Review of Virgin Australia flight Melbourne Brisbane in Business

Airline Virgin Australia
Flight VA341
Class Business
Seat 2F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 12 Nov 23, 17:10
Arrival at 12 Nov 23, 18:15
VA   #64 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 72 reviews
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Published on 13th November 2023

Welcome aboard another VA Trip Report - this time in business class from Melbourne to Brisbane.

We start today in the Melbourne VA Lounge. It is a relatively small lounge based on its size and suffers many of the same issue plaguing carriers like DL in the states. As we've previously discussed, obtaining lounge access with VA is far too easy with entry available through Gold Status or better with VA or with an AMEX Platinum Card.

I don't think I have ever been in this lounge when it hasn't been almost completely at capacity - even the early weekend morning jaunts are crowded…. Still much more comfortable than the crowded T3/4 at Melb!

photo 2023-11-12-152235

Today's aircraft was VH-YFH, a 12 year old 737-800 originally delivered in 2011 - it has spent its entire life with VA.

In another note - this flight has VA surpass QF in terms of total flight numbers for me since I started tracking property in c.2018. Accounting for all the time I spent ferrying between Mel and BNE on Virgin Blue as a wee lad there would have been no competition :P

photo 2023-11-12-154157

VA's 737 Business Class is set up in a 2x2 format - using what I believe is the same recliner chair used by QF on their domestic biz. It is nonetheless reasonably comfortable, and probably on par with the US legacy carriers.

photo 2023-11-12-154412-33194

Suffice to say, there is ample legroom for a 2 hour flight.

photo 2023-11-12-154318

I was welcomed aboard with a sparkling wine. It was rather punchy, not sure what it is but I don't imagine it would be more than $20 a bottle.

photo 2023-11-12-155105

Through the dirty windows we can spot the CA A350 getting ready to depart for Beijing. We pushed back slightly ahead of schedule at 5:09pm

photo 2023-11-12-154320

The beautiful A350 up close, with a sneaky UL A330 in the background bound for Colombo.

photo 2023-11-12-161250

We were in the air approx. 15 mins after push back, and cruising into the setting sun.

photo 2023-11-12-175836

Tonight's meal was the ever present mustard chicken - personally I think this is the weakest of their dinner options, it taste like a packet mix sauce and if you look closely you can see that there were about six pieces of chicken…. In contrast their chicken parmigiana with mash is fantastic - I've attached a pic from an earlier flight for comparison. I had this 3 flights in a row and I was still keen for it everytime! The mustard chicken, not so much. The parmi feels like a J meal, whereas the mustard chicken feels like a Y meal - that's the best way I can summarise it.

photo 2023-11-12-165004photo 2023-01-22-202543

Nonetheless, ignoring my whinging and moaning I was starving having not eaten in the lounge, so it was demolished outside of beans (I hate beans!).

photo 2023-11-12-165714

I kicked back and caught up on some stuff on the ole iPad and shortly thereafter we were descending into Brisbane. J and Platinum customers get free wifi access. It works well in my experience. Plus there is a large variety of movies and tv shows for streaming.

photo 2023-11-12-173442photo 2023-11-12-182405
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Virgin Australia

Cabin crew8.5

Melbourne - MEL


Brisbane - BNE



Overall an okay flight - crew were great as always however the food was disappointing. I'm back down to Melb in J in a couple of weeks time and I really hope I different meal option this time.

The commute home was hellish - Brisbane's train lines were down again (it seems like this is the case every second weekend) and it ended up taking me c. 2 and a half hours to get home - for reference I live about 15 mins away via car!!

Until next time!


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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6427 Comments
    Nice report on VA J. While it's probably not as good as it was pre-bankruptcy, the experience seems to have been improved from the darker days coming out of the pandemic when I believe they were serving meals in a box in J? I imagine the lack of meal options gets boring for frequent flyers--I have the same experience with BA. Nevertheless, pretty competitive product considering VA's re-positioning as an LCC-hybrid. I will have several domestic J sectors on QF in a few months and it will be interesting to compare the experiences.

    Thanks for sharing!

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