Review of AeroMexico flight Mexico City Cancún in Economy

Airline AeroMexico
Flight AM596
Class Economy
Seat 28F
Aircraft Boeing 737 MAX 8
Flight time 02:18
Take-off 07 Jun 23, 19:20
Arrival at 07 Jun 23, 22:38
AM   #69 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 101 reviews
Published on 2nd January 2024

This trip report's flight between Mexico City Santa Lucia Airport and Cancun will take a quick 1hr 45 mins at distance of 792mi/1,275km

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Welcome to another exciting trip report! While planning our tour of Mexico that I took back in May 2023 me and my mom were already set on going to Cancun as our next point of adventure. While looking for flights out of Mexico City international airport, we were shocked at how expensive fares were  even on LCC. Not even a joke but one way fares per person were hovering around 120 USD on AM and 98 USD on VB which was crazy for a short 1h 45m flight. However to my surprise there were in fact cheap fares on AM for 49 USD one way per person but flying out of the not very popular Santa Lucia airport or Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA) which is Mexico City's second airport that opened in March 2022.
At first I was a little hesitant venturing to a new airport that was about 25 miles away from the city center or about 1 hour in car then going to the popular Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez (MEX) which was a 30 minute car ride from the city center. I've also heard horror stories of how expensive getting a taxi was to or from the newer airport and how traffic frequently doubled the amount of time it takes getting from there to the city center which fueled my reasons to not to fly out of AIFA. After discussing it further with my mom we figured that we'd still be save a lot of money flying out of AIFA then MEX so we went ahead with it and booked our flights out of AIFA. Nonetheless I was very excited as this would be my first time flying AM, a new airline to the list!      

Mexico City

Here I'll show off some of the highlights from our adventures exploring this incredibly large city! We did all the usual touristy things such as visiting The Zócalo. We were lucky that the weather during our short stay was quite nice. 

photo img_7745photo img_7775

The week before the city was dealing with the eruption of Mt. Popocatépetl which I feared was going to ruin our trip but luckily it didn't :).

photo img_7581

Here are some cool photos I took of the iconic Torre Latinoamericano which was Mexico's tallest building for 27 years from 1956 to 1982. This building survived the 8.1 magnitude earthquake of 1985 without damage whereas several other structures in the downtown area were damaged.

photo img_7572photo img_7591photo img_7600

We also felt adventurous and took the city's underground subway to get to places across the city which was extremely affordable. 

photo img_7664photo img_7595

Avenida Paseo de la Reforma.

photo img_7654

Bosque de Chapultepec.

photo img_7620

Basilica of Santa María de Guadalupe.

photo img_7693photo img_7712photo img_7763

Hope you enjoyed these collage of pictures, now off to the trip report 😉.

day of departure

The day of departure had arrived and we were ready to move on to experience the awesome beaches of The Riviera Maya :). Even though our flight did not depart until 7p, I had a zoom meeting at 3p so we checked out of our airbnb at 11am and ordered my uber right after so I can hopefully do my meeting using the airport wifi when I get there.  

photo tempimage9gcbbt

While en route to the airport I was quite nervous that it would take a lot longer then the 45 minutes from what the app estimated that it would take to arrive there. But to my surprise it was smooth sailing from the city center to the outskirts where the airport was located. From what I remembered the uber ride was around 26 USD which is a bit pricy if it were only for one person but it made sense for us as it was for two of us.  

photo tempimagemaoe5j

At least the ride gave us cool views of other less known parts of CDMX. 

photo tempimage9oruoz

about 40 minutes later I began spotting the airport from the distance.

photo tempimage1btbhtphoto tempimageavxqux

arrival at airport

After a fairly long uber ride we finally arrived at the airport. 

photo tempimagelhvfwfphoto tempimageaneefl

Before entering the departure hall I wanted to do a bit of exploring around the airport. On previous videos I've seen that there was an impressive open court yard which I was on the hunt to find. After walking for a little bit I finally found it and me and my mom of course took pictures 😅. 

