Review of Air France flight Paris Vienna in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF1738
Class Economy
Seat 7A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 14 Dec 23, 15:50
Arrival at 14 Dec 23, 17:45
AF   #24 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 6114 reviews
By GOLD 198
Published on 17th December 2023

Welcome to this final 2023 rotation.
And yes, after this return trip to VIE, it will be just about waiting for 2024 flights.
Easy routing to end the year. 


  • AF1738 - CDG->VIE - A320 You are here
  • AF1739 - VIE->CDG - A220 Coming soon

CDG - Landside

To reach CDG on this short journey, I'm relying on public transportation.
I'll be lucky to catch a direct train from Paris, but the young (French) travellers next to me, unaccustomed to the subtleties of pricing in "Ile de France" area, will be fined for having an invalid ticket for CDG… (35 euros the fine).
Arrival at CDG 2 station was uneventful.
I note that the usual control gates exiting the train station seem destined to be replaced by only validation terminals (better for fluidity).

photo img_1309_resultat

The emblem of the transition from rail to air.

photo img_1310_resultat-37621photo img_1312_resultat-20129

Then, once you've chosen the right direction for Terminal 2F, it's off to the long corridors.

photo img_1313_resultat

Arriving at Terminal 2F, there didn't seem to be much of a crowd.

photo img_1314_resultat-86377

Barely a dozen pax are ahead of me at the controls.
This one will nevertheless be a little long.

photo img_1315_resultat-98557

airside and lounge

Once I've crossed over to the not-so-dark side of the force, it's off to the lounge where I plan to have lunch, as I've come straight from the office without having been through the canteen.

photo img_1316_resultat

No crowd at the entrance.

photo img_1317_resultat-69023

No crowds inside.
Still, it's a busy place.

photo img_1318_resultat

Let's face it, it looks calm.

photo img_1320_resultat

I decide to stay on the "ground floor" and settle into the restaurant area without any trouble.
Before choosing the hot dish, I take a quick look at the desserts and liquid options. 

I chose the chicken in a bittersweet sauce and it was clearly very good.
It's interesting to note that despite my late arrival time at the lounge (around 2pm), there's still plenty of choice.

photo img_1324_resultat

Finally, of course, I couldn't leave out the HSE Martinique rum!
Always a credit to the house! (I must admit, however, that I was rather impatient for the vanilla rum I saw at Orly at the end of October…).
The little pear cake (the aesthetics of which leave something to be desired, but who cares) was also very good.
Much more so than the red fruits/choco duo.

photo img_1327_resultat

As I'm near the buffet and the kitchen exit, I overhear several exchanges between staff trying to find out who's in charge of the ultimate space.
I say to myself that I'd still have to find the stargate before I had access to it (vain hope, but that's what keeps you going! LOL).
The investigation will be quick and the stargate almost anonymous.
But it doesn't really matter where it is, because you just need to be able to be guided there quickly.

photo img_1328_resultat

I left then the lounge without any pressure and headed for the door.


It won't take long to walk to F34 gate.

photo img_1329_resultat-58937

I'll be the first to go to start the SkyPriority line.
At 3.15pm sharp, boarding begins.
The jetbridge is mine. 

photo img_1330_resultatphoto img_1331_resultat

The door picture has never been so clear.

photo img_1332_resultat-10622

Grey, everything is always grey in Paris.

photo img_1333_resultat

Pole position in the queue means empty cabin on arrival.

photo img_1334_resultat

After the 5 rows of BC, I found my 7A seat.

photo img_1335_resultat

Quick review of the personal space.

photo img_1336photo img_1337

and cleanliness check.
The backseat pocket is getting a bit tired.

photo img_1338

The vacuum didn't catch the rebel (non-greasy) paper hiding underneath.

photo img_1339_resultat

Next door, an unsuspecting neighbour and our refueling agent at work.
Let's feed the beast!

photo img_1340_resultat

By the way, who's the beast? It's F-HEPF, now in its 10th year.

photo img_1341

Boarding went smoothly and I was joined on my triplet by a couple going to Vienna for the weekend.
We got on well and chatted for most of the flight.

taxi and take off

But of course, you mustn't forget your homework aka the flight report ! (which I explained to them, by the way).
Push back at 3.50pm.

