Review of LAN Airlines flight Madrid Lima in Economy

Airline LAN Airlines
Flight LA2707
Class Economy
Seat 26C
Flight time 12:30
Take-off 28 Feb 14, 02:00
Arrival at 28 Feb 14, 08:30
LA 64 reviews
767 traveller
Published on 10th March 2014
Hi and welcome to my latest flight report!

I went upstairs to the departures level after arriving from LHR and reclaiming my baggage. I checked my luggage and collected my boarding pass from the business class counters. The agent was very friendly, confirmed my pre selected seat, explained my the reason for the delay when I asked for it and gave me a lounge invitation with my boarding pass without having to ask for it. Excellent service!

photo IMG_2610

I had about 5 hours before my next flight as it was delayed an hour and a half due to the late arrival of the flight the day before meaning that we had to wait for the crew to have their minimum resting time before being able to fly back. First I thought of going to the city probably to the plaza mayor to grab some dinner there and then come back to the airport as one of the FA who I had a small chat with in the previous flight suggested, but then thought that maybe having a rest at the iberia lounge would be better. I went through normal
Security then took the train to T4S and once there passed through immigration. The whole process was quick and suddenly I was in the middle of the duty free maze. MAD's project of adding more shops in the terminals may sound good but really I used to like the fact that the duty free shops weren't obstructing way. Now you have to cross through the middle of the duty free shop to make your way to the rest of the terminal which really annoys people that don't want to look at anything there. Also it ruins the arquitectural
Charm of the terminal. The terminal itself looked better with the old shopping layout. As soon as I made my way through the duty free shops I made my way straight to the lounge. I handed my invitation and boarding pass to the nice agent incharge.

The lounge as mentioned in other reports is very nice and functional. My last visit was in Agoust 2011 also en route to Peru in IB business class. I spent more than four hours in the lounge relaxing eating and writing this trip report. It got quite busy around 10 pm during the South America bound flights rush hour but after 12 it cleared up and my flight was the only one left it obviously got much quieter and I was able to have a seat almost everywhere I wanted.

I took a shower at the lounge to be fresh and clean for the flight. The shower rooms where nice with a good shower and all of the anemities necesary. Keys are available in the lounge reception.

photo IMG_2622

Boarding was announced at 1 30 am in the lounge. It seemed that people was desperate to leave the lounge as most of them where waiting anxiously to reach the gate. I left the lounge completely relaxed and walked to the gate admiring the airport's arquitecture on the way as usual.

LA 2707
Aircraft type: Boeing 767-300ER
Scheduled departure: 00:35
Actial departure: an hour and a half delay was anounced when I checked the flight status before leaving London. 2:00
Scheduled arrival: 7:00
Actual arrival: 8:30

photo IMG_2641

The gate today was gate U62. When I reached the gate the general boarding line was huge as they where waiting for priority boarding to finish. I boarded quickly using the priority line which was empty. Once again I made a mistake by thinking row 26 was an emergency exit but instead it was the row behind it. The load factor for this flight was 100 percent in all classes according to the lady at the lounge. This time I did have a seatmate. A nice spanish lady who only got up once in the whole flight to use the lavatory.

photo IMG_2643
enough leg room for the next 12 hours

We took off about 20 minutes after boarding was completed. Dinner service was followed about 40 min after take off. Choices where the typical chicken or beef. I had the beef but hardly touched the meal as I was still full from food in the lounge. I did had the dessert which was a nice chocolate mouse cake.

Service on this flight was just below average according to LA's average service. The crew did their job and behaved correctly but didn't really smiled or wasn't specially friendly either. For example, after dinner the crew passed offering tea or coffee along with kit kats. My seat mate decide a hot drink so the crew didn't bother to ask me for one. I wasn't dying to have one but its simply rude not to offer me one. Either from that I didn't experience any other considerable issue with the crew.

photo IMG_2646
flying over the atlantic

After trays were cleared I tried to sleep only getting
To doze off a couple of times waking up in between them. After nearly three hours I woke up and gave up so started to listen to some music instead. I did sleep afterwards after finding a comfortable position to snooze off.

photo IMG_2647
Still more than 7 hours to go!

