Review of KLM Cityhopper flight Mulhouse / Bâle Amsterdam in Business

Airline KLM Cityhopper
Flight KL 1984
Class Business
Seat 02A
Aircraft Fokker 70
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 05 Feb 14, 07:10
Arrival at 05 Feb 14, 08:25
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By GOLD 4356
Published on 12th March 2014
Good evening everyone,

This is the translation of a trip to Chicago and Fairbanks with Delta from Basel in Switzerland. I think it could be intersting to be shared for our english friends in their language.

This first part covers a flight on a Fokker 70, a type that does not fly anymore within North America (and I think even America in general?)

Background of the trip was a special fare offered by AF/KL on business flights to the US. I always wanted to watch the northern lights and wanted to combine this with a city I have not been yet in the US. Chicago would be that city.

I started my researches with an open jaw ORD - ANC on but it was over $ 4'400.-, ways too expensive. Then I changed to FAI, still the same price. I switched to and the fares looked quiet good. I tried to enter multiple destinations to do a mile run, to maintain my Gold Status for 2014, and created following itinerary:

  • Bâle - Amsterdam KL / J, Fokker 70: here
  • Amsterdam - Detroit DL / J, Airbus 330-300
  • Detroit - Chicago DL / F, MD -88
  • Chicago - Atlanta DL / Y, A320
  • Atlanta - St Louis DL / Y, MD90
  • St Louis - Detroit DL / Y, B717-200
  • Detroit - Chicago DL / F, A319
  • Chicago - Minneapolis DL / F, E175
  • Minneapolis - Seattle DL / F, B757-300
  • Seattle - Fairbanks AK / F, B737-900ER
  • Fairbanks - Seattle AK / F, B737-700
  • Seattle - Paris CDG DL / J, B767-300ER
  • Paris CDG - Bâle AF / Y, ATR72

Flights (apart from the side-trip CHI - STL /RT) were at around $ 3'000. The side-trip was at $140.- That's what I call a good deal, and I booked everything without further hesitation.

Fast forward to the departure date.

KLM does yet offer the access to the business lounge at BSL Airport, I came early enough to the airport to enjoy the facility. Strangewise, an AF ticket does not allow entrane to the lounge. However, and just in case, all passengers can access the lounge by paying a CHF 38.- fee, which is around $ 42.-

That lounge is an architectural gem. Simply wonderful. The lounge is spread over three levels, with a reception, bistro style eating place, and bars on the ground floor. First floor is where you will find a relaxation area and again, a self service buffet. On the second floor there is a bar / restaurant / lounge but it is seldom open to public, but can be privatized on request. This lounge was originaly built for the defunct Crossair.

Very nice food offering I only miss the muessli:

Those poultry sausages were to die for!

Drinks buffet:

My morning selection:

photo DSC_1006

Usually I never shoot lounges restrooms (you'll discover later that I do for planes !) but after my morning wee-break I went picking up my camera as I found the place very clean and just beautiful:

photo DSC_1011photo DSC_1012photo DSC_1013

There is a shower as well:

photo DSC_1010

Wireless connection is available at no charge, and there is a nice outdoor terrace with good views over the planes parked on the french side of the airport:

photo DSC_0993photo DSC_0996

Boarding is called on time and Sky Priority pax, together with the business class pax are invited to board first. Sorry no pictures of the plane, it was bitterly cold that morning (nothing in comparison with ORD and even worse, FAI !)

Nice welcome from the purser and here are the new seats aboard KLM Fokker 70, I will never, never love them:

photo DSC_1016photo DSC_1017

Sufficient seat pitch:

photo DSC_1018

KLM blocks the middle seat of the three seaters and one of the seat of the two seaters row. I choose the two seaters to have a window and no neighbours, being quite asocial at 07:00am)

On-time push back and a good view of this old bird, A300 DHL. We have been then treated by a beautifu night view over BSL, with the sun rising on the background:

photo DSC_1019photo DSC_1020photo DSC_1023

Soon after take-off the, in Europe, fameous KL box is served, together with two hot buns, but no pastries as indicated on the menu. That's not good KL ! However, the hostess apologized, I won't be that angry ;)

That's the menu, that is valid all day long:

The salmon was very tasty, not to fishy, the yogurth was good, the fruits, average:

The loo : identical to the one further back in coach:

photo DSC_1034photo DSC_10001

Whenever possible, I try to make galley and doors pictures, I took the opportunity to take some pix while the crew was performing the service:

That's the dutch coastal line:

photo DSC_10011photo DSC_10012

Early arrival, long taxiway, and we have been pax bussed to the terminal

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KLM Cityhopper

Cabin crew8.0

Skyview EuroAirport Lounge


Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP


Amsterdam - AMS



I really hate those seats, but if you don't have a neighbour, the rating would change from not bearable to hardly bearable. I had a good breakfast, but I regret not having been offered newspapers onboard. Not all passengers go to the lounge.
Speaking about lounge, I felt in love with the BSL lounge.
AMS was very calm that morning, nobody at the customs and I even got a Schengen stamp on request in my french passeport.
Stay tuned for the next translation, business on DL to DTW ...

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  • Comment 102014 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6359 Comments
    Thanks for translating this series! I didn't really get a chance to see it in French since I don't get much time to read the French FRs anymore so I'm glad I'll get the opportunity to discover what seems like a great series of flights on the English site! Those seats definitely don't look comfortable at all, but it's great to see a report on such a rare aircraft. Hopefully the next flights are more comfortable! Thanks again for sharing!
  • Comment 102131 by
    matthieugd 223 Comments
    Wow great report! The lounge is indeed beautiful, the furniture seems nice too. Mileage run/routing like a pro :) are you using the ita matrix or only the airline website?
  • Comment 102142 by
    Esteban GOLD AUTHOR 19190 Comments
    Thanks ! I am using seatexpert, and airlines websites. That works pretty well ! ;)
  • Comment 102260 by
    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5415 Comments
    Thanks a lot fot this new series of reports, I would like to go to Alaska but not during winter time lol.

    Nice lounge but is it always that empty?

    I had the same breakfast box and found it perfectly adequate for such a flight.

    Thank you for your participation on this side of the website ^^
    • Comment 289880 by
      Esteban GOLD AUTHOR 19190 Comments
      No, the lounge is not always that empty, afternoons it gets a bit more crowded. More and more airlines are beginning to use it, which is good, hope AF will reconsider the question soon ! Even if not that good for the business, I prefer it empty ^^
  • Comment 586338 by
    ChrisB GOLD 3013 Comments
    Thanks mate for sharing!
    The lounge seems like a beautiful place indeed.
    No morning croissant in your selection? What a non french thing to do!

    I will never, never love them

    Can't blame you! Really looks like low-cost ironing boards.

    but no pastries as indicated on the menu. That's not good KL ! However, the hostess apologized

    Yes but that doesn't feed man!
    Where R my pastries at? XD

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