photo tempimagexm2ihiphoto tempimagemvj0hb

There was also an impressive green area down below which I wanted to explore but with my zoom meeting starting soon I wasn't able to. The important part is getting my boarding pass, getting through security and finding a good area to do my work airside. 

photo tempimageiq2csp

Inside the departure hall.

photo tempimagecmv0niphoto tempimagepw8t88

Somebody is very excited to leave for Cancun already 😅.

photo tempimageodkwkn

Since I had no luggage to check, I proceeded to one of the self check in kiosk to print our boarding passes.

photo tempimage8jacaqphoto tempimagemtemlyphoto tempimagefwp9kz

There were plenty of AM desks ready to check anyone in.

photo tempimagea44odj

After getting my paper boarding pass I was off to security control. 

photo tempimage4utkdi

There was no line at security so I made it through in just 5 minutes. Since there was practically no one else in security line except for me and my mom, we were given quite the treatment since the officers there had nothing better else to do. I was bringing an empty plastic water bottle to fill it again airside but the officers while rummaging through my stuff ( 3 of them) took it out as if I was confiscating something illegal and said that this isn't allowed. That was very strange to me and wanted a reason for why since I've done this practically all around the world with no issue but I didn't want to say anything while there were 10-12 officers surrounding us so I just stayed quiet. Oh well I'll just spend a few dollars at one of the shops here 🙄. 

photo tempimagexgh4iq

Exploring aifa

Once airside things seemed a lot more 'open' and scarce of other travelers with empty shops.

photo tempimagerbnnrrphoto tempimageygk7wwphoto tempimagexaqtrr

As I was here I saw that there are cool artifacts located throughout the terminal and even a museum which I sadly missed exploring.

photo tempimagek9uzuu

As it got closer to my meeting time I looked around for a coffee shop nearby and settled with going to Starbucks and get my meeting over with.
After completing my meeting, I realized that I had a good few hours before boarding so I opted to do some exploring of the terminal and see what I find. Aside from a Subway and a few local eateries and gift shops there wasn't much to see. Most of the terminal had advertisement and available to rent signs on them which gave me abandoned mall feelings.

photo tempimage9xyh6t

Here's the departure board. Our flight is AM 596 with schedules departure time of 19:20.

photo tempimage2yydbz

What I found cool was that there were flags representing each Mexican state throughout the terminal.

photo tempimagev7pfmw

Tucked away next to some gift shops I found this beautiful chapel I'm assuming used for services on Sundays. I was traveling on a weekday so there was no one there but it was beautiful and well kept.

photo tempimagekicoujphoto tempimage37pkqjphoto tempimaget6uthk

plane spotting

After wandering around for a while I settled on doing some plane spotting.
Here's a Mexican air force 737 taking off.

photo tempimagem4chuc

Volaris A320Neo departing for Ciudad Juárez (CJS) flight time: 2h 5m

photo tempimagegegqp8photo tempimagexa7n6mphoto tempimagedvcqdu

Viva Aerobus A320Neo departing for Cancun. Flight time: 1h 43m

photo tempimagezcd1frphoto tempimagewdzhxlphoto tempimage9yslkl

The powerful jet blast left the runway a little dusty 😅.

photo tempimageg6dsnl

Volaris A320 departing for Cancun as well. Flight time: 1h 41m

photo tempimagelzxg9tphoto tempimageamr70k

Later I saw what seemed to be a small tornado that formed in the middle of the runway. 

photo tempimage8zktvq

My aircraft

Here comes my aircraft a Boeing 737 MAX 8 arriving from Cancun. 

photo tempimagetgsipw

Some information about my plane:
Flight number: AM 596 
Aircraft: Boeing 737 MAX 8
Registration: XA-DAL
First flight: April 5, 2019 
Age: 4 years

photo tempimagezxh1jo

Since we had booked basic economy tickets we were lucky enough to be assigned in seats 28E & F.

photo tempimagelgsdvcphoto tempimagekkswob


photo tempimagemmzymn

Boarding began on time we were assigned to board with group 3.

photo tempimagegadebqphoto tempimagevhsdwtphoto tempimage7fa1zh

Another close up of our plane.

