Review of Thai Airways flight Sydney Bangkok in First

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG 472
Class First
Seat 3K
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 09:20
Take-off 13 Aug 13, 15:55
Arrival at 13 Aug 13, 22:15
TG   #19 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 388 reviews
Published on 21st March 2014

G’Day Y’all! Thank you for continuing this journey with me. I know all of us who share our trip reports have different styles and I thank you for reading and commenting on mine.

For those who are joining us today and have not checked out my other reports of this trip, feel free to check them out.

Previously, I had experienced my very first full-body massage thanks to the perks of flying F on TG and enjoying the offerings at the Royal Silk Lounge and the Royal Orchid Spa. After that I enjoyed my flight on TG 471 BKK-SYD. Now, I got to spend an amazing few days in beautiful and sunny Sydney!

photo null_zps599385ac
Hotel room at the Fraiser Suites.

photo null_zps3f2801ce
One of my morning views from my room.

photo null_zpsdba32432
Another morning view from my room.

photo null_zpsf07073d8
Sydney Tower I believe from the corner of George St. and King St.

During my stay the weather had been PERFECT! I wanted to enjoy some cooler weather rather than the annoying heat and humidity of Houston. My time in Sydney consisted of beautiful skies and cold weather, just how I wanted to enjoy this birthday trip!

photo null_zpsf668ed0b
Cirqular Quay

photo null_zpsa0cbe1ed
Sydney Opera House

photo a2c6e6f7153ac6f4a56635f8520a69f1_zpsf7dbf548
Din Tai Fung at Westfield Sydney

photo 649ef884d1108f8765e335522c72032b_zps5fe5de96
Dixon House Food Course in Chinatown

While enjoying the various vendors at the Dixon House Food Course, I only had 24 hours left to enjoy Sydney. As I stuffed my face, I checked on my iPad for my TG flight via the TG website. When I checked in I saw it would let me check in for my connecting flight on a fellow Star Alliance airline. I decided to wait till later this evening to see if the available seating choices. Now that I have checked in, I enjoyed my delicious lunch and the rest of my time in Sydney.

photo f26e4fb4e7315d235213078b65987dfd_zps5c14ec66
Trying to check-in on the TG iPad app.

photo 87adb273f5f8aba3748278bfd42dce9d_zps1915c2f3
I'm in 3K for this flight as I try to do online check-in on my iPad.

photo null_zps664a9e5f
Harbour Bridge

photo null_zps8e6dad29
People queuing up at Messina's

photo null_zps004744c2
Messina Gelato

photo 574549d7d1cde010e61da96e2b06c75e_zps4a2dedf1
Rivareno Gelato … just like in Milano!

photo 2383a6e12f2ac78d678be6894fc11478_zps11f1f53f
One last stroll by the Sydney Opera House!

photo 6c082d0911e534220ca7c00913449eea_zpsb1c0a1ba
Flight looks like it's still on time per SYD website.

On the morning of the 12th, I enjoyed some last minute pastries and pies at Westfield Sydney. Also I wanted to touch the iconic Sydney Opera House one last time. Once done, I wanted to get to the airport early enough to enjoy my lounge time and see which lounges I could use. With the ability for a later checkout from the hotel, I packed and repacked my suitcase trying to squeeze in the extra airline loot and some local shopping.

I checked out and thanked the staff for a wonderful stay. They were delighted I had enjoyed my stay and wished me a safe trip along with a return visit. One of the bell guys asked how I would return to the airport and figured I should just take the taxi rather than schlep my stuff down the steps of the Town Hall station to the airport. I hopped into a taxi to the airport around 11:45 and headed towards SYD.

My Turkish taxi driver makes good time with minimal traffic on the roads and we arrive at the International Terminal within thirty minutes. He drops me off at the entrance for TG. He stops the car and pops open the boot and then goes off to get me a luggage cart and then helps me retrieve my bags. When I am all set, he wishes me a safe trip.

