Review of Qatar Airways flight Doha Nairobi in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR1335
Class Economy
Seat 17B
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 05:20
Take-off 08 Oct 23, 02:05
Arrival at 08 Oct 23, 07:25
QR   #10 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 603 reviews
By BRONZE 2409
Published on 10th November 2023


Continuing the trip…at doh

We had around  2 hours before departure (even though boarding starts an hour before departure, we decided to go to the gate later) and decided to visit the Oreo Cafe on the way. We passed through the train that runs alongside the main corridor of the terminal, which is really cool IMO.

photo img_8431

The Oreo cafe! We came here per my friend (who's a QR crew)'s recommendation. It was a cool place for pictures.
The food there though, was really expensive and a simple piece of cake costs around 60 QAR (about 16-17 USD).

photo img_8432

The terminal was really busy during the evening rush hour, and it was probably due to a high number of users that the wifi stopped working completely…Not a great thing as I didn't have mobile data in Qatar. Even though the airport looks great, they should really improve on their infrastructure.

photo img_8444


Anyways, it was time for boarding.

We're at a legitimate gate, but with only an Airbus A350 parked next to us. No sign of our A330 anywhere…

photo img_8447

Turns out, we had to take a 25 minute bus ride to the plane…That gave me a nice chance to see some pretty interesting planes like this IranAir B747 though!

photo img_8461

THe flight

Here's our plane, A7-AEG, a 17.7-year-old Airbus A330-302 (with GE engines!). These planes were supposed to be gone by 2024, but obviously, with the Qatar & Airbus dispute over the A350, they're staying longer than they should be.

photo img_8465

Front shot of our bird tonight!

photo img_8466photo img_8468

The stairs in the back had already been unattached, as QR does boarding from back to front.

photo img_8471

2 friendly crew were welcoming us at the door, saying "good morning" to us. Not a great morning having to be up at 1am to catch my flight! (It was 6am in HK and I hadn't slept yet)

photo img_8474-42403

The only window shot I could get before my seatmate arrived. The flight was completely full today.

photo img_8475

Arrived at my seat, 17B. When flying on the A330s, make sure to NOT choose the A, D, G and K seats as there's an entertainment box obstructing half of your legroom! The B, E, F and J seats don't have this issue though. The seat is definitely less comfortable than the ones found on the ex-CX 77Ws (surprisingly less thin) but still has generous recline.

photo img_8476

Each seat has a pillow and blanket, but no amenity kit.

photo img_8481

Thankfully I kept the amenity kit from my previous flight!

photo img_8482

Legroom was pretty good though. The Qatar site said the seats had 31-34 inches of pitch, and I think this one is closer to about 31-32. I personally find it misleading to publish such a large range of the seat pitch.

photo img_8498

The seat comes with a cup holder, and a tray table which could not be folded in half.

photo img_8489

Each seat had a sad 6-7 inch TV, which of course isn't touch screen. I found it really hard to use with the remote to be honest.

photo img_8478

Disappointingly, this plane doesn't even have POWER SOCKETS/USB ports! That's absolutely unacceptable to me. Cmon, is a mid-life refurbishment that hard to do Qatar? I know they don't intend to keep these planes for that long, but it's still their fault for getting into such a dispute with Airbus, leading to us passengers having to suffer in this old plane.

photo img_8479

I guess it's safe to say that they never refurbished/updated the in-flight map on this plane…It's of course not interactive as one could expect. 

photo img_8483

We had a 40 minute delay in the departure, due to the extra time required for bus boarding. It's surprising how boarding took 1.5 hours to complete, which is definitely unheard of in Cathay (they have 1.5 hour aircraft turnarounds instead of 1.5 hour boarding sessions!).
Anyways, gotta apologise to y'all here. I fell asleep even before pushback started & got some sleep on and off for around 4 hours in total. Woke up to this view around 1 hour before landing, with a super quiet cabin. Most passengers were still sleeping, though the crew were still busy with drink requests.

photo img_8484

In case you are interested in the menu, I have a screenshot of it here. I find it weird how dinner is served at 3 am, instead of a small breakfast before landing…My seatmate did say the food was decent though.

photo menu-1335

We were cruising at 38000 feet, over Ethiopia.

