Review of KLM flight Madrid Amsterdam in Economy

Airline KLM
Flight KL1698
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 28 Aug 21, 05:50
Arrival at 28 Aug 21, 08:20
KL   #42 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1042 reviews
Published on 8th February 2024


Hello amigos, happy 2024!

As I try to catch up with my backlog, this time I wanted to share this FR on KL from Madrid to AMS back in 2021. This was my first time trying KLM's new economy class seats, so it is a nice contrast with my previous (and first) time flying KLM within Europe.

You may check the other FR here.

And without further ado, let's get on with it!

At Madrid Barajas

I arrived well in time before my 6 am flight in order to be able to check in timely and have spare time for visiting the Puerta del Sol Lounge for breakfast. As I entered the terminal I thought AF/KL finally sorted out their deal…
BTW back in 2021, even Schengen flights were checked in from Terminal 1 (even though the gates used were in Terminal 2, which is the real Schengen terminal)…

photo 20210828_025805

But no, as I had already experienced on the MAD-CDG flight a month before, AF/KL check-in took ages as the understaffed team tried to check all covid requirements for passengers flying all around the world (many people weren't going to France or the Netherlands but rather somewhere else…). 

photo 20210828_025947

As I had my "Covid passport" and whatnot, I managed to have a quick check in through online document check. Then it was a quick walk through security

photo 20210828_034308

And from there, a rather long walk through the aging  Terminal 123 complex.

photo 20210828_034851photo 20210828_035145photo 20210828_035349

At least I got a nice view of our ride (if I'm not wrong is one of the last 737NGs ever produced)

photo 20210828_035506

At the Puerta del sol vip lounge

AENA had finally opened other VIP lounges as traffic caught on…and so I was able to have some breakfast and a better spot to wait for my very early flight to board.
The seats were re-upholstered and everything was neat and nice:

photo 20210828_050550

A waitress served our food…this took more time than ordinarily, but at least is better than nothing.

photo 20210828_050718

I went for fruit and a mini doughnut

photo 20210828_051113


I spent less than 30 mins in the lounge as it opened around 5 am and boarding was announced at 5:30am…so back down into the 737…

photo 20210828_053501

I didn't know KLM had changed interiors, so this took me by surprise. The seats are a huge improvement from what they had before.

photo 20210828_053520photo 20210828_053553

Even in the back where I was seated seats had all headrests and personal device holders. In other pictures I've seen, this seems not to be the case anymore. I don't know why this particular plane had such better seats…

photo 20210828_053725

The plane also had the now customary light-show. All in all, it had a very modern vibe (a far cry from the rest of their 737 fleet).

photo 20210828_054701

enroute to amsterdam

I was so tired from the early wake up and had such a long week ahead, I chose to sleep most of the flight. Not much to see in any case.

photo 20210828_073419


photo 20210828_073319

The skies cleared as we approached AMS, affording nice views of the Netherlands. Its always a great sight!

Aaaand….we made it to Amsterdam!

photo 20210828_081558

It was quite a walk to the baggage area, I don't recall having any documents checked. 

photo 20210828_082746photo 20210828_082836

Once I got my bag…it was another few steps towards the train…

photo 20210828_084614photo 20210828_085215

And then I finally made it to The Hague

photo 20210828_093106
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Cabin crew7.5

Independant Sala VIP Puerta de Alcala


Madrid - MAD


Amsterdam - AMS



When your competition is Iberia and Air Europa, you can only do better. And KL did. You got a nice reclining seat and a meal and a drink (I skipped this because I was asleep). Whilst most of KL 737s have uninspiring interiors, the new ones are a nice change, much appreciated.

AF/KL at MAD was understaffed and did a messy job dealing with two fully packed flights that leave at the same time.
The Puerta del Sol lounge was great for starting a long day.
AMS did its job just right. It's great to be able to reach (almost) any corner of the country just by going down one level and taking the train.

Thanks for passing by, ¡saludos!

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6594 Comments

    When your competition is Iberia and Air Europa, you can only do better.

    Haha, so true, at least in Economy. In Business, I think IB are probably a bit better with catering and more consistent seats--whereas KLM is hit or miss whether you will get the new cabins.

    KLM, along with sister carrier AF really do have the best short-haul Economy service in Western Europe. Though rumours have been floating about for a while, AF/KL have until now managed to avoid succumbing to the buy-on-board trend.

    Even in the back where I was seated seats had all headrests and personal device holders. In other pictures I've seen, this seems not to be the case anymore. I don't know why this particular plane had such better seats…

    Interesting, I thought it was only on the E195-E2 that they had different seats in the back, but you're right that it's on the 737s as well...if so yeah it's weird that your aircraft has the same seats all the way back.

    I've heard the new seats can be a bit hard, but they look really great and it's a big upgrade to have the in-seat power and tablet holders. As I've said before, the only thing missing is some sort of streaming IFE. Aside from that, a great short-haul product!

    Thanks for sharing!

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