I walk in to the large check-in area and discover that the TG desks had not opened yet, and a couple of people had started to queue up in the Y line outside the tensile barrier. I discovered the desks would not open for another 30 minutes. I decided to stroll around the check-in hall to see what airlines had flights at this time. I then discovered the International Terminal had a viewing deck.

photo null_zps9cce8d0a
Blurry MH check-in counters

photo null_zpse6f5b8eb
Blurry QF J check-in counters with F enclosed

photo null_zpsa603e98a
MH Crew heading towards Departure Control

As mentioned, I found SYD had an observation deck during my walk around the check-in hall. I stumbled upon it when I walked by an outdoor seating area near the UA counters. The seating area had a public elevator that went up one flight to the observation deck. Once upstairs, the observation deck gave a nice view of QF and Oneworld operations at both the International Terminal and the Domestic Terminal.

photo null_zpsd2f5f851
Headed upstairs to Observation Deck. A 744 in OW livery heads to DFW while neighboring A380 gets ready for LAX.

photo null_zps85307ea6
QF 744 heading for an international destination. VS arrival from HKG

photo null_zpsd24ea5e2
QF planes sitting idle

photo null_zpsafb55bae
QF Domestic Terminal

photo null_zpsb396a355
Some smaller planes making an appearance.

photo null_zps2c72ee82
Clouds slowly rolling in with the CBD in the distance

photo null_zps0d564838
International Terminal Arrivals & Departures

photo null_zps07481187
Departure FIDS

photo null_zps4b2e21a6
More Departure FIDS

photo null_zps4b714ca9
A departure to Toowoomba … kind of reminds me of departures to Nanaimo from Vancouver. I just like the sound of saying those names.

photo null_zpsb242a0c5
VS Gals finishing up their pre-checkin routine for HKG and LHR.

photo null_zps51519dc9
EY check-in signs for AUH.

photo null_zps1ff5455f
TG check-in counters still closed

photo null_zps19ace93a
Any changes to my flight? Nope

photo null_zps56c7d79d
SQ Check-in counters now open.

photo null_zpsd66dcf38
JetStar check-in counters

photo null_zps294a79ac
VA check-in counters, the colors sorta remind me of JL's class colors back in the 90s.

photo null_zps3ad35eef
Scoot counters

Unlike the opening ceremony of the TG counters at HND, the contracted Menzies crew for TG unceremoniously opened the check in for TG 472 to BKK. I arrived right when one of the agents removed the tensile barrier for the F and J desks. I waited a second before proceeding to the F counter. The agent did mention that the line for Y had not opened yet and I informed him that I would be traveling in F today. After apologizing, I gave him a “no worries” and proceeded to the counter where an older gentleman checked me in. He did not utter much while checking me in other than mentioning that my bad would be checked all the way to my final destination, VIE.

I noticed my suitcase weighed under the 32kg maximum. As much as I wanted to add more, I could not for fear of bursting while traversing the underground luggage maze. When the agent finished typing and printing my stuff, he told me that my bags had been checked all the way to VIE, but could only print out my SYD-BKK portion and would have to go to the transfer desk to pick up the boarding passes for my connecting flights. He apologized not having a ticket jacket for me, but I did not need one. He almost included a departure card for me to fill out but then noticed in my passport that I had already filled one out. He then handed over my passport with an invitation to use Express Path so I could “breeze” through departure control. I thank him for his help and he wished me a pleasant flight. Overall he had a courteous way towards him without that pampering feeling.Now I walked around the check-in hall one last time before I headed to the Express Path entrance.

photo null_zps47e5dd8f
TG Royal First Overhead Monitor

photo null_zps282ca362
Interesting piece on the way to Express Path Departure Control

photo null_zpsedb01154
Regular Line towards Departure Control

photo null_zps90dd19ce
Express Path Entrance.

I utilized the Express Path service, yet this day it did not matter. Passport Control and security seemed faster through the regular channels rather than Express Path because the family in front of me had two kids. Also, I had hoped for a departure stamp in my passport, but the official said they no longer do a departure stamp. Once through Passport Control and security I ended up in the middle of a very large duty free outlet. Nothing interested me, so I rushed out and started my journey around the International Terminal.

photo null_zps2d968927
Duty Free post Departure Control

photo th_null_zps4e0128e7
Still in the bowels of Sydney Duty Free

photo null_zpsc5f818f3
Looking to the left after Duty Free, going towards QF gates

photo null_zps46891d53
Help Desk and Gigantic FIDS

Since my last visit to SYD, I expected many changes, but this trip I did not recognize anything. The last time I visited, we spent more time landside rather than airside, and we should have known better then. This time I maximized my time airside checking out as much of the terminal as I could. I wish I had a chance to visit the QF lounge, instead I had two lounges to check out.