photo img_8485

Weirdly, all toilets are either in front of the Economy cabin, or behind it, none in between. There are 2 toilets in front and 5 toilets at the back of the plane, which made the rear galley super crowded. (The front of the plane is surprisingly fine though since there are curtains between the toilet and the cabin, though they are generally seats that require payment) Avoid the last few rows on Qatar's A330s for better sleep.

photo img_8488

A standard toilet here, without any amenities (no paper cups or toothbrushes too…I just relied on the one I was given on the previous flight)

photo img_8487

We were soon approaching Nairobi. The screen quality & design of the map should tell you a few things about how old this plane is…

photo img_8491

We are definitely flying on an A320 today!

photo img_8493

At least there was this cool view…

photo img_8494

Nearing Mount Kenya.

photo img_8492

The captain came on the announcement and told us we would be landing at around 07:35 NBO time (there's no time difference betwen DOH and NBO), 10 minutes behind schedule due to our late departure.

photo img_8507

Landed, and parked next to a Kenya Airways 787.

photo img_8517

Disembarking via stairs, giving us a good view of our GE engine!

photo img_8516

Note how even though there's a jetway, NBO uses a separate facility to handle its arrivals, which meant we had to be bused to a separate terminal for arrivals.

photo img_8518

Thanks for the ride, A7-AEG!

photo img_8520

An interesting bus ride to say the least, with rare sights of planes I have never seen in Asia.

We arrived at the terminal, which was a warehouse…

photo img_8536photo img_8538

After a mere hour of waiting for immigration, baggage claim and getting picked up by the organisation hosting the conference, we were out here.

photo img_8541photo img_8543
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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew7.5

Doha - DOH


Nairobi - NBO



Overall, it was a flight which fell below my expectations - the cabin was old and worn out (and by no means comfortable compared with the 77W I had on my previous flight), the IFE was hard to use & not user-friendly (at all). The crew were friendly (though nothing more apart from that) and even though I did not eat, my seatmate did say the food was decent. (I don't like how they serve dinner at 3am though)

Qatar has to step up their game by retiring the A330s ASAP! Thankfully they'll be replaced by the A350s as the disputes have been settled, which is great news for passengers flying on these secondary routes.



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  • Comment 639262 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6427 Comments
    Great report! I'm not surprised you found the QR A330 disappointing. They originally retired the fleet during the pandemic then brought it back with the post-Covid rebound demand, and you can definitely tell these interiors were getting old. And I doubt there'll be any refreshing of the cabins as they'll probably go back into retirement soon, but you never know if demand continues to remain high and outpace delivery of new aircraft.

    Still, it's always nice to have a widebody on a relatively short flight (5h). Most 5-6h flights in North America are operated by narrowbodies without IFE so this is definitely better.

    P.S. Please remember to blur recognisable faces using the blurring tool in the Report Editor (I did it for you this time). Thanks!

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 639268 by
      starvelk BRONZE AUTHOR 23 Comments
      Thanks for reading! I do hope they'll be gone ASAP as this product is horrible compared with other competitors in the Asia region! It's totally not up to the standards for a 5-star airline. But I agree that this product is probably better than what you would get on transcon flights in the US.

      Will remember to blur faces next time! Thanks again
  • Comment 639536 by
    wmx.the.flyer BRONZE 24 Comments
    Hi Starvelk, very interesting review on this interesting route, hope you enjoyed Nairobi!
    I flew on a very similar flight a few months back from Doha to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, on an Oman Air A333 operating for Qatar Airways (no review of that unfortunately), with a very similar departure and arrival time as your flight to Nairobi. On that flight, the meal service was a breakfast about an hour before landing, which is certainly much more preferable than having a dinner service at 2am...😬
    Other than that, I agree with you about how poor the QR A330s really are, especially for their high standards. Really glad I didn't have to be in one for my Kilimanjaro flight (the Oman Air A333 is quite comfortable).
    Thanks for sharing.
    • Comment 639571 by
      starvelk BRONZE AUTHOR 23 Comments
      Hi, thanks for tuning in once again! I did enjoy Nairobi
    • Comment 639780 by
      starvelk BRONZE AUTHOR 23 Comments
      (comment got cut short somehow): I enjoyed Nairobi, especially the safaris (pics in an upcoming review)! It's weird how you got breakfast instead of dinner considering both flights are of similar duration, lucky you for getting an Oman Air A330 with a more modern cabin and more comfortable seating! Really hope these old A330s will be gone soon.

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