Review of LATAM flight Concepcion Santiago in Economy

Airline LATAM
Flight LA200
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:09
Take-off 27 Dec 23, 21:54
Arrival at 27 Dec 23, 23:03
LA   #27 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 217 reviews
Published on 28th December 2023


Hello guys!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!!! Welcome again to another Flight Report, today I will be doing my returning flight of my last Flight Report with LATAM. Thank you so much for the support on my first Flight Report guys! Lets start!


Today in my returning flight I will fly with my family, we are 5. The flight was LA200 and I purchased a seat with so much more legroom. The aircraft originally was going to be an A320 but in the seat map I saw that the flight was overselled and they changed of aircraft to an A321 less than 24 hours before the flight. The ticket cost me $29USD ($26.000CLP).

photo screenshot_20231219_112058_latam-airlines


I arrived like 3 hours before the flight because I wanted to do some mini spotting. In this photo one of the newest A320neo of the JetSmart Fleet with the registration of CC-DIA.

photo 20231224_163357

2 hours later, one of the newest A320-214 (WL) of LATAM (ex Viva Colombia) with the registration of CC-BLO, in this sorry for the quality, I was spotting with my Samsung Default Camera.

photo 20231227_204438

And we finally entered at the airport, I went to the counter to claim my autism necklace and the benefits.

photo 20231227_204552


The flight was almost boarding but I wanted to know the VIP Lounge of Concepcion Airport, It was very complete and calm. Its one of the best VIP Lounges in Chile.

photo 20231227_210426photo 20231227_210410photo 20231227_210415


After a brief visit to the VIP Lounge was time to preboard with the necklace at the gate 6!

photo 20231227_211950

In this photo the A321 that will take me to Santiago

photo 20231227_212228


My aircraft in this case was an Airbus A321-211 with the registration of CC-BEA, is the first A321 of the LATAM fleet making his first flight in November 2014, 13 years younger that the A320 of the outbound flight! It has a configuration of 224 seats (220 formerly).

photo 20231227_212320

Another view of the young aircraft. :)

photo 20231227_212326


The A321s for being newer and modern, LATAM only retrofited the first 7 rows and the Emergency Exit Seats only for differencing Premium Economy Seats and reconfigurate the legroom of the rows 4 to 7 and Emergency Exit Seats. Sorry for the resolution this time.

photo 20231227_225245-1

My Seat 4A :)

photo 20231227_212348

The best part of this flight was the outrageous legroom of this modern seats!!!

photo 20231227_212551

The cabin looks so much modern than the A320 of outbound flight. Incredibly, it doesn't look like an 8-year-old aircraft cabin, which is relatively little, it looks like an aircraft with no more than 2 or 3 years old.

photo 20231227_212502

The seats wasn´t very comfortable in softness terms compared with the outbound flight´s A320 old seats. This are bit harder. But they have extra legroom and thats the think that I like of the modern seats. Anyways, LATAM is making a great job retrofiting their aircraft interiors.

photo 20231227_224317-1

Incredibly, the flight wasn´t "overselled" as it seemed on the seat map. Again, sorry for the resolution of this image…

photo 20231227_214011-1


We were ready to depart!!!

photo 20231227_213833

 Unlike the outbound flight the flight was very punctual, we departed like 10 minutes before the original departure time!!! 

photo 20231227_215403

In my view, the city of Tome, one of the most tourist destinations in the in the Province of Concepcion and Bio Bio Region for their beautiful and pretty beaches and forest landscapes, its a shame that since its a night flight you can't see the wonders of the landscape. But this city its also famous for one of the greatest tragedies of Chilean Soccer, in February 2013, O'Higgins, a traditional soccer team located in the city of Rancagua in the VI Region of Chile, was going to play against Huachipato, team of Talcahuano, located in the Province of Concepcion and some O'Higgins fans that traveled on an organized bus that also visits tourist destinations in the area to watch the match in the stadium, 1 day before the match, the Bus and the fans was going to visit Tome and when arrived The bus fell off like 100m the Caracoles slope at the entrance to Tome and died 16 fans, including minors and kids, and 21 were injured. That moved and shocked an entire country. :(

photo 20231227_215409

Next to the city of Tome, the towns and beaches of Dichato and Pingueral, one of the most famous beaches in the Concepcion Province and in Bio Bio Region. In 2010 these beaches were attacked by a tsunami that killed many people and shocked the entire world :(.

photo 20231227_215446

We finally reached cruiser altitude :).

photo 20231227_223140


Awww Yeess!!! Unlike the outbound flight this plane has the QR Code for LATAM Play!!! It worked for me and for my brother, we watched an Episode of a TV Serie and some stuff, we couldn't finish watching it because the flight was very short. But the LATAM Play for my sister didn't worked, It gave him an error every time she tried to play a movie or something, we asked a crew member to help my sister but the crew member said that she doesn't know about that issue in LATAM Play. :(

photo 20231227_222634


It was snack time and the crew first gave me Vegan Suffles but unlike the outbound flight, that was of Peanuts, this time was of Barbecue Sauce. Very Delicious. :)

photo 20231227_215701

Then they gave me a coffee with sugar and cream, a glass of mineral water, more suffles and they gave me chocolate popcorn! :)

photo img-20231228-wa0207


After the snack time we started to descent!

photo 20231227_223140

And arrived like 20 minutes earlier than the original arrival time at the gate 23!!! :)

photo 20231227_224141

Next to my view an A320-214 of LATAM Colombia with the registration of CC-BAX, it belongs to LATAM Colombia but today/nowadays is operating domestic flights in LATAM Chile!

photo 20231227_224233

Saying goodbye to CC-BEA. And people, I will see you in my next Flight Report! :)

photo 20231227_225409


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Cabin crew7.0

Concepcion - CCP


Santiago - SCL



In conclusion, the Cabin was very clean and modern, I had a seat with the best legroom in the plane, the seats were a bit harder, thats because I didn't put a 10, The Cabin Crew and service was good, but I will put it a 7 because, they couldn't help well to my sister and also because the Cabin Crew in the outbound flight was perfect, the In-Flight Entertainment worked for me and my brother, but for my sister didn't worked, that was a shame. The snack for Economy Class was good. The Departure Airport was very fast and clean, same as the Arrival Airport, and the Lounge was 9/10. I will put to this flight an 8/10!

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