photo null_zpsa1bd28df
Will I discover Victoria's Secret here at SYD? I wonder what happened to Mambo.

photo null_zps5cd86f19

photo null_zps78d784fd
iPhone 5S? Probably not yet ;-)

photo null_zps9ed0d345
I believe my gate is this way.

photo null_zpsf62f4837
Which way to the QF gates?

photo null_zpsf09b712c
Wish I had access to QF's SYD lounge! This lounge is on my list of airline lounges I would love to visit along with SQ’s Silver Kris Lounge in T3 and the long bar at the LX Lounge in ZRH.

photo null_zpsa36f5b9c
QF Longreach - There’s just something graceful of a 747-400!

After checking out the QF/EK/OneWorld section of the terminal, I decided to head to the side my flight would depart which hosts the non-QF/OneWorld flights, except for MH. I do wonder if they would move over with QF and EK.

photo null_zpse9e64c14
Time to head towards other side of the terminal for non-OW flights

photo null_zps233a2685
My ride parked next to a VA and VS planes.

photo null_zpsb979af4c
HS-TGY will take me back to BKK from Gate 51

photo null_zps7c6667aa
First time seeing a VA 77W

photo null_zps51dda14d
About to pass through more Duty Free shopping

photo null_zps7ee9f40a
Scoot and MH heading to SIN and KUL, respectively

After passing through another duty free outlet, I made it to the non-QF side of the terminal. I took a quick walk around just to see the layout and soak up the vibe among the other holiday travelers hoping for much warmer climates. This portion reminded me of Terminal 3C at EWR. I saw a couple of items of interest in a few of the stores, but they served more as a want and not a need. After briefly walking around, I decided to head towards the various Star Alliance lounges. First up, I checked out the SQ Silver Kris Lounge.

photo null_zps1d203b82
Passengers waiting for their flights to board

photo null_zps41bfcbdd
How do I get to the lounges? It seems like this way to my gate, too.

Located on the upper level from the main departure floor, the escalator drops one off in front of the SQ Silver Kris Lounge. I decided to see if I could gain access either with my F status of my TG flight or my UA Mileage Plus Star Gold status. The rather cute lounge agent welcome me into the lounge and let me know that they would not make flight announcements in the lounge. Also, they adequately placed notes around the lounge that it would be the last day of opening before it underwent a major refurbishment. It surprised me that they did not do any refurbishments when SQ started A380 flights to SYD. While it served the purpose as a respite from the riff raff of the travelers below, it did not live up to the SQ image at the time.

photo null_zpsea164aa2
SYD SKL, the last day it would be open before it goes through a major upgrade

photo null_zps84d431fd
The rather small SKL.

photo null_zps244dda3d
Nibble and drinks area inside the SKL

photo null_zps6bef6385
View of EY A345 and UA 744 from the Silver Kris Lounge.

photo null_zps58bbdb28
SQ 773 getting ready to head back to SIN

I did try some of the food offerings on hand. Food available included chicken tenders with a sweet chili sauce and a good ole Tiger Beer. While the food attendant replenished, I worried about the food temperatures since they were not quite to temperature, especially inside a chafing dish.

photo null_zps1d38e3d7
A quick plate of nibble while at the lounge.

photo null_zps7b544be5
Another view of the nibble and drinks area.

photo null_zps57c6132c
A small corner in the Silver Kris Lounge

Again, the Silver Kris Lounge had a nice cozy atmosphere away from the busy departure floor. It showed they had the bare minimum left before they closed for the refurbishing. I ended up staying for ten minutes and by 13:45, I decided to check out the offerings at the NZ Lounge, especially the infamous hot dog cart.

photo null_zps575372d3
Bye SQ Silver Kris Lounge! I hope to check you out when you’re refurbished sometime soon!

photo null_zps7ee97764
All other *G partners could use NZ's lounge

photo null_zps7e08bb32
Interesting entrance motif

photo null_zpsc94bcb73

photo null_zps561b13f8
NZ entrance

The motherly NZ Lounge agent kindly welcomed me into the lounge and let me know that they also do not make any announcements for any partner Star flights, but to relax and enjoy the lounge. Because of the UA departures to LAX and SFO, the lounge remained busy for most of my stay. It took me a while to find a spot, but managed to get one by the window and do some planespotting.

photo null_zpsd3189655
Scoot 772 and MH A330 from the entrance of NZ Lounge

photo null_zps8d282ad1
Rather busy NZ lounge.

photo null_zps3c90f8fb
More of the lounge

photo null_zps9db78b42
This is a big lounge and rather busy!

