Review of ANA flight Tokyo Jakarta in Business

Airline ANA
Flight NH855
Class Business
Seat 7K
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 07:55
Take-off 18 Feb 23, 10:20
Arrival at 18 Feb 23, 16:15
NH   #13 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 228 reviews
Published on 10th July 2023


We had an early start to the day - left the hotel at 7:30am to catch our 10:15am flight to CGK. Hopped back on the Keikyu line at 7:40am and reached HND at approximately 8:05am. With the morning rush, security took around 15 minutes, another 5 minutes for immigration and then off to the lounge.

The lounge was packed and we managed to find bar style seats near the buffet stations. Got breakfast for ourselves, did some work, Junior passed the time on the ipad and we made our move to the gate around 45 minutes before departure. Got lucky and had a bus gate - we waited 5 minutes before boarding was called and we hopped into the front of the bus. Even though J passengers boarded first, Y passengers soon boarded right after - sucked that there was no dedicated J bus. At least the ride was fun and Junior was tickled by it.

Outside Shinagawa station

photo 52717903969_4304552d6d_c

ANA lounge

photo 52727013047_b4461960fe_c

Full lounge at 8 in the morning

photo 52717904234_8d78a27659_c

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photo 52727951935_a0985ca77b_c

Buffet zoo

photo 52727936730_508bb095d2_c

At least there was delicious curry

photo 52717638866_a99e627b3d_c

Bus gate

photo 52718068715_56e7164938_c

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photo 52717904094_9b91d872dc_c

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photo 52722409035_339afb414e_c

My brain cells did not fire quickly enough to realize there was a staircase for J passengers

photo 52727001087_ac95b28559_c

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photo 52728003473_1960357261_c

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photo 52727781459_0771183caf_c

We were directed to turn left and the cabin was 50% full by the time boarding was completed. The seats were not comparable to The Room but were still fine for a 7 hour hop to CGK.

photo 52718127358_09712021c8_c

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photo 52727943245_e267ace074_c

PDB’s were offered and I went with the champers again

photo 52718127128_d0648f02ff_c

We pushed back a bit later than usual but we still made it on time to our destination. We taxi-ed down to the overwater runway (as I like to call it).

photo 52728003483_b2ba258015_c

So long HND - a take off video is away on my ANA 2023 IG story highlight.

photo 52718068825_5f1a529b84_c

Mount Fuji

photo 52718068890_d998bdacbb_c

Menu for this flight

photo 52718127288_427ab9c5ae_c

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photo 52717903984_46c72e8f8c_c

Amuse plus ANA original Kabosu drink

photo 52727538761_bcdb6893c9_c

Meal choices were taken before take off and served shortly after the seat belt sign went off.

I went with the Japanese meal this time - Zensai and Kobachi to start.

photo 52717639286_30a18537e7_c

Kobachi round was served next

photo 52717903864_89fd33fe5e_c

Dessert to end the meal

photo 52718126843_22aed0b40d_c

Junior chose the ANA hamburger steak and he liked it

photo 52717639076_0e255d1091_c

It was an uneventful flight and I napped for a few hours. Shortly after waking up, an announcement was made that we were one hour away from landing.

photo 52727533511_ef13e57702_c

Welcome to CGK

photo 52727943250_7f67a7e4c5_c

Once off the plane, we made the LONG walk to immigration. I purchased eVOA’s ahead of our trip and we walked up to the immigration counters. Even if I did not purchase it online, there were counters available for purchasing the VOA before proceeding to immigration. The officer took his sweet time processing our visas and we just stood there twiddling our thumbs for 15 minutes while he was surfing on his phone and doing things very slowly. Eventually we passed through, collected our bags that were already on the belt and made our way to customs. We had to fill out an online form, so I quickly fired up the interwebs on my phone and got the formalities done. We walked outside and there was a Batik representative waiting for us who was representing the Marriott hotels (I pre arranged a taxi service through the hotel who reached out to me via email). We hopped into the Silverbird taxi and were on our way to the hotel.

Final look at the bird

photo 52718069055_659975eb1a_c

Baggage hall

photo 52728006543_4521d8cc47_c

Hotel rep

photo 52717117642_5b4283d2be_c

Roomy van

photo 52717117787_32f01a9484_c

For a TR on the JW Marriott - please visit or visit my IG profile @hookedonpoints

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Cabin crew9.0

Tokyo - HND


Jakarta - CGK



1. Security at Haneda was understaffed which led to very long lines.
2. ANA lounge was crowded but at least food was decent
3. Flight crew were polite and nice
4. Japanese meal option was decent
5. CGK airport immigration is slow and backwards

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6731 Comments
    Great review! A beautiful clear day for ground boarding and getting clear shots of Mount Fuji! I was in Japan at the time and went to Fuji a few days after and also lucked out with clear weather, which was awesome for February!

    Security at Haneda was understaffed which led to very long lines.

    Must be rare for Japan as it always seems almost over-staffed with so many people to help.

    Thanks for sharing!

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