photo img_1343_resultatphoto img_1344_resultat

Our pusher confirms the end of his operation.

photo img_1345_resultat-92560

And the road, or rather the taxi, is ours.
Towards the northern runways.

photo img_1346_resultat

So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that we're going to have to wait and see…

photo img_1347

But to get there, there's still a little way to go.

photo img_1348_resultatphoto img_1349

In the end, we will be #6 position on take-off (as announced by the captain).
I immortalise 2 North Americans on departure.

photo img_1350_resultat

Of course a SkyTeam cousin.
I would have been one hair away from the photo of the year if I hadn't clicked too quickly and cut off the tail of this beautiful bird.

photo img_1351_resultat

But you'll still see what's been cut, there's no censorship here.
At the bottom right, someone is landing too.

photo img_1352_resultat

We entered the runway at 16:11 and took off immediately.
With the Terminal 1 in full frame.

Then it's on to Le Bourget and the Eiffel Tower…

photo img_1358photo img_1359_resultat

But because everything is grey, you soon can't see anything.

photo img_1360

Even if it's still inspiring.

photo img_1361_resultat


Once we've turned right to head east, the usual protocol kicks in.
In the announcements, we learn that the WiFi is NOK but the usb socket is OK.
The funny thing is that on the way back, it will be the other way round…

photo img_1362photo img_1370_resultat

As there's no wifi and of course I've got nothing to hand, I chat to my new friends.
Outside, it's blue.

photo img_1365photo img_1366_resultat

Catering arrives at 4.35pm.
Two sandwiches to choose from: chicken or cheese.
Cheese on the outward journey.

photo img_1367

The food will be quick.
But no more so than the waning daylight.

photo img_1368

Well, let's not speak too quick.
5.17pm, announcement of the start of the descent.
The light is fading fast outside.


It's hard to make out anything in the dark of night, but the captain is adamant that we're on our approach to VIE.
We trust him.

photo img_1371_resultatphoto img_1372photo img_1373

17:34, landing announced as imminent.
Might be the smoothest landing of the year!
The taxi to the gates will be short, and the gates appear to be deserted.

photo img_1374_resultat

Final turn.

photo img_1376_resultat

Parking mode.

photo img_1377_resultat

Disembarkation will be quick.
and like the empty gates, the corridors are not the busiest.

photo img_1378_resultatphoto img_1379_resultat-41086

A portrait of our plane, playing with reflections.

photo img_1380_resultat

Then the traditional (and rather long) walk to the exit and the 2 beautiful red and green exit gates of VIE.

photo img_1381_resultatphoto img_1382_resultatphoto img_1383_resultat-85937

The slight blur in the previous photo comes from the fact that when I booked my uber, I was reminded that I had to go to the departure level to find it. And suddenly I remember that the elevator isn't right at the exit… => switch to hyper speed mode.

To finish this smooth flight, our fightradar route. 

photo img_1467

See you !

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Air France

Cabin crew8.5

Air France Lounge - 2F


Paris - CDG


Vienna - VIE



A classic European flight, well executed.
Friendly and efficient cabin crew. A special mention for the very soft landing.
The flight was made all the more enjoyable by the fact that we were sharing it in good company brought to me by chance.
The cabin still looks good, but feels dated when compared with that of the A220 on the return flight.
Lunch in the lounge was very pleasant and probably well above the catering in BC.
VIE seemed quite deserted to me as this mid-December weekend approached...

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  • Comment 641342 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6717 Comments
    AF have one of the better short-haul Economy products in Europe and haven't yet given in to the temptation of copying LCCs. Well above average to get a sandwich on a flight under 2h and free drinks, including alcohol, when most others have gone to B.O.B. The cabin looks comfortable and it's nice to have USB power--though these days you need USB-C rather than USB-A.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 641941 by
      Frostyjeff GOLD AUTHOR 384 Comments
      Thanks for your comment.
      The AirFrance short-haul Y product is good, especially if you have the possibility to combine it with the perks of Flying Blue status (particularly the lounge access).
      There have been quite a few rumours about the switch to BoB, but for the moment, nothing is changing.
      There's even a return to choice for sandwiches, for example.
      In any case, if this flight was pleasant in A320 cabin, it's even better if you're lucky enough to have A220!
      It was the case for the return flight, lucky me.

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