Review of China Airlines flight Taipei Seoul in Economy

Airline China Airlines
Flight CI160
Class Economy
Seat 18B
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 21 Nov 23, 07:55
Arrival at 21 Nov 23, 11:20
CI   #16 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 107 reviews
Published on 28th November 2023

Hi again,

After arriving from my previous flight out of Amsterdam in Terminal 2, we had about a 50 minutes left or so before boarding was called again for our flight to Seoul. After a short, but relaxed security check we were already in the correct terminal as our departure flight was departing from the same terminal we arrived on. Given the time limit and the duration of the previous flight, me and my wife didn't really bother to explore the terminal, but it seemed somewhat basic to me with a few overpriced stores you can find in any other airport across the entire globe :)


photo 20231121_070720

Walking down the terminal, we found our gate for today's flight, which would depart from Gate A2.

photo 20231121_071415

Unfortunately Gate A2's seating section is shared with three gates (A1 to A3) and had three aircraft departing within a timespan of 90 minutes and was sincerely overcrowded as tons of people were standing around. It's also pretty dull with limited to no activities around you.

photo 20231121_071619-79845

It felt like the airport tried to spice up the atmosphere in this departure hall by adding a decorative plum blossom tree, which is the national flower of Taiwan, but failed miserably in my opinion as it was too ugly and too fake. 

photo 20231121_072904-93889

Despite the limited view over the tarmac, I managed to spot B-18307, An Airbus A330-300, which will bring us over to Seoul Incheon. This 18,3 year old bird (at time of flying) has solely been in service to China Airlines since September 2005.

photo 20231121_071543

Boarding was called right on time by the flight attendants with adherence to your zone. The ground attendants were quite strict in this matter and did not allow you to board until your zone was called upon. This resulted also in a pretty swift and quick boarding process. Upon embarking the aircraft, we were kindly greeted by some of the flight attendants and me and my wife made it up to our seat. It was a pretty surprise to see that China Airlines is still using a very old cabin in their A330 birds as the picture displays below.

photo 20231121_074344

The padding was obviously very comfortable with the seat and the legroom for a 2.5 hour flight was very generous.

photo 20231121_074405

The seat was also equipped with a mirror (left side of the IFE), a very small and outdated IFE system, a holder for any small device and/or drinks and a coat hanger. A remote control was available in your arm rest, but the IFE system was also a touchscreen if you opted to use it, however the pixel quality of the IFE was poor.

photo 20231121_074928

Once again a view of the cabin, which was layered in a 2-4-2 configuration. A configuration I absolutely endore as it is just so much more comfortable travelling as a couple. You could also see the mirror in the picture below as the person in front of me opened it.

photo 20231121_074938

Once again no personal air vents were available.

photo 20231121_074934

The same complimentary earplugs were provided as on my previous flight. Once again I didn't bother to use them, so I can't really judge them, though no high hopes.

photo 20231121_074911

The view from our seating row with an Airbus A320 of Tigerair Taiwan pulling into stand.

photo 20231121_074815

Legroom is generous, however keep in mind that the legroom is somewhat reduced by having the IFE box being placed below the seat of the person in front of you. Didn't really bother me that much, but I guess it could annoy some people.

photo 20231121_075126-52782

Pushback happened about three minutes past our scheduled departure time and would see us departing from Runway 23L about five to ten minutes later.

photo 20231121_075400

After departure, a quick turn into northerly direction gave us the last view of land including the airport until we were reaching South Korea. So far Taipei Airport wasn't massively interesting, but it definitely was a breeze through to pass as a transit passenger.

photo 20231121_081553

Also my wife took this shot before of the Business Class seat on China Airlines' Airbus A330-300. I'm not entirely sure whether it is worth to buy if you are only doing a 2.5 hour flight, but the product they used on their A350 was definitely one of better qualities.

photo 1700674020494

While still in the climb to our cruise level, I checked the literature in our seat pocket which contained a sick bag, a duty-free magazine, a safety card & a card stating certain regulations about entering Taiwan.

photo 20231121_083301

Reaching our cruise level of 37.000 ft.

photo 20231121_083355

Not much later after reaching our cruise level, the flight attendants came out to provide us with a complimentary meal. The options were fish with Rice or chicken with noodles. Me and my wife both opted for the fish options, which was decent in taste, tho the sauce was a bit on the thicker and sweeter taste than we'd liked. It was also served with a bun and butter, a salad, fruit, a cookie & a drinking package of Oolong Tea. Despite most galaxy carriers in Asia, China Airlines did not opt for real cutlery and provided you with hard plastic ones. 

photo 20231121_084651

Coffee and/or Tea was served afterwards and I opted for a cup of coffee. They weren't generous with the pouring of coffee as the picture below indicates all the coffee I received on one serving. I guess I received some Dutch stinginess as a return ;). Also no normal drinking service was provided during meal service, which I found kinda odd.

photo 20231121_090745

After the clean up by the crew, I decided to pay a visit to one of the toilets on board, which was as of yet very clean with limited amenities available. A liquid soap to clean your hands, a perfume to kill any nasty smells and a moisturizer to keep your skin moisturized, duh?

photo 20231121_090946-38003photo 20231121_090948-15583

South Korea is in sight!

photo 20231121_095658

Shortly before beginning our approach, the Captain, although barely audible, checked in with us to inform us about our descent into Seoul and informed us with somewhat of a mumble about clear skies and a temp. of approximately 12 degrees Celsius. Shortly before landing we had a nice overview of the Korean islands before making our landing at Runway 15R

photo 20231121_100916

Touchdown in what seems to be a quiet airport.

photo 20231121_101207

Disembarkation via Terminal 2 went smoothly with a pretty long walk to customs. Even though using the people mover, I found to carpet parts to be annoying for my trolley to move. Never really understood why carpets are being used on airports.

photo 20231121_112359

Immigration took more than a hour to clear as it was very busy. On top of that the immigration counters were reduced from seven stations to just four…. By the time we were done with it, our luggage was already removed from baggage belt 8 and was collected by staff and placed on the floor to make space for more luggage.

photo 20231121_122255photo 20231121_122447

Luggage was collected and we were off by train to the city center of Seoul!

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Despite the cabin being very outdated, the seating was comfortable with generous legroom, but the IFE system was poor to abysmal in reference to quality. It wasn't a huge deal to me on a 2.5 hour flight, but it may be time for China Airlines to reconsider replacing the fleet or cabin. Flight attendants were friendly, though not as pro-active as my previous flight and the complimentary meal service was good. I only wished we were given a choice of complimentary drinks rather than coffee/tea only.

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