photo tempimage65orsfphoto tempimagedpw80n

A look at the European style business class section which is starting to become a trend with other central and South American carriers such as Avianca & Latam. My prediction is that all carriers will eventually favor this as it won't take as much space as regular recliner seats on an aircraft. I wouldn't be surprised if Copa follows suit.

photo tempimageutnodbphoto tempimage3hdqp5

Arrived at our seats 28E,F

photo tempimage5scjes

Unfortunately these aren't the 737's that have the PTV's which was a huge let down. Instead I got unlucky to fly on these exclusively domestic 737's that don't have any IFE. 

photo tempimagefn3dkw

Legroom was at least pretty good, these seats offer 30" pitch. A lot better then on my previous ULCC with Viva Aerobus from PVR to MEX just a few days earlier. 

photo tempimagerlwfyu

My view for the next 1h 45m!

photo tempimagebttlgh

Parked next to an Aeromexico connect Embraer E190 preparing for it's departure for Durango.

photo tempimagegwlzmo

The only thing located in the seat back content was this safety card. 

photo tempimagetyjakz

I found this to be interesting. This sticker advertised comfortable seats with headrests, PTV's and onboard wifi. All three of which were not available on my flight 😂.  

photo tempimageiwhsqb

Boarding was complete and it's a completely full flight.

photo tempimageih19er


We pushed back from the gate 5 minutes ahead of schedule.

photo tempimagewuh6fyphoto tempimageu5blrsphoto tempimage7ksrit

Mood lighting in the cabin set for takeoff.

photo tempimagetkm6itphoto tempimage3sgr2iphoto tempimagepkhftf


Taking off on runway 22R.

photo tempimageclf6oqphoto tempimage0s4gmephoto tempimagetrt3ty

Until next time CDMX!

photo tempimageh86rjt

There were a few storm cells as we climbed and after a rollercoaster of a climb we broke into clear air.

photo tempimage0ygpl8

The turbulence was so bad that many people around us were physically sick and scared.

photo tempimagedthhfvphoto tempimage2f0gvq

City of Xalapa.

photo tempimagecz1os8

Cabin lights were turned on once we cleared into smooth air about 45 minutes into flight.

photo tempimagekzaulw

Here's a look at the tray table which was large and extendable. 

photo tempimageozykffphoto tempimageyrwfo5

inflight service

The crew sprang into the cabin to start the inflight service.

photo tempimagexf6f0nphoto tempimagemomxhx-57350

The inflight service consisted of a snack (trail mix) and a choice of drink.

photo tempimage2eouj5photo tempimagepa1ut1

For the choice of drinks I went for a coke. AM does offer complimentary alcoholic beverages in all cabins including economy. 

photo tempimagetvjyry

The snack was fine but would have appreciated something more substantial from a full service carrier. 

photo tempimagesy6zg6

Cheers for a safe flight.

photo tempimage6wqxzl

City of Mérida.

photo tempimagegkgfgsphoto tempimage6hiffc

initial descent/landing

photo tempimager5v2i3

The FA's are preparing cabin for landing.

photo tempimagehlz5iephoto tempimagezpjfw2photo tempimagecg2q02

Welcome to Cancun!

photo tempimagelkd2pdphoto tempimage0wbpmp

We arrived at the gate 3 minutes ahead of schedule.

photo tempimagehcs6rv


photo tempimagesxghknphoto tempimagemy9rxkphoto tempimagefvvaqc

One last look at our Boeing 737 MAX 8. Thanks for the fun ride!

photo tempimagegj8uy9photo tempimage44saa2photo tempimage0ha9s7

This concludes the trip report. Thanks for reading!

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Cabin crew8.0

Mexico City - NLU


Cancún - CUN



This was an enjoyable ride on Aeromexico. The process from check-in to boarding was very smooth and organized. Upon boarding the aircraft the cabin was clean and modern. Unfortunately I was traveling on a domestically configured 737 without PTVs, headrests and wifi which was disappointing. Aside from that though the flight crew were very friendly and professional throughout the flight. I would definitely fly AM again if the price was right.



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