Review of Avianca flight Pereira Bogota in Economy

Airline Avianca
Flight AV 8504
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:30
Take-off 01 Jan 14, 16:25
Arrival at 01 Jan 14, 16:55
AV   #78 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 113 reviews
By SILVER 3268
Published on 2nd March 2014
Hi everyone, this is the return trip from the Coffee Region, I had arrived from Bogotá on an ATR 72 flight into Armenia, but as Avianca enjoys a monopoly into AXM, prices are sometimes really high. Fortunately there are two other cities nearby, Pereira and Manizales. I was actually near Manizales, but AV also has the monopoly over there. The logical choice then, was Pereira. Pereira is the biggest city in the Coffee Region and Colombia's 9th biggest city.

We had to return to Bogotá on new year's day because of my GF's work. and I had to get on with my thesis. I had woke up feeling badly, everybody joked about it thinking I was hung over… but I tried not to dwell on that (must not appear weak before GF's family). We had a barbecue and then on to Pereira.

I thought PEI would be deserted because of the date, but I couldn't be more wrong. AV's check in was chaotic. And very inefficient. I saw some people arguing with AV's personnel because they had checked in online and only needed to drop their bags, but it was useless as the queues where messy and poorly managed.
photo IMG_5825

We took about 30 minutes checking in, by the time we made it through the lady at the counter told us to run to the gate… I was feeling awful by the time. My GF felt I was feverish and so the hangover hypothesis was discarded.

We stopped at the second floor landside, where some shops and restaurants are found so she could go to the WC and I could buy some water to drink a Dolex pill.
photo IMG_5826

As you can see, the place is a dump. Fortunately PEI's getting a state of the art terminal.

Security, which was quick, was done in a very small area. PEI has two boarding gates, each with its own security check. But they're interconnected by an open air corridor. Awesome for spotting, probably the only good thing in PEI.
photo IMG_5828

LAN's 737-700 to BOG was getting ready.
photo IMG_5827

Then into the gate. Each gate has been named after (I guess) politicians from the region…I've only seen this in Pereira.
photo IMG_5829

Our plane made it from Bogotá…
photo IMG_5830

And LAN's was leaving…
photo IMG_5831

Boarding was called and carried out orderly.

Into my first Star Alliance plane!
photo IMG_5833

The Cabin had been fitted with AV's new standard cabin.

With leather seats, and confortable pitch.
photo IMG_5834

And also PTVs and mood lighting.
photo IMG_5843photo IMG_5839photo IMG_5840

Seat pocket contents
photo IMG_5837

A LAN Dash 8, inbound from Medellín.
photo IMG_5835

PEI's Terminal Building and ATC tower, the new one can be seen behind at the left of the picture.
photo IMG_5836

Another AV Airbus had arrived from BOG
photo IMG_5838

The flight was packed, as soon as everyone was settled we where OK to go.

Due to Pereira's geography, takeoffs are from RWY 26, whilst landings are into RWY 06.

CBD in the distance
photo IMG_5842

The plane entered the runway, backtracked (no taxiway) and we took off into Pereira's skies

Pereira's football stadium
photo IMG_5849

photo IMG_5850

Pereira and its irregular sprawl, because of the rugged geography crossed with small creeks
photo IMG_5851

photo IMG_5852

Another view at Pereira and Dosquebradas
photo IMG_5854

Montenegro, Quindío
photo IMG_5855

Now over Armenia
photo IMG_5856photo IMG_5857photo IMG_5861

We were following the same route as the main road that links Bogotá with the Pacific Ocean and Ecuador a.k.a. la Línea.
photo IMG_5863

We weren't flying very high neither…
photo IMG_5865

Almost level with the Nevados…which were covered by clouds (bummer)
photo IMG_5866

Or not? We were only 1200 metres over this one.
photo IMG_5867photo IMG_5868photo IMG_5869

