Review of Aerolineas Argentinas flight Comodoro Rivadavia Buenos Aires in Economy

Flight AR1833
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 21 Feb 14, 08:35
Arrival at 21 Feb 14, 10:35
AR 39 reviews
By 4406
Published on 28th February 2014
Hello, Flight Reporters. Some of you may find this flight report interesting, since it shows a domestic Argentine route quite exotic, in a (non Argentine) commercial aviation site: CRD (Comodoro Rivadavia)-AEP (Buenos Aires/Aeroparque).
Comodoro Rivadavia is the second largest city in the Patagonia region and my current city. I know most of you are avid travelers, so I don't need to explain much about this vast, fascinating and mostly uninhabited Argentine territory: Patagonia.
Comodoro (as locals call this city) is famous in my country for its petroleum industry.
Once a month I fly from Comodoro to Buenos Aires to do my work and I usually have the chance to go clubbing or to an electronic music festival, like in this case. If you had read my previous flight reports, you know I love techno music but not as much as flying ;)

Well, let's go flying. This is the Comodoro Rivadavia's airport: General Enrique Mosconi (CRD), from the parking lot.

photo P1010636_zpsce6ba215

I had my boarding pass printed at home, so I passed through security to the boarding room in 5 minutes. And I found the Aerolíneas Argentinas B737-800 LV-CTB wearing the new livery. I really like the design.

photo P1010637_zpsc92593f5

The eastern side of Patagonia is a very deserted land, full of plateaus, as you can see.

photo P1010638_zps886920e8

photo P1010639_zps23b2d55c


photo P1010640_zps064c68e6

Seats near the gate. OK, it's not Changi… Blame the private airport operator: Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 S.A.

photo P1010641_zpsfb6279e3

Where is the Aerolíneas condor in the fin?

photo P1010642_zps1e3d0ab6

The rather long B738 from the jetway

photo P1010643_zpsf6db30ee

You can note the tight seat pitch, and I'm not tall at all… Can you spot a Lufthansa's crane? ;)

photo P1010644_zps132cd551

The airport and a bit of the jetway

photo P1010650_zps15b4a9de

The cabin during boarding

photo P1010651_zps52d89828

No doubt this is a former Air Berlin aircraft…

photo P1010652_zpsadcec3ca

Alta, Aerolíneas Argentinas boring inflight magazine

photo P1010654_zpsae6dd126

In Aerolíneas Argentinas flights there is a second magazine, as boring as Alta, called Cielos Argentinos (Argentine Skyes)…

photo P1010655_zpsa986e9e6

Safety card

photo P1010656_zps172791e9

No music on AR B738s…

photo P1010658_zpsf6a51547

Bye, CRD. See you on Monday.

photo P1010660_zpscb54a9dc

photo P1010661_zps57365f27

A really busy morning for spotters at CRD…

photo P1010662_zpsafcd4b04


photo P1010663_zpsf51627b3

Cleared for take off

photo P1010666_zps86e3dee5

The CRD airport terminal

photo P1010671_zps2bd3c453

The Argentine Sea

photo P1010672_zps6b46e2e3

Hundreds of abandoned oil wells…

photo P1010676_zpsca7f5392

The long National Route 3, from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia (the southernmost city in the world)

photo P1010691_zps62f485d2

No comments about this pic…

photo P1010684_zpsddd3f8ce

Half hour after take off, crew delivered the meal boxes… It's interesting from a collector point of view, that stamp with a Short S.25 Sandringham, operated by Aerolíneas Argentinas in the 1950's

photo P1010685_zps37711dd7

This is not real food… OK, it's a so called snack. By the way, I just tried the mousse.

photo P1010689_zpsce9f63cb

Puerto Madryn, 400km from Comodoro.