I claimed a 2-person love seat in front of the window as my place to eat and unwind for the next few hours. I scoped out the rest of the lounge and noticed a much quieter section, yet did not have much of a airfield view. Next, I checked out the food offerings available it had some decent offerings that initially hit the spot at the time.

photo null_zps2e49869a
Food Station - They served some great beers, but wished they also offered some sort of ice cream.

photo null_zpsd16c0d2c
Hot food section

photo null_zps5060a521
Cool food section

I remember reading a trip report that showed the infamous NZ Hot Dog Stand for American-bound passengers. I like trying to find quirky things like that. Upon entering the lounge after checking in, one cannot miss the traditional red cart with the red-and-yellow umbrella.

photo null_zpscabc88c2
The infamous hot dog stand at the NZ lounge.

photo null_zps3c9be06f
I do like the look of the CO livery on the 744

photo null_zpsf014ec1a
More snacks now in the NZ lounge

Now that I have loaded up on the snacks, I sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the parade of planes traveling in front of me.

photo null_zps4a329f22
EY, MH, and UA

photo null_zps44ba4b9b
VS, MH, and SQ

photo null_zpseac8bf73
FedEx, CA, JetStar, EY, and I believe a UA 744

photo null_zpscaa3acfe
Boarding Passes in TG stock

photo null_zpsd40e2665
QF, VS, SQ, and FedEx

photo null_zps38f07fc9
Bon voyage VA

photo null_zpsc54a48e3
EY, Scoot, and UA

photo null_zpse1d6490e
SQ & Younger Brother Scoot

photo null_zps72204ab2
Have a safe flight back to AUH

photo null_zpsc6663420
Bye EY!

On my boarding pass, it noted boarding time commenced at 15:15. I decided to leave the lounge around 15:00 to stretch my legs a bit before enjoying the flight to BKK.

photo null_zps58426954
CA while on my way out of the NZ Lounge

photo null_zpsdff73a01
The long corridor where the lounge dragons welcome passengers

It felt like a maze to get to Gate 51 from the lounge since the gate hides behind some walls. I am not sure if these had previously been retail outlets or will be refurbished ones. I noticed seats along the walls and windows. Today’s flight looked like it would have a decent load, not quite 90%. I made my way to the hidden gate desk with the boarding lines still closed off by tensile barriers. The Menzies agents rushed around to ensure an on-time boarding and departure

photo null_zps88f0bf56
Gate 51

photo null_zps638178ec
The gate is a bit hidden, not sure if these are boarded up retail spots

photo null_zps083d6cac
View of HS-TGY from the boarding area

photo null_zps3512e344
Boarding area

photo null_zps9397206e
Which lane do I get to use?

I did not have to wait too long once I got to the gate. At 15:15, one of the agents removed the tensile barrier for the Priority Boarding Lane while another agent went on the PA system to invite Royal First passengers to pre-board followed by Royal Silk customers. I conveniently approached the agent by the scanner and scanned my own boarding pass. I could tell she wanted to tell me I could not board yet, but I guess she saw my seat and wished me a pleasant flight. Unlike other flights where Y passengers make a mad rush to queue up to board, no one seemed to queue up either for the priority lane or the general boarding lane. Oh well, I got to enjoy being the first passenger to board and had some time to walk around and possibly take some pics of the cabin.

photo null_zpsc5d0e462
Heading towards the plane.

photo null_zps5019f7d3
Heading towards 1L

As I approached 1L, a female FA wearing yellow and pink (aka YP) greeted me with a wai and a “krup khum ka”. I gave her a nod and a “krup khum krab” as I handed over my boarding pass to her. She noticed my name and greeted me by my last name and handed me off to another female FA wearing lime and pink (aka LP) who then escorted me to my seat 3K. At this point, I noticed I would finally get to travel on the updated F cabin with the suites. It definitely gives that feeling of a single traveler with no one else in sight. After I had placed my items in the overhead, I took my time to check out my suite.

