Review of Etihad Airways flight New York Abu Dhabi in Economy

Airline Etihad Airways
Flight EY100
Class Economy
Seat 20K
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 12:30
Take-off 17 Nov 21, 20:20
Arrival at 18 Nov 21, 17:50
EY   #5 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 282 reviews
Published on 8th October 2023



Greetings and welcome to another trip report! We are starting off here at JFK where I'm making a connection from my previous JetBlue flight (which you can find here) from Salt Lake City traveling all the way to Abu Dhabi today. We had a short 2 hour connection here at JFK and we had to switch terminals and check-in again at terminal 4 for our onward flight to AUH. Since this was a trip taken during the pandemic, we needed to get our negative covid tests verified by an agent. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-103237-am

While taking the tram from terminal 5 where JetBlue operates out of, I came across briefly our 787-9 Dreamliner that we'll soon be boarding on ?.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-103312-am


I was delighted to be back to international travel as this was my first one since the start of the pandemic last year. Not to mention my first time trying one of the famous gulf carriers which I was very excited about.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-103353-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-103415-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-103430-am

Found the check in desks for Etihad Airways and now it's time for document verification and dropping off our bags. While checking my reservation after making my booking I noticed that Etihad had no free seat selection which was a huge bummer so I wasn't sure what seats we'd be getting on these flights. I was traveling with my parents so I was hoping we'd get lucky and be seated together with a window seat. Not only did we get seated together in 20H, J & K but we were also seated in 'Economy Space' section which is Etihad's extra legroom seats. I was quite delighted by the surprise and even made me look forward for the flight even more. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-103500-am

Things at the check-in desk took a little bit given they had more paperwork to check however we were done and on our way to security check point. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-103522-am

It was a surprisingly busy evening at security checkpoint and it took us about 30-35 minutes to get airside. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-103610-am

Double checking the departure board and seeing where our departure gate will be at. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-103634-am

Some information about my plane:
Flight number: EY 100
 Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Registration: A6-BLY
Delivered: March 16, 2019 

Our route for today will take 6,867 mi or 11,052 km and with a flight time of 11hrs and 55 mins. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-125343-pm

Here's our Dreamliner that'll be taking us there.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-103713-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-103726-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-103745-am


Almost immediately boarding started to commence with a huge queue of people already forming. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-103816-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-103832-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-103903-am

We were greeted by two very warm & friendly FA's who directed us across the galley made a right. Here's the view from my seat 20K. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-103949-am

Here's the view from my seat. Not much to see other then the impressive 787 wing and a bit of those powerful Genx-1b74 engine.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104013-am

A view of the amazing legroom provided. These seats offer an incredible 36" of pitch. This is more than what the three legacy carriers offer in their extra legroom seats. I could easily get up from my window seat without disturbing the other two people sitting next to me. I'm 5'9" or 176cm for reference.  

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104045-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104027-am

At each seat there were a very high quality blanket & pillow in a sealed bag. Also located at each seat were headphones, a small amenity kit & a wellness bag which I'll show in the following pictures:

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104110-am

Here's the wellness kit and it's contents that they had for us at the time of this flight.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-110527-am

One mask

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-110546-am


photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-110602-am

Hand sanitizer

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-110615-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-110636-am

Next is the amenity kit.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-110734-am

Ear plugs

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-110754-am

And a relatively good quality eye mask.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-110816-am

Next I'll show the seat back contents which consisted of a safety card & air sickness bag.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104200-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104218-am

Here's the touch screen seat controller that looked awfully similar to a PSP back in my old days ?. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104231-am

A coat hook as well as a individual universal power outlet are found next to the screen. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104310-am

Here's a look at the tray table which was foldable and extendable. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104348-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104413-am

I should note that Etihad has this cool mini wall headrest feature that almost felt like you had some privacy from your seat neighbor.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104441-am

A look at the overhead panel. Unfortunately this aircraft did not have individual air vents which I'm seeing as a trend with newer aircraft. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104459-am

Boarding is complete and from the looks of it it's a completely full flight.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104511-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104525-am

The travel payer was started followed by the safety video.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104557-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104637-am

Not long after we pushed back on time.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104705-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104729-am

Emirates B777-300ER will be departing for Dubai shortly after us. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104751-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104812-am

Emirates A380 departing a few ours later after the 777.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104849-am


Lining up on the runway for takeoff.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104907-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104927-am

Bye NY! See you in a few weeks.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-104944-am

I can start to smell the food being prepared in the galley right after takeoff.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-105026-am

dinner service

45 minutes into flight the FA's initiated the service starting first with drinks. For drinks they had tea, coffee, sodas, alcohol & wines. Later followed the meal cart.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-105049-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-105109-am-57697

For the meal the options were chicken or pasta, I went for the chicken. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-105132-am

Along with the dinner came with a bread roll… 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-105159-am

A corn salad…

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-105212-am

And a chocolate moose…

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-105229-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-105257-am

Here's me devouring the chocolate moose first since I couldn't help myself ?.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-105312-am

Overall the meal was excellent!

