Review of Israir flight Eilat Tel Aviv in Premium Eco

Airline Israir
Flight 6H46
Class Premium Eco
Seat 1A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 01 Sep 23, 16:05
Arrival at 01 Sep 23, 17:05
6H 13 reviews
By 303
Published on 9th September 2023


Welcome back to part 2 of my short Eilat trip from Tel Aviv on Israir A320.
This part covers the flight from Eilat Ramon to Tel Aviv but this time I upgraded myself to a premium seat.
As I wrote in the first part the upgrade costs only about 15 USD so let's find out if it's worth it.

Let's get into it!  



eilat ramon airport

After a short but fun day in Eilat I took the bus back to the airport and arrived there about an hour before.

Check in area: 

photo img_20230901_150628

After a quick security questioning and the usual security check which both went really quick (I didn't have to go through Check In since I did it online and didn't have anything luggage to send) I was already at the airside after about 10-15 minutes.

The gates area from above: 

photo img_20230901_151507

As you may see the airport it's quite empty, that's because it was built to host both domestic flights to\from Tel Aviv and also international flights but currently there is not a single foreign airline operating here.
Most airlines who flew here previous winter canceled their flights here for winter 2023\4. 

 The very short flight schedule, indicating our flight is delayed in 25 minutes:

photo img_20230901_151822

The empty ramp:

photo img_20230901_151858

There is even a lounge here, I wonder when was the last time it was open:

photo img_20230901_151924-12502

Since only 2\8 gates were used there were a plenty of seats in the gate area, as well as some shops:

photo img_20230901_151939

Our flight is from GATE 3:

photo img_20230901_152047

That's my ride for today: Israir Airbus A320-200 4X-ABI.
It was manufactured in 2016 for Israir and flying with them ever since. It's their newest A320 and the only one with Sharklets, and I also think it's the only one that has Premium seats. 

photo img_20230901_160332


Shortly after the passengers from Tel Aviv disembarked we started boarding. It was already 16:20 while the original boarding was supposed to be 15:15.

As you can see the aircraft is parked right in front of the terminal so you walk directly to it.


The crew greeted us onboard and I went to my seat, 1A.
The premium cabin here contains only 8 seats in 2 rows (but only 2\8 were occupied) and behind it is the economy class which doesn't look so comfortable.

photo img_20230901_162452-75080

The premium seats are basically basic business seats, which is still much better than all ''Euro Business'' classes out there:

photo img_20230901_162454

Footrest and infinite legroom:

photo img_20230901_162518

Tray table:

photo img_20230901_162628

Adjustable headrest:

photo img_20230901_162820-56691

There are also 2 USB ports, however I forgot to check if they're actually working:

photo img_20230901_165913

Seat pocket contents including an inflight magazine, buy on board menu and safety instructions (taken on the first flight):  


40 minutes after the scheduled departure time, and after safety demonstration was complete, we headed directly to the runway to takeoff, without having to wait in line like in TLV.

 The full Takeoff video: 


The galley, however just like the inbound flight there was no inflight service, except for water which was available by request:

photo img_20230901_164654photo img_20230901_170151

Loo was standard and relatively clean: 

photo img_20230901_165429

The first part of the flight when we flew above the Negev desert was too sunny to film, so I captured the views of Tel Aviv's area only.

 The Judean Mountains+ wing view:

photo img_20230901_170910

More of this beautiful view:

Ben Gurion Airport from above:

photo img_20230901_171346

Petah Tikva and Tel Aviv:

The coast of northern Tel Aviv, here was the second airport of Tel Aviv called Sde Dov, offering flights to Eilat and other nearby destinations, until it was unfortunately closed and demolished in 2019:

photo img_20230901_171601

The coast of Netanya:

photo img_20230901_171837

The town of Tel Mond and the agricultural fields nearby:

photo img_20230901_171953

The densely populated city of Tira in comparison to the fields:

photo img_20230901_172019photo img_20230901_172030


After this stunning approach we landed at Runway 21 and taxied to our parking stand near Terminal 1.

The full landing video: 

ben gurion airport

Deboarding was really quick (not hard when you seat in first row) and I boarded the first bus to the terminal.

Our airplane as can be seen from the bus: 

photo img_20230901_173528

EL AL B738 from Nice:

photo img_20230901_173852

Ryanair B738 MAX from Paphos:

photo img_20230901_173931

Air India B788 (arrived the night before from Delhi and was probably grounded for technical reasons):   

photo img_20230901_173940

Arkia E195 from Mykonos:

photo img_20230901_173951

Israir A320 in the hangar after arriving from Catania:

photo img_20230901_174028

The entrance of the domestic arrivals hall of Terminal 1, looks like it was renovated lately:

photo img_20230901_174116photo img_20230901_174134

Baggage claim:

photo img_20230901_174151photo img_20230901_174223

Ironically when you exit Terminal 1 arrivals hall after a domestic LCC-like flight the first thing you see is the premium private terminal, maybe next time (but probably not..):

photo img_20230901_174330
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Cabin crew8.0

Eilat - ETM


Tel Aviv - TLV



Even though the first flight wasn't bad, this flight showed the experience on such flight can be much better.

For a ridiculous price I got a business class seat which makes it much more comfortable, and makes you feel exclusive (the best part when the rest of the passengers are passing through the Premium seats and looking at you at jealousy but they don't you paid only 15 USD for it).

The crew were relatively nice and kind, except when I asked for a cup of water.

The short delay or the lack of entertainment weren't bothering me so much and the views from the window served as the great source of entertainment.

Both of the airports felt new and efficient, but again TLV's domestic areas needs some more shops and services.

Thank you for coming alone and I'll see you soon on my next flight, wherever it will be.

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    Very interesting to see what this product looks like that they have only on 1 or 2 planes, I believe. Definitely a better seat than European Business class. Thanks for sharing!

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