photo null_zpscac79e0b
3K in the new seats

photo null_zps10355c4e
Personal closet

photo null_zps2c3982c6
Mirror inside the closet

photo 0440f60d0db79a629c8da54fb883eca9_zpsf32b8cdf
View inside my suite.

photo 656f5b39ae40adf076309d2f37629d5e_zps77b3b54d
A nice modern feel than the layout I flew for HND-BKK-SYD.

photo 0a717db5a91254317d726d8f22cd79e9_zpsbb63e521
My comfy seat!

photo 13d41d452838a2aee4b582af2cb60ab8_zps121cab1b

photo abf010f0b1204f9e6a54f6dc34bc2533_zps3e372774
Cabin still empty. Was first person to board.

photo 2412fbc9acc201e73cf732bd36aa2673_zps21ea3bf1
Crew waiting to welcome

photo null_zps3c800004
Pillows, duvet, TV, and a beautiful orchid arrangement

As the passengers continued to board, I noticed they only utilized 1L for boarding. I had never seen general boarding done via 1L, especially on a 744. Thus, I could hear people say “Wow! Wish I could sit here!” At that point I thanked my lucky stars for the chance to travel and build up my mileage account so I could enjoy this trip and be the envy of a few fellow Y passengers.

photo null_zps6bd64909
5 out of 9 tonight

photo null_zps4ad11d15
Looks like an A380 gate

photo null_zps7b9cb989
Personal remote control screen

At 15:38, our captain welcomed everyone on board in both Thai and English. He gave us a flight time of 8h 50m and ready for pushback once the doors closed. He would let us know more about our arrival into BKK once we got closer. Then he told us to sit back and enjoy their award-winning Royal Orchid service.

photo null_zps8a1c4b03
By UA!

photo null_zps316fe68d
UA in *A livery on hardstand

photo null_zpsd959d3a8

photo null_zps24620134
Thank you!

photo th_AE858714-9CE1-46A4-979E-52DC32AB69C3-2278-000001FB588F3333_zps5f87f6d8
Grainy takeoff video from SYD.

photo null_zps3f47af0e
Our current position

Once in the air, I decided to relax after enjoying a couple of days in Sydney and could now look forward to Vienna, a city I had not visited yet. About 15min after takeoff, the chimes went off to release the crew and start their service for this flight to BKK. I perused through the dinner menu to see tonight’s culinary offerings.

photo null_zps700d2748
As much as I want some Dom, I'm rather craving some Singha

photo null_zpsee13a148
Start of dinner service

photo null_zps970e2fcf
Menu Cover

photo null_zpsc062df80
Menu - Welcome

photo null_zps9032e72a
SYD-BKK Menu in English-1

photo null_zps3028ad17
BKK-SYD Menu in English-2

photo null_zps0b9e41aa
Herbs for Health

photo null_zps0cfe4e94
BKK-SYD Menu in Thai-1

photo null_zpsd401e9ef
BKK-SYD Menu in Thai-2

photo null_zpsee13a148

photo null_zps762f7786
A blanket of clouds during service

photo null_zps7022f701
Table set

photo null_zpsbee4902d
Enjoying Despicable Me during dinner

photo null_zps17d01aee
Warm and crunchy garlic bread

I got to experience my third caviar service on this flight. The male FA plated the caviar with garnitures while a female attendant in aqua and purple (aka AP), took out a cold bottle of Stoli and gave me a shot of vodka to enjoy with the caviar. Talk about extravagant! I am not much of a vodka drinker, but I had to take in the whole experience and sip the vodka while enjoying my caviar. When I finished the caviar, I downed the remaining half of the vodka and followed it up with a Singha chaser.

