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Airline LAN Airlines
Flight LA3094
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 02 Jan 14, 11:05
Arrival at 02 Jan 14, 12:15
LA 64 reviews
By 3829
Published on 14th March 2014
Welcome to the 3rd and final leg of my trip from Argentina to Colombia.
The first leg (COR-SCL) can be found here:

And the second leg (SCL-BOG) is here:

After disembarking the LA (or better said, the 4C, Lan Colombia) B767 I passed through immigration. I was very tired and sleepy. However,
I was happy to be finally in Colombia…
First impression I got from BOG El Dorado Airport new terminal was excellent. Everything new and spotless. Sometimes governments and airport authorities forget how much important is a good first impression for a foreigner tourist or a business traveler. And in this case, Bogotá really surprised me…
I was supposed to meet a friend of mine who lives in Bogota, to drink a famous Colombian coffee before getting my flight, but we couldn't meet each other because of my mobile phone's signal.
So I had to wait until 11AM for my flight to Cartagena and there wasn't much to do except spotting and walking through the new airport terminal. Two boring activities for most of the travelers, but of course not for an aviation geek, like us… :P

This is the old ATC tower. It always makes me feel nostalgic watching an old airport near demolition…

photo P1000872_zps29d4302f

Not to mention this picture: so many passengers were there through the years… Really sad…

photo P1000880_zps3941b027

On the other hand, progress… I just loved the BOG new national terminal.

photo P1000881_zps66387bda

Lan Colombia, Copa Airlines Colombia, and a former TACA (Avianca) still with the old livery, on a sunny Bogotá's morning…

photo P1000879_zpsf946e12d

As I said, I was very tired. So, I just sat on a seat near the so called gate 84 waiting for the flight LA3094. I usually don't like to fall asleep while waiting for a flight, but I was exhausted. Last 3 days, including NYE I had slept like 8hs…
Suddenly, I woke up around 10:50am, just 15 min. before the scheduled departure time and there was no sign of my flight at the gate… I walked to one of the screens and I saw the gate number had been changed to 89 and showed the last call announcement… I ran scared downstairs to gate 89 and the LA agent asked me: Where are you coming from Mr. Avionero? You almost lost the flight… I replied: Córdoba…ehmm… Santiago de Chile… I didn't know what to say and I just ran to the jetway…

photo P1000876_zps580685d6

The plane was 100% full. The IFE was the In Lan's very good inflight magazine. No PTV…

photo P1000883_zps83a36f9c

The seat pitch was tight but OK for my height. These new seats were less comfortable than the old ones in the Lan fleet. I guess they are lighter and reduce fuel consumption. Same old story…

photo P1000884_zps7dc8dd91

While taxiing I enjoyed spotting some unique (for an Argentine) machines
That seemed to be a Colombian Air Force Museum

photo P1000887_zps448440a3

Nice group of Beechcraft 1900D of Searca

photo P1000890_zps80c61051

Avianca's A320 or A319 approaching…

photo P1000892_zps9f209901

Approach lighting system

photo P1000895_zps960e9caa

Let's go (finally) to Cartagena

photo P1000896_zps93ef1571

As Chibcha had already shown in his reports, Bogotá is a huge capital

photo P1000900_zpsf6e80fd6

I liked that park very much

photo P1000904_zpsae8d6a4b

BOG El Dorado Airport

photo P1000906_zps60b57340

photo P1000907_zps32ac9cf1

You don't realize how high Bogotá is until you see those clouds below the plateau… Crazy. I was amazed by the Colombian awesome geography like a gringo tourist… :P

photo P1000910_zps5d269da7

photo P1000913_zps1b001d6a

photo P1000914_zps0d9ac6f0

photo P1000916_zpsab36f5a1

Soon after take off the service began. The box contained Yucas (manihot) and a coconut candy along with the famous Juan Valdez coffee.

photo P1000919_zps9e2c4526

The meal box. It says: Did you know that in Colombia exist 1,865 bird species, the world's largest number? That country is stunning…

photo P1000926_zpse9d96a97

Our route

photo P1000922_zps40b398ac

A cabin view from my seat. A new A320

photo P1000923_zpsa13916fb

Spoilers activated for the approach

photo P1000929_zps964f05c9

And finally, 21hs after leaving Cordoba, and 3 different planes, I could spot the beautiful Cartagena de Indias…

photo P1000935_zpsbc074e3f

photo P1000938_zps2d6f00b0

Cerro de la Popa (La Popa Hill)

photo P1000940_zps443d0cd5

Finally on Caribbean land…

photo P1000943_zps17af7022

photo P1000945_zps546545ed

photo P1000946_zpse4ba7b55

The CTG Rafael Nuñez Airport

photo P1000944_zpsa625bc34

No jetbridges, so we disembarked by stairs

photo P1000950_zpsbd60c7d2

photo P1000953_zpsa487a1c5

Tourist bonus. I liked very much Cartagena's Old City's colonial architecture magnificently preserved

photo P1000960_zpsc0857e70

photo P1000971_zpsd2d408dd

photo P1000974_zpsa3ae0133

Of course my flight reports can't be complete without electronic music… I went to Summerland Festival 15km away from Cartagena. Really cool people and in the underground stage main DJs Marco Carola and Loco Dice were playing back to back some of the world's best tech house music…

photo P1010100_zpse9142660

photo P1010120_zpsed8ab0e2

I hope you enjoyed reading. Comments are appreciated
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LAN Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Bogota - BOG


Cartagena - CTG



BOG new terminal is my favourite South American airport. Nice design, clean, efficient, warm...
Lan Colombia has a standard LAN service, although the Colombian nice and friendly cabin crews make the difference.
Cartagena's rather new terminal is simple but OK for a Caribbean weather city.
Now I know the tourist campaign is true... Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay... :)

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  • Comment 102134 by
    Chibcha SILVER 479 Comments

    Finally the longed for FR!

    It's really sad to see the old place go...but the new place looks really good.

    Indeed, that is the Colombian Air Force museum...never been there though, you can see most of their display when taxying anyway.

    The park you liked is actually a Country Club called Los Lagartos (The Lizards), the lake is part of a marsh system,the last remnants of the huge marshland Bogotá has destroyed with its sprawl.

    I liked those snackboxes LAN hands out, and they're really trying to win our hearts and minds with the know Colombia factoids.

    Awesome pictures of la Heroica, its impressive how much the city skyline has changed in the last decade. The first picture portrays Bocagrande peninsula, home of Bocagrande, Laguito and Castillogrande neihbourhoods. The second picture shows Manga Island, where the main Port is. I love the Caribbean feel of Cartagena's airport, some people consider it's degrading that the airport doesn't have jetbridges.

    I hope you do a FR on the return.

    Saludos y gracias!

  • Comment 102342 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this nice report with some amazing aerial views and bonus on Cartagena.

    The snack box seems a bit deficient but for a domestic flight I guess it is OK.

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