Nevado del Ruiz, a Volcano, can in the distance.
photo IMG_5874

Service begun by then…consisted only of boxed juices.
photo IMG_5870

A cloudy beggining of the year.
photo IMG_5875

Tolima Department's plains.
photo IMG_5879

Crossing Magdalena River
photo IMG_5880

LAN into BOG
photo IMG_5882

The road to Medellín and the Caribbean snaking its way to Bogotá.
photo IMG_5883

In Bogotá's plateau
photo IMG_5885

Zoom into North Bogotá
photo IMG_5886

Bogotá River, one of the most polluted river in the world.
photo IMG_5887

Almost there
photo IMG_5888

photo IMG_5889

The route we took
photo IMG_5891

Chapinero's skyline while exiting the runway
photo IMG_5892

Monserrate and Guadalupe mountains over Bogotá's CBD
photo IMG_5893

Satena's hangars and Líneas Aéreas Suramericanas' 727s with Monserrate at the back.
photo IMG_5894

A318, A320 and A319
photo IMG_5895

On to baggage claim…
photo IMG_5896

The flight was impressively quick, less than 30 minutes

By that time I was feeling so sick, I just wanted to jump to my bed and sleep…but no. The bags took their good time to come out, and then 15 minutes waiting to catch a cab. Awful.
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Cabin crew6.0

Pereira - PEI


Bogota - BOG



It was nice to see AV's new interiors,really nice and much better than CMs and LAs in Colombia. CMs new interiors are the only comparable in the region (AFAIK). The views over the Coffee Region were great...but other than that, nothing extraordinary.

AV: They should really consider how to make their catering more attractive. PTVs are great, but not useful in these short flights. The map function is great though.

PEI: Awful terminal, but clean and does it job. I know it can be hell when Pereira is hot and humid, but that day the weather was ok. Fortunately a new terminal is underway.

BOG: Beh.. Puente Aéreo is like a bus terminal for planes instead of buses. The taxi issue is awful.

Thanks for reading, saludos!

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  • Comment 101827 by
    marathon 9830 Comments

    This open air airside corridor is really unusual. I have never seen anything like this.
    Congratulations for taking so many relevant pictures while being sick ! I like the way you write your stories, too. This is another good report, thanks !

  • Comment 101847 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Thanks for sharing! The cabin is indeed very nice for a sorthaul flight! Nice pics of the mountains and volcanoes! Good job doing such a complete report while feeling sick!

  • Comment 101872 by
    767 traveller 52 Comments

    Hi and thanks for the FR!
    AV simply has the best short haul hard product considering the personal IFE and new planes. I think its better than LA's for the moment. Great pictures of the coffee region from above too!
    safe travels

    767 traveller

  • Comment 101873 by
    Alex Portation 780 Comments

    Thank U for your report.

    In general, a good flight with a nice cabin in a beautiful plane :-)

    See U

  • Comment 101877 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report.

    The AV magazine seems thicker than the average inflight magazine. Hope it is engaging with great articles.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  • Comment 102051 by
    KL651 TEAM 4527 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    What is the average price for a colombian domestic flight of this length?

    I guess it's okay to only serve a drink on such a short flight, but at least you could get a choice...

    • Comment 289744 by
      Chibcha SILVER AUTHOR 508 Comments

      Colombian pricing doesn't depend on distance but more on competition. Routes between the biggest cities where AV, LAN and VivaColombia compete you can find prices from 40,000 COP (20USD) e.g.: a 30 minute flight between BOG and PEI can cost more than an hour long flight to BAQ, sometimes you can find return flights in AV to AXM or MZL (where they have a monopoly) for less than 200,000 COP (100USD). If you go to more obscure places in the Amazon or in the Orinoco regions prices can soar up to 500.000COP (250USD).

      You do have a choice, between juice (several flavours on offer), coffeee or water. But I do consider AV could hand boxes with a pastry or a cookie.

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