Review of American Airlines flight Los Angeles New York in Business

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA04
Class Business
Seat 6A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 05:15
Take-off 06 Mar 14, 12:15
Arrival at 06 Mar 14, 20:30
AA   #56 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 545 reviews
By GOLD 6489
Published on 17th March 2014
I take the opportunity of a Flight-Report gathering in New York City, for whose Jetsetpanda and myself had the opportunity to fly the new A321 transcontinental from American Airlines, to publish a comprehensive report of the three cabins.

Clicking on the following links, you can get a complete description of the 3 cabins :

  1. Economy cabin (by Jetsetpanda)
  2. Business cabin
  3. First cabin

This report is about the Business Class cabin and starts in Los Angeles.

photo LAXJFK-002

LAX airport is famous for its many spotting opportunities, from car parks, burger joints or surrounding hotels. I've taken a few shots of the traffic from my hotel room but I'm not very good at it, sorry about that :)

The hotel shuttle dropped me at Terminal 2, where AA flights fly from. There is a Premium section clearly indicated from the curb.

photo LAXJFK-009

A notice reminds the passengers that the AA/US merger may take some time before it's complete.

photo LAXJFK-010

Individual checkin booths welcome passengers of the respective booking classes. I am flying Business class today, but as a oneworld Emerald status holder, I can use the First class lane.

photo LAXJFK-011

There is a direct access by stairs and elevator from the premium checkin zone to a separate security lane. Nevertheless, the line didn't move quickly for me due to a cut for TSA Precheck passengers.

photo LAXJFK-012

There are two flights to JFK in just 90 minutes, which certainly means the connection is profitable. And I hope so, as AA reduced the number of seats with this new aircraft and layout.

photo LAXJFK-013

The terminal in itself has nothing to write about so I head directly to the lounge.

photo LAXJFK-014photo LAXJFK-015

Dividend Miles members are welcome to use the AA lounges (providing they're flying with a oneworld carrier if they are wandering in this terminal).

photo LAXJFK-016

As a oneworld Emerald status holder, I am invited to use the First class facilities. They are not much more different from the Business class ones, but there are much fewer passengers, which makes it more comfortable and intimate.

photo LAXJFK-017

There are floor-to-ceiling windows facing terminal 1 and bringing lots of natural light inside the lounge.

photo LAXJFK-018photo LAXJFK-021

There's of course an IT zone with a nice feature to email documents to the printers, so any laptop or even phone connected to the free wifi provided can use the printers. The not-so-nice feature on the other hand is the lack of power outlets.

photo LAXJFK-019

The offering is not exceptionnal (for a First class lounge) but I consider it to be far better than the usual one to be found in Admirals Clubs.

photo LAXJFK-022photo LAXJFK-023

The liquors are especially good quality ones for self-service.

I arrived at the end of breakfast offering. So this is a remaining from it, and later pics are the lunch offering.

photo LAXJFK-028

Chicken in cream sauce with some kind of risotto.

photo LAXJFK-029

Soup and cold cuts.

photo LAXJFK-030photo LAXJFK-031

Chips, crackers and various sandwiches.

photo LAXJFK-032photo LAXJFK-033photo LAXJFK-034

I tried the sparking wine which was very decent. The salad was fresh and that's all I needed on that time of day.

photo LAXJFK-035

I'm browsing for new reports to read when I see my A321 arriving.

photo LAXJFK-036photo LAXJFK-037

No doubt, it's the new A321. N101NN is just 4 months old.

photo LAXJFK-038photo LAXJFK-039

Flight documents for today. The plastic card is used to enter the First class section, separated from the main lounge by a coded door.

photo LAXJFK-040

I check my booking a last time before boarding, and I see that I should not expect an upgrade on this flight. Actually, I didn't want one, as I wanted to get a chance to compare P and J products.

photo LAXJFK-041

After finishing some emails, I head to the boarding gate. I arrive just at the end of my group and head directly to the plane.

photo LAXJFK-042photo LAXJFK-044

So I am back in this cabin :)

photo LAXJFK-045photo LAXJFK-046

But this time, I keep walking and will find my seat in the Business class section.

photo LAXJFK-047

Food is warming up in the galley, which has to be crossed by all passengers. The smell will probably boost the sales in Economy cabin ;)

photo LAXJFK-048

And here is my seat : 6A.

photo LAXJFK-049

Boarding continues smoothly : due to the restricted number of seats, there is plenty of storage for the carry-ons.

photo LAXJFK-050

The IFE looks great, but my both flights will prove it to be still very buggy.

photo LAXJFK-051

Also, the seat is slightly angled toward the window. Although the screen follows the same inclinaison, I am naturally brought to seat alongside the cabin and thus, a thus feel the screen is not perfectly in front of me.

photo LAXJFK-052

The seat commands (with the bed pictogram, as it's a flat bed seat) and the remote control (which is designed like a smartphone).

photo LAXJFK-053

Lots of connectors, and an international power outlet, which can be used during boarding.

photo LAXJFK-054

As someone commented in the French version of my report, my neighbours could just be posing for the perfect advertisment for this cabin :)

photo LAXJFK-055

Through my window, a B757 reminds us how transcontinental flights used to be (well, they still are on non-Flagship connections).