photo P1010695_zps2b428c48

PMY: Puerto Madryn airport

photo P1010694_zps202a4a4a

The Patagonia's sky is specially blue…

photo P1010700_zps0ceb45f2

Cabin crew and a sleepy passenger. The flight was smooth and uneventful. One of the cabin crew asked a kid who was seating in 21E if he wanted to visit the cockpit during the flight… Of course the boy agreed with that and so his father did…

photo P1010701_zps64d9cde5

My black tea.
photo P1010705_zpse1dd8030

Starting the approach, on a cloudy Buenos Aires…

photo P1010716_zps2627300f

The San Isidro Hipódromo (racecourse)

photo P1010718_zpseab9467f

At this moment something weird happened… A guy who was seating in 21D (my seat was 21A) told me something like: hey, turn off your camera, it's forbidden… I was really surprised and I didn't want to argue. I just replied: Don't worry, it's a camera, not a mobile phone. You should know that the FAA recently eliminated the electronic devices restriction…Also you should know that visiting the cockpit during flight is forbidden…

De la Plata River

photo P1010722_zpsd6964983

Almost there… Costanera Avenue.

photo P1010723_zps11d0a045

Hello, Aeroparque

photo P1010725_zps256910e7

The Pampa's region fertile soil (compare with CRD soil…)

photo P1010730_zps9d6a523b

Aeroparque terminal and Aerolíneas/ Austral aircraft

photo P1010731_zps489054bd

We parked next to an Aerolíneas Skyteam B73G
photo P1010734_zpsfc8b1a60

Tourist bonus. The Palace of Justice seen from my room.

photo P1010737_zps738e0d1a

Saturday night I went to Ultra Music Festival at former Parque de la Ciudad, where you can find the tallest tower of Argentina: Torre Espacial.

photo DSC_0119_zpsf1c788ab

Nicolas Jaar, the talented American/Chilean DJ, producer and composer was playing live his cutting edge electronic music.

photo DSC_0135_zpsaa0731ef

If you are interested in his music, watch this video from last Saturday. One of those shaking heads was mine :P

I hope you enjoyed this Argentine flight report. Thanks for reading…
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Aerolineas Argentinas

Cabin crew6.0

Comodoro Rivadavia - CRD


Buenos Aires - AEP



Aerolíneas has improved its on time performance in domestic flights. AR cabin crews are rather cold, but efficient.
The meal was normal for a 21st century domestic flight...
Only 2 magazines as IFE were normal in the beginning of the 20th century...
Aeroparque, Buenos Aires domestic and regional airport is perfectly located. You can reach downtown in 30 minutes by taxi.



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  • Comment 100766 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5653 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this interesting report on an Argentine domestic flight. Aerolineas living up to its reputation for mediocrity, thought the snack box is better than anything you would get on a domestic flight in the US.

  • Comment 100769 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Gracias por este reporte tan interesante.

    When I was in 6th grade, I received an AR carry on bag and used that as a backpack to school everyday. I grew fond of the condor logo and despite AR's terrible reputation, I was partial to it for sentimental reasons.

    The snack box is a nice touch for a domestic flight. At least you still get something to nibble for free, unlike most domestic service within the U.S. except for B6. Was the lemon Balcarce pack an alfajor?

    • Comment 289116 by
      Avionero AUTHOR 77 Comments

      Jetsetpanda: de nada! (you're welcome)
      How did you get that AR carry on bag?
      The lemon Balcarce was a lemon cookie with something like lemon cream... I hate lemon cookies and it's ironic that LAN Argentina used to serve -in domestic flights- those nasty cookies from a different brand (Havanna) and now Aerolíneas... :P

    • Comment 289273 by
      jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

      My aunt gave me that bag. When she traveled to Hong Kong from Nicaragua back in the 70's the travel agency gave it to her as a present. Back in those days travel agencies were the official outlets for airlines and they used to carry all sorts of marketing things.

      When I lived in Costa Rica, my parents used to travel often and had a friend who was the owner of a travel agency. I remember getting all sorts of promotional brochures and loving it.

  • Comment 100775 by
    lagentsecret 12449 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    A lot of gorgeous aerial pictures

    The snack is not that bad, especially for a domestic flight

  • Comment 101062 by
    Chibcha SILVER 458 Comments

    Patagonia-BsAs flights must be among the longest domestic flights in latin america! It's disappointing that IFE and meals are not congruent with the length of those flights. AR has an awesome livery, but I miss the condor on the tailfin. The snack boxes look great, I'd like something like that on AV.

    Gracias por compartir, saludos!

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