I woke up again about an hour later. I went to the gallery to grab some snacks that where available there during the flight.

photo IMG_2650
my breakfast if we consider it was 6 in the morning in the UK

Again I used the IFE to entertain myself by watching a few series travel programs about montevideo rio and buenos aires and listening to music.

photo IMG_2651
Getting close to South America. We where soon to be flying over Venezuela

photo IMG_2649
watching a bit of two and a half men to keep me entertained.

Two hours prior to arrival the carts rolled down the cabin. Breakfast time. This time breakfast options where omelette or ham and cheese warm croissant. I chose the later as
always which was accompanied by a small fruit salad and a bread roll. To drink I had an orange juice and a coke as there was no coffee or tea being served due to possible turbulence but in the end there wasn't any.

Because of not having a window I didn't take any pictures of take off, landing or sunrise during the flight. shame on me! But I tend to get up a lot to stretch my legs in long haul flights so tend to chose an aisle on flights that are 8hrs + except if seated in an emergency exit or flying in business. Although I really prefer window seats, I chose an aisle in order not to interrupt my neighbor. Well the other option was to be the annoying seat mate that seats seats in the window seat and stands up a lot during the flight, but don't want to be one of those! Next time I will definately try to take more pictures and will obviously choose a window seat if the flight is a bit shorter.

We landed more or less on time about 8 30 local time 14 30 spanish time. At that time LIM was very busy due to the LA morning departures rush. Because of this I saw lots of LA 767's on
Stand roughly about 7 or 8. Also there was an AA 752 with winglets an AM 738 taxing when we were landing and an UX A330 who landed from MAD about an hour before us. (I think)

photo IMG_2654

We disembarked by using stairs as all the jet bridges were being used. There where 2 other company's 767 standing in remote being triplets with our plane.

photo IMG_2652

Immigration was a pain with a large queue. I didn't spot one of my bags being taken off the carouse so I spent a lot of time waiting for my bags to come out until
An airport staff
Shouted my name which was put on a line with all the other priority tagged baggage waiting there for their owners. My other bag took a bit longer to come out.
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LAN Airlines

Cabin crew4.5

Iberia Velázquez Premium Lounge - 4S


Madrid - MAD


Lima - LIM



LA is good a good option connecting Europe with south america. Its definately better than IB for the moment. Ground services in MAD where excellent as was obviously IB's Velasquez lounge. The flight was generally good except for the service. LAN's cabin interiors in the 767 are comfortable, have decent IFE with quite a good selection of films, series and music albums to keep one entertained in a long houl flight. Despite the in flight service I recieved on this flight I will continue to fly LA They have a nice hard product (haven't tried their 787 product yet) offer competitive fares with great branding and their FF program is quite good.

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  • Comment 101780 by
    pititom GOLD 11166 Comments

    Thanks for sharing. Too bad many pics are blurry :(

  • Comment 101862 by
    marathon GOLD 9855 Comments

    I dislike airports where you need to go through duty free shopping malls. In some cases, you may feel that your carry on luggage is out of place.This seems to be the trend, unfortunately. Too bad your pictures are blurry - try to stabilize your camera against a support in poor lighting conditions. I too prefer window seats even on long flights.
    I hate it when priority lugagge is put in a special place, only that you do not know it and eventually wait uselessly. It happened to me several times in airports that I did not know.
    Thanks for this FR !

    • Comment 289620 by
      767 traveller AUTHOR 48 Comments

      Hi Marathon
      thanks for reading by FR! I can't agree more with you about your dislike about airports where you have to go in the middle of the duty free shops to make your way. Sometimes it feels you are on a shopping mall and not in an airport! As stated before MAD's new project trying to imitate those airports, simply takes away most of the charm T4 has.
      once again sorry for the bad quality of the pics

      767 traveller

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