photo LAXJFK-056

Once the boarding is complete, predrinks can be prepared in the galley (and not easily before as all passengers have to cross it).

photo LAXJFK-057

I go for a sparking wine which is served ice-cold, making it difficult for me to estimate its quality. It's unfortunately but not surprisingly served in a plastic glass.

photo LAXJFK-059


photo LAXJFK-060


photo LAXJFK-061

And menu for today !

photo LAXJFK-062

Nothing amazing but it's a solid value that will please most palates.

photo LAXJFK-063

And a local selection of wines to pair with it.

photo LAXJFK-064

We pushback on time and the captain announces that we may even arrive a
bit early on schedule.

photo LAXJFK-065

One of the bugs of the IFE is that mine wasn't locked during the mandatory programs (like safety videos) and announces. I didn't mind being uninterrupted for the whole flight ;)

Mood lightning is turned on during take-off, but there is so much light entering the cabin that it is hardly seen.

photo LAXJFK-073

Here I am on my way to New York City !

photo LAXJFK-074photo LAXJFK-075

We took off westbound and turned around over the ocean.

photo LAXJFK-076photo LAXJFK-077

Flying over Los Angeles…

photo LAXJFK-078photo LAXJFK-079

The inflight magazine covers this cabin as well. It may take time to revamp all the planes promised with the new cabin, but it will be worth the time. I think AA is making a big move.

photo LAXJFK-080

When we are airborne, flight attendants start the service by providing Bose headseats. They have a trolley for that and keep a strict inventory.

photo LAXJFK-082photo LAXJFK-081

Then, drinks orders are taken. The tablet can be deployed in half for the drinks, or full for the meal and work.

photo LAXJFK-083photo LAXJFK-084

I finish reading a Flight Report and in the meantime, a hot towel is provided.

photo LAXJFK-085photo LAXJFK-086

Whisky and Coke, a classic for me, with warm nuts.

photo LAXJFK-087

The service in this cabin involves the use of trolleys, whereas everything was brought to one's seat in First class.

photo LAXJFK-088

Indicated time is just another bug of the system but flight duration is accurate.

photo LAXJFK-089

FAs are all very nice and I'm offered another drink with such a smile that I couldn't refuse ^^

photo LAXJFK-091

We keep flying and temperatures on the ground keep falling…

photo LAXJFK-092photo LAXJFK-093

Winglet ;)

photo LAXJFK-094

Then, the meal is served. It doesn't look good (in terms of setup and choice of colors) but it really tasted good.

photo LAXJFK-095

Salmon was so-so but tuna was delicious.

photo LAXJFK-096

The stuffed chicken breast was excellent. The wine I chose to pair with it didn't leave me any memories.

photo LAXJFK-097photo LAXJFK-098

There was a choice of warm breads from the basket. The protocol on this flight is more or less the same as the international Business class cabins on long hauls.

photo LAXJFK-099

This is a kind of photography that says : It was very good ! ;)

photo LAXJFK-100

There was a break between main course and dessert. I don't know why but it was actually welcomed. I entertained myself between the window and the screen, before the dessert arrived.

photo LAXJFK-101photo LAXJFK-102

Sunday, nuts and hot fudge.

photo LAXJFK-103

After all this food, I could use a walk across the cabins. Very few passengers seem to take advantage of the flat-bed for a nap.

photo LAXJFK-104

Economy cabin, also reported

photo LAXJFK-105

While I was walking, a new service began : the signature cookie with milk (that I replaced for sparkling water as I'm not fond of milk).

photo LAXJFK-107

The closer we get to the destination, the colder it looks. Brrr….

photo LAXJFK-108photo LAXJFK-109

As we are finishing our descend, the night has come over New York City.

photo LAXJFK-111photo LAXJFK-112

As promised, we landed a bit early and as I didn't have any checked bags, I was quickly out, ready to join the FR gathering !

photo LAXJFK-113photo LAXJFK-114

Thanks for readin ! I hope this piece of information will be usefull :)
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American Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

American Airlines Flagship Lounge - 4


Los Angeles - LAX


New York - JFK



The very good impression from the inbound flight is confirmed. Both cabins are great and unless you're seeking for privacy, there is no reason to prefer the First class cabin.

Of course, FA are more attentive there, but they did a great job this time too. Food was very nice and the lounge provided a nice environnement to wait.

All in all, AA does a great job there and keeps its promises.

Information on the route Los Angeles (LAX) New York (JFK)


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    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for yet another wonderful report covering AA's new premium product on the A321T.

    In terms of catering a third option is a welcome addition. However, I find that offering a light option consisting of salad and a soup seems a bit cheap. Looking at your menu, there was 1 vegetarian, 1 protein and 1 soup + salad. For a transcon premium flight I think there should be 2 proteins (a beef or lamb plus another seafood) and 1 vegetarian.

    Also, I find the new printed menus to be a bit disappointing. The size is definitely smaller, but the cover is a lackluster. The ones of the old American using the artwork of its employees was a far more engaging idea.

    Did you notice a snack basket after the meal service in your cabin? When I flew on the return JFK-SFO in F on the 2-class 763, there were a total of 4 baskets with fruits and packaged snacks available in the galley. Before arrival we were offered two kinds of freshly baked cookies.

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