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-105348-am

By the end of the first meal service we were just about to cross over the Atlantic Ocean.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-105400-am

After the trays were collected, the FA's came by once again with the drink cart to offer more drinks. I went for a coffee.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-105444-am

ife system

After the meal service I took advantage of the IFE system and checked out what Etihad had to offer. I was amazed by the amount of content EY offers in terms of TV shows (from all around the world) and live channels to choose from. Movies on the other hand were a bit disappointing as from what I recall only offered around 80 movies (from around the world). In other words, not a lot of western movies to choose from.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-105544-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-105835-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-105928-am

After browsing through the system and seeing that there weren't any movies that interested me, I took a 3-4 hour power nap which were no problem in these very comfortable seats ;). 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-105527-am

I woke up to the sun rising as we flew over Finland.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-110101-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-110120-am

mid-flight service

I also woke up just in time for the mid-flight service.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-110232-am

This time only one cart came by that included the drinks and snack bags that they were offering. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-110346-am-70139photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-110426-am

Aside from the drink I got, the contents of the bag were a water bottle, a turkey sandwich and Oreo cookies.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-110451-am

After the mid-flight service, I went back to sleep for another 3-4 hours. I was surprisingly very sleepy when taking this flight when normally I'm not ?.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-110829-am

Woke up again while flying over Azerbaijan. What woke me up this time was from the smell of food being prepared in the galley ?.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-110852-am

lunch service

This was the same as with the dinner service. First came the drinks cart later followed by the meal cart. Options for lunch (or dinner perhaps) were chicken or lamb, I again went for the chicken. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-110920-am-71476photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-111709-am

Accompanying the meal was a bread roll…

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-111737-am

An orzo salad…

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-111750-amphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-121518-pm

And a water bottle with a KitKat for dessert.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-111803-am

A look at the main meal which was very delicious ??.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-111825-am

After the trays were collected, we had about 1.5 hrs left before reaching Abu Dhabi. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-111842-am

An hour later the cabin lights were turned on and the FA's were preparing cabin for landing.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-121558-pmphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-121608-pmphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-121623-pm

Cabin lights changed to the afternoon themed colors which was very calming on the eyes. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-121639-pmphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-122714-pm

Unfortunately it got dark quite quickly afterwards.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-122725-pm

Lights of Abu Dhabi came into view which got me very excited to see ?.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-122750-pmphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-122811-pmphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-122827-pm

Lining up to land at AUH.

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-122849-pmphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-122901-pmphoto screenshot-2023-10-07-at-122953-pm

Welcome to Abu Dhabi where we landed safely and on time to the gate. 

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-123026-pm

One last look at A6-BLY, thanks for the safe journey!

photo screenshot-2023-10-07-at-123042-pm

This concludes the trip report, thanks for reading!

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Etihad Airways

Cabin crew9.0

New York - JFK


Abu Dhabi - AUH



This was an incredible flight with Etihad Airways. Every aspect about this flight was amazing. The surprising upgrade we got to extra legroom seats was a nice perk on this flight not to mention the innovative seat design truly made this flight a lot more enjoyable sit and relax on. Also the meals provided were great in terms of quantity and taste, nothing at all to complain there. Not to mention the absolute professionalism and friendliness care we got from our FA's on this flight was simply incredible. They were joyful and actually seemed like they wanted to be there and make our flight enjoyable ,unlike flying with AA, UA or even DL FA's who seem like they are just there to do the service and then hide either in the galleys or their crew rest areas. Lastly, their IFE system was great, however, my only slight disappointment was their lack of movie selections which was quite limited. But nonetheless this was an amazing flight and would not hesitate to fly with EY again in the near future!

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    Great report as always! Wow 36" pitch, amenity kits, multiple power sources, and great catering--it really doesn't get better than than in Economy! Except maybe if it were in a 2-4-2 configuration, but no one does that on 787s except JAL. I really love the seat design. Not only does it look good, but it's great to have that little bit of privacy that the headrest gives and ability to lean up against it.

    Thanks for sharing!

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