Review of Iran Aseman Airlines flight Tehran Shiraz in Economy

Flight EP3786
Class Economy
Seat 7A
Aircraft Fokker 100
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 27 Dec 12, 09:05
Arrival at 27 Dec 12, 10:05
EP 17 reviews
Published on 19th March 2014
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Hi all,

This report was long over due but I finally found the time to post it here :)

You can see my FR below about my flight from Tehran to Dubai. It has many cool pix of Tehran plus a full photo coverage of Tehran's International Airport(IKA):

Now about this FR:

I went to the beautiful and my most favorite city in Iran Shiraz for a quick visit and got some pictures and am sharing them here with you. I could not take pictures of the Tehran's Mehrabad main terminal as I was in a hurry.

As you may know, Tehran's Mehrabad Airport was the one used for both Int'l flights and domestic ones operating from separate terminals but since the Int'l airport moved to another location (IKA) the former Int'l terminal is used for all Iran Air flights but as I was traveling with Aseman I had to go through the all time domestic terminal.

Enjoy :)

Dec. 27th, 2012
Departure Time: 9:05
Iran Aseman Airlines- Fokker 100
Duration: 1 hour

These days all int'l tickets in Iran are electronic- most of domestic ones are electronic too but I got lucky and they issued me a paper ticket for Aseman but for Iran Air it was an electronic one, which is the normal print out that you take to the airport with you.

Paper Ticket

photo image001

Terminal Entrance:

photo image002

photo image003

Got the boarding pass

photo image007

A map book of Tehran that I got

photo image004

We were bussed to the plane

photo image008

photo image009

photo image010

photo image011

photo image012

photo image013

photo image014

photo image015

photo image016

photo image017

photo image018

photo image019

Flight crew- Navy overcoat and a yellow vest under it

photo image020

The pic below is not my pic but shows the uniform of Aseman crew

Pic by Airport Harber

photo airportharber_zpsf29eea16

photo image021

Ready to taxi

photo image022

photo image023

photo image024

photo image025

Iran Air Cargo- Former Lufthansa

photo image026

photo image027

This is Tehran's former Int'l terminal that is currently being used by Iran Air domestic flights and has 4 air bridges

photo image028

photo image029

photo image030

photo image031

photo image032

photo image033

photo image034

photo image035

photo image036

photo image037

photo image038

Take off

photo image040

photo image041

photo image042

photo image043

photo image044

photo image045

photo image046

photo image048

Yayy what a great surprise- we flew right next to Tehran's Int'l IKA Airport

photo image050

photo image051

photo image052

photo image053

photo image054

photo image058

Salt Lake near the city of Qom

photo image063

photo image065

Some nice scenery

photo image066

photo image067

photo image068

photo image069

photo image070

photo image072

Snack Box

photo image074

photo image079

photo image084

Some more views

photo image071

photo image073

photo image076

photo image077

photo image078

photo image080

photo image081

photo image082

photo image083

photo image085

Beautiful city of Isfahan

photo image086

photo image087

photo image088

photo image089

photo image090

Descending to SYZ

photo image091

Shiraz's Salt Lake

photo image092

photo image093

photo image094

Domestic Terminal

photo image095

photo image096

photo image097

photo image098

photo image099

photo image100

photo image101

photo image102

photo image103

photo image106


photo image107

photo image108

photo image109

photo image110

photo image111

photo image112

photo image113

photo image114

Exiting the terminal with a bit of construction on the exterior of the building

photo image115

I hope you enjoyed this FR :)

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Iran Aseman Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Tehran - THR


Shiraz - SYZ



Overall Tehran's Mehrabad airport is a simple but nice and clean terminal. It's easy to navigate through. Iranian airlines offer good service, even though they lack IFEs due to old planes but they provide good service to passengers and are comfortable. Shiraz airport is very nice. It's small but very pleasant,has a nice and bright terminal and overall a good vibe but has no air bridges.

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