Review of Emirates flight Dubai Beijing in Business

Airline Emirates
Flight EK306
Class Business
Seat 9A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 07:05
Take-off 12 Mar 14, 03:10
Arrival at 12 Mar 14, 14:15
EK   #4 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 592 reviews
By 10626
Published on 21st March 2014

After 5 hours wait in an incredible lounge, we headed to gate 3 (inside the lounge). Our new a380 was waiting for us there, the A6-EEH. If I'm honest, I was hoping to get one of the new a380's because of the new ICE. It was the first time I boarded an a380, and thankfully it was in Emirates Business class because I was really looking forward to use the Sky Lounge/bar. Once I boarded, I proceeded to take some pictures of the seat and It's features.

My Seat 9A with the new Tablet.

photo 12022019545_13e143312a_b

The In-Seat Mini Bar.

photo 12022019915_c414574997_b

The new HD ICE screen (with golden wood trims)

photo 12022019575_fe68d3f27a_b

One thing I noticed, is that the mini bar should really get some kind of cooling system.. because everything except maybe the pineapple juice becomes undrinkable after a few hours of flight.. and not that if I ask any flight attendant I can get a glass of anything that is in there. Other than that, the seat is amazing. It's very comfortable, spacious and very private. It really doesn't look nor feel like Business class.. As soon as I was settled, waiting to take off, my Flight Attendant came and introduced himself. He showed me the seat features and explained to me what meals we were going to have. I'm sorry to say that i forgot to take pictures of the menu. I'll see if my brother took some, and will add them in the future if I get them. But before I start with that, the ammenity kit. I forgot to take a picture of the other flight's kit, but it is the same as this one. Really complete Ammenity kit.. I even kept it :D. Here's a Picture.

The Ammenity Kit, and a Glass of Möet Chandon Champagne.

photo 12022020385_a5506f8e84_b

Now I can go back to the meals. It was 3am, so the meals consisted in some Light Bites right after take off and then breakfast. The light Bites had two sandwiches, an Indian Chicken curry with rice, a fruit tart, some fruits and some other snacks. I chose the Chicken Curry. Now, the plate was small.. but it was the best Curry I've tried in my life.. Excellent. Breakfast consisted in omeletes, scambled eggs, pankcakes, etc. Again, I wasn't feeling like eating eggs for breakfast.. so I just had the fruit, bread and the croissant. Will get to that later. Here's a picture of the amazing Curry.

The Indian Chicken Curry, was spicy (love it) and really tasteful. Also had a glass of an Australian Chardonnay.

photo 12022020965_7d539bff48_b

After this Amazing meal, I went to see the Sky Bar. I was impressed.. Lots of High quality brand alcohol, snacks, and a really attentive and skilled barman. I took some pictures of the Bar that talk for themselves. The bar is stocked with thing from Wine (red and white), Champagne, Grey Goose Vodka, to Bombay Sapphire Gin and Hennessy Cognac. I had, to start, a Dry Vodka Martini (which was the first time I had one, and was really good). Then I tried some snacks, which were really tasty. And then I had a Gin and tonic, also very good. Here are some pictures.

A (half) panorama of the Bar.
photo 12022892646_62807c1826_b

Behind the bar there's this screen showing the map, and some more snacks!

photo 12022892686_e7614317a0_b

The Barman and the very well stocked bar (and some snacks).

photo 12022893176_f1ee41c26d_b

After a while, of chatting with some fellow passengers, the barman and some flight attendants, I headed back to my seat. I setted it in bed mode, and after a few minutes, I was fast asleep. Really comfortable seat. I was waken up, as asked, in the morning to have breakfast. Here's a picture of it.

The bread, missing croissant, and fruit plate.

photo 12022019255_1a517d480a_b

We arrived Shortly after to Pekin (Beijing). I took a last picture of my a380. Will miss the giant of the skies.

photo 12022893196_bd70ed50ac_b

Migrations and Security were really fast in Beijing's Airport. Another thing that was really good, was the fact that baggage came out in order of class. I've travelled a lot of times in First and Business classes, but never before they really respected the class Luggage.. or at least with us. We were quickly outside the Airport with our guide (we didn't book Chauffeur for this part), ridding Rolls Royce to the Hotel (will post pictures when I get them from my brother's camera).

The following Sections will be posted in Mid February, when my next Emirates Flights will take place. Hope you enjoy what was written till now, any questions/corrections/whatever will be answered and corrected as soon as i see them! thanks in advance!
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Cabin crew10.0

Emirates Lounge - Business (Gates A)


Dubai - DXB


Beijing - PEK





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  • Comment 102945 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    The A380 J seat is really great, especially for privacy if you're travelling alone. A few pics of the lounge in DXB would have been nice, but I get that at 2AM after a 15h flight that's not always easy, I know. The bar is truly a unique feature that makes flying on an EK A380 such a luxurious experience. It's really a shame that most other airlines have not taken advantage of all the extra space offered by the A380 to do something creative like EK, rather than cramming in more seats. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to more reports.

  • Comment 102950 by
    Caribel 113 Comments

    Nothing beats a martini at 39000 ft.! Maybe next time you can get lucky and get a taste of the Paradis cognac and experience what 5000 euros a bottle taste like.

    Macanudo el vuelo!

  • Comment 102955 by
    Durian 1168 Comments

    Thanks for the report !

    Rant on.
    I know it's very personal, but I almost fell off my chair seeing your first picture: wood, wood, wood... around the windows, at the back of the tablet, the whole TV compartment, that's too much ! If they could do a wooden seat, I'm sure they would ! Super bad taste and tacky !
    Rant over.

    That said, nice seat, as said before, good level of privacy at the windows seats.
    An overview of the cabin is missing from your FR, with the cabin surroundings.

    3:10am as a departure time ? :(
    After all, maybe most pax are only transiting through DXB and don't adjust to the local time ?

    @Caribel: Paradis is a couple of 00s euros (around 300 I think), Hennessy Richard retails for up to 1500-2000

  • Comment 102957 by
    tuchop AUTHOR 5 Comments

    @Durian Thanks for the reply! I know that its a lot of wood, but i somehow like it a lot better than the older a380's which are very dead in my opinion. But i would take the windows wood panels, that's too much wood. Actual time departure was 3.10, its scheduled at 3.35. We were transiting from Buenos Aires, plane arrived at around 22:10. But the DXB Business Class Lounge in concourse A makes it totally pleasant and worth it, the wait time. And flying Business class makes you not arrive dead tired to the connection.

    @Kevin, thanks again! I honestly didn't sleep at all at the lounge. I just forgot to take pictures. Only picture i took was at the Hägen Dasz fridge :P. But yeah, i regretted a lot. Its the most impressive Airport i've been to. Dedicating almost a complete floor to the Business Class Lounge is just amazing. There are so many places to eat, and seat and rest.. Really impressive.

    @Caribel, gracias!! :P. The Martini was amazing. I still wished they had Fernet. But I would probably not leave the Bar and therefor deprive myself from sleep time. I guess i'll have to try the Cognac next time! Hopefully we'll be able to fly Emirates again soon.

  • Comment 103008 by
    tuchop AUTHOR 5 Comments

    @Saraotou Thank you!! :P

  • Comment 103057 by
    lagentsecret 12308 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Great hard and soft J product

    The Sky Bar is really a must

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