Review of KLM flight Muscat Doha in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL442
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 09 Feb 14, 22:25
Arrival at 09 Feb 14, 22:50
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By BRONZE 6691
Published on 27th February 2014

Following an enjoyable 10 days holiday in Oman, it’s time to head back home, this time with KLM.
I only flew KLM for short haul flight before and in Economy, then even if I was not expecting much from them I was still impatient to fly with them.

Just a reminder of this five flights routing:

  1. Paris CDG - Dubai (Air France, Business, B777-300ER)
  3. Dubai - Muscat (Oman Air, B737-800)
  5. Muscat - Doha (KLM, World Business Class, A330-200)
  7. Doha - Amsterdam (KLM, World Business Class, A330-200)
  8. [NEXT]
  9. Amsterdam – Paris CDG (KLM, Europe Business Class, B737-800)
  10. [SOON]

We had a fantastic wx during those 10 days but on the day of departure it was raining and depressing, MCT is kind of a mess, it’s look like a regional airport and everything is undersized.

photo 1

Premium entrance for WY eligible customers

photo 2

Before getting to check-in counters you need to go through security

photo 3

Oman Air area

photo 4

Other airlines

photo 5

There is a dedicated Premium counter for all airlines (except WY), if I recall correctly I can only think of MRU who is doing the same.

photo 6photo 7

I am getting my 2 boarding passes + lounge access

photo 8

Lounge entrance is unappealing, this one is used by almost every airlines at MCT beside WY

photo 9

This is a blind lounge, pretty big with comfortable seats.

photo 10

Showers are available, but there is only one towel set left and we are two (with my brother) I had no choice but to share the towel with my brother.

photo 11

Soap dispenser is a bad joke!

photo 12

You can get your drink (alcoholic too) at the bar

photo 13

Soft are help yourself

photo 14

Buffet is ok, with an acceptable food selection, salad bar and hot dishes

My selection

photo 22

Hot dishes are lukewarm :(

photo 23photo 24

It’s time to board
The airport is very basic with nothing to do and almost no view on the tarmac.

photo 25photo 26

Just to remind you that you are in Middle East.

photo 27

E-175 Oman Air

photo 28

The FIDS is pretty interesting with a lot of “via” flights, LX is via DXB, BA is via AUH and you can’t see it but TG is via KHI, and of course our via DOH flight.

photo 29

This is a bus only airport and there is a pre-boarding area (like for low-cost airlines)

photo 30photo 31

There is a dedicated bus for Business class passenger, which is good

photo 32photo 33

Our glory A330, seating quietly on this dark Seeb Intl tarmac

photo 34photo 35photo 36

This is good sign, chilled champagne and OJ for PDB.

photo 37

And here it is, the outdated cabin …

photo 38photo 39photo 40

Aren’t you getting thirsty? Because I am, perfectly chilled and on a proper glass! TAKE THAT AF!

photo 41

Amenity kit are distributed with a noise cancelling headset, this is not a Bose by any standard but still WAY better than AF headset.

photo 42

Content is boring as hell

photo 43

Safety demo is played

photo 44

Airshow is displayed for this 1h15 flight

photo 45photo 46photo 47

Menu will only be distributed on next flight, and this is what is shown for this sector.

photo 47bis

Service started and what a joke! We are getting sandwiches from economy with finger foods from plastic cup! At least they have Champagne.

I think I am gonna stay polite, but what the fu** is KLM thinking with that offering? And they are doing this flight as fifth freedom so they should at least match their European offering for a flight of this duration.

Overflying Abu Dhabi

photo 52

More cabin shots of this pretty empty airplane.

World Business Class

Economy Class

photo 57photo 58

Business toilet amenities

photo 59

Start of descent

photo 60photo 61photo 62

Short final

photo 63

And we end up parked next to a Qatar Airways A330-200

photo 64

See more



Cabin crew7.5

Plaza Premium Lounge


Muscat - MCT


Doha - DOA



It’s always fun to fly on a fifth freedom route with a widebody aircraft, crew was good and in a good mood but the catering is just unacceptable, seems like KLM just did the minimum and did not bother about a real meal (even if cold).

For such a flight this seat is perfectly acceptable, thus the good grade, but it’s gonna be a different story very soon!

I hope you enjoyed reading this report, and stay tuned.



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  • Comment 100745 by
    KL651 TEAM 4530 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    It seems the MCT terminal is even more needed than DOH's.
    The offerings at the lounge are not bad (except for the temperature) given the small number of pax it probably sees.
    What a surprise with the inflight snack, it sure looks cheap. At least put the sandwich on a plate.
  • Comment 100746 by
    lagentsecret 12308 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    I hope that there will be less controversies than for the previous AF FR;)

    The catering... What catering !

    Everything else is on par except the FAs !!

  • Comment 100747 by
    marathon SILVER 10001 Comments
    The hypertext link to the DXB-MCT leg in the routing is erroneous.
    The night pictures are really your signature shots; that of the reactor in flight in B&W is stunning.
    Did you see power plugs airside in MCT (lounge excluded) ?
    Small wonder that the plane is nearly empty since this is presumably not a 5th freedom flight and MCT is not a major destination.
    Thanks for this FR !
  • Comment 100762 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6348 Comments
    Thank goodness KL is starting to install flatbeds in J--these seats are ancient and terribly uncomfortable in sleep mode from my experience. Aside from that KL often has friendlier FA's than AF, but catering not as good....downright shameful on this flight (even for a very short flight).
  • Comment 100767 by
    Caribel 113 Comments
    Appreciated the humor in the commentary. Would it kill airlines to have pizza delivered to the plane on short-hauls? I find difficult to believe there was no mezze option. Thai Air served roasted duck breast in ginger sauce, white rice and steamed vegetables in business for a one hour hop. Maybe suggest in the comment card even passing a bucket of KFC chicken around the cabin would be more generous. Looking forward to the next chapter!
  • Comment 100777 by
    pititom GOLD 11408 Comments
    Airport, cabin and catering make a power trio ^^

    The cabin works if you're just doing the MCT-DOH route, but then you would deserve a service, you cannot just expect it on the second leg (I just checked and the MCT-DOH leg by itself costs some 400 euros...)

    Thanks for sharing :)
  • Comment 104926 by
    CDG Addict 1630 Comments
    The video is very good.

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