Review of JetBlue Airways flight Salt Lake City New York in Economy

Airline JetBlue Airways
Flight B6 872
Class Economy
Seat 22A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:41
Take-off 17 Nov 21, 14:35
Arrival at 17 Nov 21, 21:16
B6   #6 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 55 reviews
Published on 15th September 2023


  • B6 872 Salt Lake City (SLC) - New York City (JFK) You are here
  • EY 100 New York City (JFK) - Abu Dhabi (AUH) Coming soon
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Welcome to another trip report! A few months ago I had planned a family trip to one of my favorite places in the world which is Abu Dhabi & Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Not to mention that there was a great sale from Salt Lake City to Abu Dhabi via JFK on JetBlue & Etihad Airways for $850 USD which is a great price if you ask me. I was also quite excited as this trip will give me the opportunity to try out two new airlines for me to check off the list 😉.

This is a look at the entire single ticket journey I'll be reporting on. Stay tuned for that next trip report!

photo screenshot-2023-08-26-at-104241-pm


My first flight on this long journey to Abu Dhabi would be on JetBlue Airways onboard their Airbus a320 aircraft. As this was an afternoon flight there was no need to wake up super early so we got a luggages ready and headed straight into the airport.  

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-34453-pm

Since this trip was during the pandemic, agents needed to check our negative covid-19 tests before receiving our boarding passes. After a few minutes of handling paperwork we finally received our boarding passes and proceeded to security check point. 

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-41221-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-41244-pm

Security went smoothly and we made our way to concourse B where JetBlue fly's from.

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-41349-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-34615-pm

My aircraft

In perfect timing I saw my a320 arriving from New York City (JFK) 

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-41518-pm

Some information about my plane:
Flight number: B6 872  
Aircraft: Airbus a320-232
Registration: N793JB
Delivered: April 8, 2011

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-41602-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-41534-pm


Boarding began on time and we boarded with group B.

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-41632-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-42006-pm

For this afternoon's flight to JFK, me, my mom & dad will be occupying seats 20 A,B & D for this nearly 4.5hr flight.

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-42052-pm

I also strategically chose this seat for it's perfect window to seat alignment 😅.

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-42109-pm-26864

This seat also came with a perfect view of the wing. We are parked next to an American Airlines A321 departing shortly for Dallas/Fort Worth. I've reviewed this flight in a first class report located here.

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-42129-pm

Last passengers are boarding, this flight will ultimately be around 90% full. 

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-42149-pm

Legroom was of course great and very generous for a standard economy class seat at 34" pitch. Just to give you a bit of context all other airlines like Delta, American & United offer extra legroom seats that are between 33-34" pitch (normal pitch in narrow body jets are between 29-31"). JetBlue is known for having the best standard economy legroom in the market.

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-42225-pm

The size of the PTV was also great. 

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-42304-pm


We began our pushback from the gate on time.

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-42732-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-42828-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-42846-pm

You could just barely see capital hill & downtown SLC as we taxi to the runway. 

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-42908-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-42923-pm

Delta A320 landing just ahead of us. 

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43038-pm


We'll be departing off runway 34R

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43056-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43119-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43150-pm

See you in a few weeks Utah ✌🏻

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43204-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43219-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43237-pm

Flying quite close over the Wasatch mountains.

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43253-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43304-pm

A look at the overhead panel.

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43335-pm

inflight entertainment

A look at the inflight entertainment system which was fantastic for a flight of this length. 

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43552-pm

There were tons of movies and TV shows offered. 

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43622-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43652-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43610-pm

As well as an excellent, very detailed interactive moving map. Even better than Delta's I have to say 😅.

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43751-pm

inflight service

The onboard service started about an hour into flight starting with the drink cart and later the snack cart. 

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43836-pm

Heading to New York so had to try Dunkin' coffee which was great!

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43852-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44000-pm

Later for the snack I went for these cookies which paired perfectly with the coffee. 

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-43935-pm

After the service it got pretty uneventful and decided to watch a movie.

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44055-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44113-pm

As with all eastbound flights, it started getting dark quite quickly. 

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44127-pm

seatback contents

Here's a look at the setback contents. Only the safety card was there.  

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44151-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44213-pm

An hour before descent, the FA's offered cups of water. Eventually we began our initial descent as we flew over northern Pennsylvania. 

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44231-pm

Flying over Scranton.

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44314-pm

FA's preparing cabin for landing. 

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44327-pm

Flying over New York City. 

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44350-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44411-pm

Flying over Brooklyn.

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44426-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44438-pm


photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44515-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44532-pm

Passed by a Swiss B777-300ER traveling later tonight to Zurich.

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44556-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44627-pmphoto screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44657-pm

We arrived at the gate safely and on time. 

photo screenshot-2023-08-23-at-44719-pm

This concludes the flight report, thanks for reading!

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JetBlue Airways

Cabin crew6.5

Salt Lake City - SLC


New York - JFK



This was a great flight on JetBlue. The seats were very comfortable and legroom was superb. Not to mention the excellent inflight entertainment that was available has to be one of the best in North America, I might even say it's better then Delta in terms of quantity of movies and TV shows offered also it's excellent interactive moving map. Only slight downside I would have to say about this flight would be that the FA's were not in the best of moods on this flight and looked like they already wanted to be home already since this was the same crew that worked the inbound from JFK so I can kinda understand them. Otherwise this was a great first time experience flying with them! :)



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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6348 Comments
    Good that you got one of the newer cabins on this flight that is pushing 5h! It would not be as nice on one of the old A320s cabins with the tiny seatback TVs. JetBlue is a great airlines with so much to love, like better legroom than any other carrier in Y, PTVs on every flight, free Wi-Fi, etc...But with their operations focused in BOS and JFK, they are dismal at on-time performance and have gotten worse in the post-pandemic travel boom. I feel like booking B6 is a gamble now and you have to make sure that you can afford to be late to wherever you're going since it's such a high probability that you'll be delayed. I also wish they had a bigger presence here on the West Coast. It seems like they mostly gave up on the West Coast when they closed down the LGB hub. Hopefully we'll see their operational performance improve soon; they really need it to save their reputation

    Thanks for sharing!

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