photo null_zpsb415f7a3
Caviar cart service along with chilled Stoli Vodka

photo null_zps648ba813
Et voila … White Sturgeon Caviar with Garnitures

photo null_zpsc627b3e7
First course - Duck Liver Terrine, Grill Sea Scallops, and Grilled Marinated Vegetables

photo null_zpsc118aa8b
Salad course - Mixed Green Salad with Thousand Island Dressing

photo null_zpsf3585987
Main course - Beef Filet with Eggplant in Green Curry, Steamed Thai Hom Mali Rice, and Mixed Vegetables

photo null_zpsb37c7e9f
Beautiful fruit plate

photo null_zps94b683c4
Dessert - Chocolate Mousse Cake

Overall, I enjoyed my meal on this flight. I started feeling great after downing the rest of my vodka and a Singha chaser. While I could not eat the scallop, I did not enjoy the duck liver terrine because of its grainy texture. I have had and made liver terrine that has more of a mousse-like texture without it being too grainy. The salads, the beef and eggplant green curry, and the fruit plate were very delicious and would have liked seconds of the curry and the fruit. By the time of the dessert, I could not eat anymore. I did try it, but it was too sweet and again had a grainy texture in the mousse. By the end of the meal, I needed that nap and after AP had cleared my meal, she noticed my tiredness and asked if I would like a turndown service so I could arrive at BKK refreshed. I let her convert my seat to a bed while I visited the lavatory to change and freshen up. I would not be able to experience my very first semi-private F suite.

photo null_zpsdfe52c73
Bed turndown service

photo null_zps436262ca
Mamma Mia to put me to sleep!

I enjoyed a couple hours of sleep until the call to nature woke me up from my slumber. I checked out the additional amenities added during my sleep and took a couple of extra toothbrush kits that have come in handy before I meet afternoon clients.

As I stepped out of the lav, LP, who had changed to her western uniform, carefully approached me and asked if I would like to partake in the second meal prior to arrival into BKK. After giving the affirmative, she asked if she can remove my bedding and prepare my table.

photo null_zps85dc55a8
Hot Sour Soup

photo null_zps276bd042
Some dumplings

photo null_zpse7488ca7

After I finished my meal, I needed to stretch and decided to take a walk around the plane to admire being in such a classic beauty. While SQ has discontinued their 744 service and NH has started the process, who knows when I would enjoy gracing the skies with the queen of the skies!

photo null_zps2dc06c37
The long galley for F & J

photo null_zpsa162abf6

photo null_zps27ad86a2
Checking out Y cabin

photo null_zps38750686
Approaching Vietnamese aerospace

Similar to my HND-BKK flight, LP thanked me for joining them today to BKK and handed me a small pack of Ferrero Rocher and a deck of TG A380 playing cards. I thanked her as she continued to tend to the other F passengers.

photo null_zps9185e169
Ferrero Rocher F thank you gift.

photo null_zpsa6c70767
We fly over SGN on our way to BKK.

photo null_zpsdb3fcba0
We're almost in BKK

photo null_zpsbd1506b3
Flight information from FlightTracker for TG 472 SYD-BKK.

photo null_zps208a6c49
Proposed flight plan.

We landed at BKK to a torrential downpour and ended up sitting at the gate without being docked for about 20minutes. Join me as I continue this trip in the next episode!

Krup khum krab!

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From the three TG flights I have taken in F, all of them had their great qualities that did not diminish the consistency. While others would have expected more, my only faults lie in the catering, especially from HND and SYD. Please stay turned to the next few episodes of this trip!

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    pititom GOLD 11408 Comments
    Thank you for this report on the greatest class of a great company :)

    Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed reading it, but photos made with a telephone do not convey all the beauty and clear aspects of the lounges or cabins. Such a cabin deserves sharp pictures ;)

    The lounges are great, I never saw kiwis in real !

    The catering looks great, but the beer in a can is a terrible lack of taste from TG :(

    Thanks for sharing :)
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    Caribel 113 Comments
    No need to apologize for your style of reporting. I felt like if travelling in the next seat. Very positive flight.

    Since you mentioned catering as an area of improvement, I do concur. P class creates the expectations of the very best. The menu lacks finesse in the culinary details. Beef should specify farm of origin and grade. Kobe beef grade A5 is a world apart from grocery store fare. Caviar should specify country of origin. Prawns should list size per weight. Vegetables vary by country and handling - flash frozen, jarred or fresh-.

    Pity your schedule didn't allow a stopover BKK. The city changes by leaps and bounds yearly. Stay strong!
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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6348 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this report! Thai Airways once again gets rave reviews! It really is an amaing company even though they have a somewhat inconsistent First product from plane to plane...but that's just nitpicking, LOL.

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