Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG600
Class Economy
Seat 63A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 02:45
Take-off 06 Jan 13, 08:00
Arrival at 06 Jan 13, 11:45
TG 372 reviews
By 5026
Published on 26th March 2014
Hello and welcome again. This is the second report of my Asian trip last year. You can read how I got to Asia, here (FRA-HND): http://
I hope you enjoy the report and even more the nostalgic tourist bonus…

After a few unforgettable sunny days in Bangkok, exploring temples, even an island and clubbing, I was ready for traveling to Hong Kong for the first time.
That city really had fascinated me since I was a kid and not for Jackie Chan's movies, but for its impressive skyline and dramatic geography.

So, I was very excited that morning when I woke up at 5am and got a taxi from my hotel to BKK Suvarnabhumi Aiport. Even at that time the Bangkok traffic was incredibly slow…
Once at BKK I was shocked while seeing the Thai endless queues for bag drop and check-in.

After an hour waiting in line, I finally got mi boarding pass. Before migrations I took a picture of Tosakanth, a replica of Wat Arun's guardian. Impressive in an airport…

photo P1010537_zps371c5744

After migrations, the Samudra Manthan sculpture makes Suvarnabhumi a unique airport

photo P1010541_zpsd5e0dec9

The BKK terminal design is spectacular, in my opinion. One of the world's most beautiful airports. Of course, there is no perfect airport and Suvarnabhumi terminal is already saturated, at least at peak times.
A classic picture from departures area, showing one of the world's largest airport buildings.

photo P1010542_zps059cda5e

Once near the gate, I spotted the Thai's A380 HS-TUB, then just 2 months old, that was going to take me to HKG. It was my first A380 flight.
The BKK small windows aren't spotter friendly…

photo P1010543_zps9eca21f0

photo P1010550_zps07fd54eb

photo P1010546_zps32d872ad

The Airbus whale nose close up

photo P1010556_zps15eeb5d4

photo P1010555_zps34106368

I found the boarding room quite narrow and small for an A380…

photo P1010551_zpse521dce6

Our neighbour, Thai B744

photo P1010558_zps90418ca2

After boarding, the big sized (for Economy Class) PTV

photo P1010561_zps955e32db

The seat pitch was very good. Although the IFE box and the fuselage curvature were really bothersome for my left foot…

photo P1010562_zps03928c53

You all know the so called A380 huge windows… One of the greatest hoaxs in commercial aviation…. :P

photo P1010563_zps24b640c9

The BBK terminal building stunning design from my seat

photo P1010566_zpsf5d97896

And from A380's tail fin camera. Surprisingly no Thai language safety instructions on the backrest.

photo P1010569_zps9840af21

I don't recommend seating under one of the upper deck doors. There's no heating nor air conditioning, as you can see

photo P1010567_zpsba2c9fa5

Thai: smooth as silk…

photo P1010575_zps93f92061

We're ready to taxi

photo P1010570_zpsda95c497

Take off video. I must recognize that even the A380 is not my favorite plane, it's the quietest wide body aircraft…

The huge single-slotted flaps

photo P1010578_zpsb74bccc4

Thailand's fertile soil

photo P1010582_zps4f348151

Mood lighting in a colorful cabin and the classic Airbus overhead bins, that most airlines have chosen. Those bins make the cabin look much older than B787s or even B777s, in my humble opinion.

photo P1010584_zps33c206fc

I liked to see my hometown Cordoba included in the airport list on the left of the screen. I was just a few steps from Argentina…

photo P1010589_zps2bb065f2

Hong Kong, here we go…

photo P1010590_zps3acc22b7

Few minutes after take off, a drink and peanuts were offered, along with the classic (in Asian flights) oshibori.
Later, the breakfast service with 2 options: Thai or Western. Unfortunately only the latter was available when I ordered. Honestly I expected higher quality meal from Thai considering we were departing from its airport hub.

