir of long lineage, while the new generation takes off…
photo P1110209

Domestic arrival this time: I do not have the hassle of the UK Border control this time.
photo P1110216photo P1110217

A few hours later, just before boarding my own flight home, I witnessed the very last commercial flight of New Era.

photo P1110316photo P1110320

Enjoy your retirement, Charlie Romeo !
photo P1110323

PS : Special thanks to Marathon ;)
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Biman Bangladesh

Cabin crew10.0

Birmingham - BHX


Birmingham - BHX



Comfort: Old generation seats (possibly original?): very comfortable with an incline that they unfortunately do not provide any more. That helps masking the tight pith cattle car effect.

Crew: all were very friendly, with a typically Asian sense of service. There was a lot of emotion in the flight deck crew.

Catering: you would not call it a meal, but this drink was welcome, even though there was no real choice of juice.

Entertainment: I award the top grade to thank the organization of this flight which was simply flawless!
I would have a hard time really to grade the entertainment: it was impossible to tell if the projectors worked in normal revenue service, or test the sound channel. However, the individual lights and the FA call buttons were all out of order, except in the first cabin.

On time performance: all the flights were one hour late due in particular to the modification of the slots of the scheduled flights because of the weather.



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