photo P1010593_zps3182759a

The music available in the IFE was excellent. It's not easy to find the rather experimental electronic music Gorillaz The Fall album on a plane

photo P1010595_zpsd8627e64

Spoilers deployed… The approach has begun

photo P1010599_zps5225ed8b

Not the best weather in Hong Kong…

photo P1010601_zps4e251942

Hello, Chek Lap Kok. Still one of the Cathay Pacific's flagships: B747-400…

photo P1010606_zpsaeaefd74

Now the nostalgic tourist report… This time you won't see electronic music festivals in my report…
As I said before, I was fascinated by Hong Kong since I was a kid, especially after reading some (I'm talking about the early 90s, before internet and FR became popular :P) of my aviation books that showed the famous Kai Tak Airport. So, after visiting the tourist clichés, one morning I went to Kowloon trying to find (the remains of) the former HKG airport…
There's no doubt that Kowloon is one of the most densely populated places on Earth.

photo P1010667_zps8ff9964f

photo P1010670_zps79e40066

I had read in a blog that the MegaBox Shopping Mall offered good views of the former airport. I was walking a bit disoriented while I spotted the old Kai Tak radar… Can you believe it? There's nothing in the world like traveling and exploring…

photo P1010676_zpsbf7b2d67

The orange and pink building is MegaBox.

photo P1010677_zps945c85e9

It was truly alternative tourism in Hong Kong…

photo P1010678_zps5a18f61c

Once inside MegaBox I asked a girl about the best place for taking pictures of former Kai Tak… She might have been 18 years and didn't have the slightest idea what I was talking about… :P
Anyway I managed to find a window from an ice rink (Mega Ice). Can you see the radar?

photo P1010681_zps0388a3d7

Then, I took the elevator to the 18th floor where a parking are is. And I finally could watch the remains of the former Kai Tak Airport… I got a bittersweet feeling, while seeing the Cruise terminal construction, you understand me… Anyway the Kai Tak Airport silhouette is still visible. A picture (or a few) is worth a thousand words…

photo P1010686_zps2bfa442e

photo P1010689_zpsebff2d99

photo P1010691_zps940be993

photo P1010688_zps606c00fe

This used to be HKG Kai Tak South Apron…

photo P1010692_zps4f872ea6

After some minutes in ecstasy, like an archeologist discovering the Atlantis, I left MegaBox and went for curried rice. Aviation archeology makes me hungry… :P
There was one commercial aviation icon left in Kowloon… I walked to Lok Fu Park. On the top of a hill I found this relaxing place.
Do you recognize that antenna?

photo P1010699_zpsc8a8618a

Yes, it's the famous Kai Tak Checkerboard that was used as a visual reference for the runway 13 approach…

photo P1010705_zps8e5338e1

photo P1010701_zpseb988779

photo P1010702_zps434c4c06

The Checkerboard Hill looked this way 20 years ago… I wish I could have been in Hong Kong before Kai Tak closure…

photo checkerboard-turn_zps9b57127c


Thanks for reading one of my best experiences as an aviation geek ;)
Comments are welcome.
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Bangkok - BKK


Hong Kong - HKG



The TG600 flight is one of the shortest A380 scheduled flights. The Airbus Whale offers the quitest wide body cabin on Earth...
I found the IFE box annoying.
Cabin crew was nice like in my previous Thai flight (PEK-BKK).
Catering was disappointing.
The TG A380 offers a unique music selection.
Hong Kong is as wonderful as Kai Tak Aiport was...

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  • Comment 103701 by
    directorphilip2 82 Comments

    Amazing pics of kai tak, i wanted to visit that area, wasnt sure where to go though when i was there, maybe next time to see the board

  • Comment 103843 by
    KL651 TEAM 4515 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Funny that you didn't appreciate the quietness of the A380, even if noise can be fun on an airplane, it get boring after a while.
    Too bad you were unable to get the thai breakfast.
    Nice pics of the old Kai Tak, I bet it's not really easy to find what's left of it.

  • Comment 103867 by
    Avionero AUTHOR 77 Comments

    Thanks for your comment. Of course, I appreciated the A380 quietness. Maybe you misundestood me when I said: I must recognize that even the A380 is not my favorite plane, it's the quietest wide body aircraft…
    It's really frustrating when you see those machines working (and erasing Kai Tak runway and taxiways) on the Cruise Terminal...

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