Review of Azerbaijan Airlines flight Baku Istanbul in Economy

Airline Azerbaijan Airlines
Flight J277
Class Economy
Seat 22L
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 03:05
Take-off 13 Jul 22, 19:20
Arrival at 13 Jul 22, 21:25
J2 13 reviews
Published on 12th March 2024


Hello everyone!

In this report I want to present you the newest widebody in the fleet of Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) which is a Boeing 787-8 (there are 2). To be honest, I can hardly call them brand new as they will have turned 10 by the end of this year but still that's quite a breakthrough for this region. These frames usually serve routes to Istanbul, London and Dubai.
Another widebodies in AZAL's fleet are 2 A340-500s (on one of them I was on my previous flight from Moscow), both have been inactive for around a year, and 2 B767-300s (quite modern ones, built in 2011 and 2012 respectively).

Baku Heydar Aliyev airport, Terminal 1

Baku Airport consists of two runways (16/34 and 17/35), two terminals (T1 and T2), a cargo complex and a VIP terminal.

Terminal 1 was opened in 2014 and has 15 gates, 12 of which are jetbridges and 3 are bus gates. The total area is 65,000 square meters. In 2018, this terminal was nominated for 5 stars by Skytrax agency. It serves international flights.
Terminal 2 was built in 1989. It serves all domestic and several international flights of low-cost carriers, including AZAL's flights which used to belong to a low-cost branch Buta Airways, but now this brand disappeared so it's quite difficult to distinguish between "low-cost" and "premium" flights.
At the moment of this flight all flights were operating out of Terminal 1 exclusively.

photo gyd-eng-1photo gyd-eng-2

So, having passed a very quick and smooth security check for connecting passengers, I head towards departures area.

photo dsc09292

There are bus gates one level below:

photo dsc09293

It's interesting to mention that this transfer corridor was converted from the one belonging to gate 6, so passengers of aircrafts at that gate access it through the neighboring gate 5.

photo dsc09295

At our future gate 7 an A320 of AZAL was about to depart to Antalya:

photo dsc09298

Here we are in front of this majestic futuristic terminal built in quite an interesting shape:

photo dsc09299

Although this terminal is quite compact, its departures hall is really impressive and spacious, there are no crowds, and you breathe so easily:

photo dsc09300photo dsc09305

So, let's take a glance at the local timetable - gate 7 is promised to our flight which is right the next here:

photo dsc09301

And at the next gate 9 we see our majestic A340-500 from the previous flight. In a few hours she departed to another airport in Moscow - Domodedovo:

photo dsc09306

As my layover is quite long (4:15), I decided to spend it in one of the lounges above. I made a first attempt to visit them but they said they don't accept euros - only manats (AZN):

photo dsc09307

So my first step was this quite large duty free area where I managed to get a change in manats:

photo dsc09311

Then I walked deeper to explore the terminal with all its design features. Right after the duty free area there is a plenty of different boutiques:

photo dsc09321

And the main feature of this airport - a large cocoons area. Those cocoons are used to handle cafés, shops and even library:

photo dsc09319photo img_6491

There is also a large rest area with armchairs and tables with sleeping pods behind it:

photo dsc09324photo dsc09328

From here you can see the ground floor which is shared by check-in and arrivals area. You can also notice local cabs outside which were made after local president's visit to London:

photo dsc09326

So, now let's head back to lounges:

photo dsc09310

While going upstairs I noticed this B767-300 of AZAL heading to Moscow Vnukovo and an SSJ-100 of Rossiya Airlines in the left:

photo dsc09314

When you turn right, you'll find AZAL Business lounge - but it is reserved specially to its passengers:

photo img_6523

To the left there is an airport Business Lounge. The reception is shared for this lounge and Absheron Lounge:

photo dsc09315photo img_6521

It actually looked nice but all the passengers with paid access are asked to go to Absheron lounge located opposite in the "core" of upper floor, so there are no terminal or apron views from there. By the way, it is named after Absheron peninsula in Azerbaijan where Baku is located.

photo img_6522

At first the lounge was quite crowded, as there was a bulk of flights departing. Though it was still possible to find some free seats:

photo img_6492photo img_6493-11739

All in all, the lounge is quite stylish. I settled down in these nice designer chairs:

photo img_6517

By the way, sometimes birdsong could be heard from the open ceiling - and especially when the lounge got empty, there was a feeling of complete relaxation and being in some benign oasis.

photo img_6495

After most of the flights have departed, I managed to take photos of other seating areas:

photo img_6515photo img_6518

The buffet was not very varied - only pancakes, pastries, vegetables and boiled eggs were available, so you can't get a full meal here:

photo img_6512

Some apples were available as well:

photo img_6510

There was a quite good amount of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beveraged - some of the latter were isolated on the bar desk:

photo img_6508photo img_6514

This atmosphere of privacy allowed me to have a sufficient rest and work on my laptop (including uploading the latest footage to Lightroom), and a little less than an hour before the flight I move towards my gate 7:

photo dsc09331photo dsc09332

Boarding began 50 minutes before the departure time, and the board at the gate wasn't even turned on and no boarding announcement wasn't made - as a result I was the second to board:

photo dsc09334

Let's have a glimpse at our aircraft of the day - it is the second (as well as the newest) B787-8 in AZAL's fleet:

photo dsc09336

There was a PIA A320 at the next gate 8 - quite a rare sight:

photo dsc09337

So, let's go down to the jetbridge:

photo dsc09338photo dsc09340

Baku - istanbul aboard azal b787-8

Information about the aircraft:
Type: Boeing 787-8
Registration and name: VP-BBS "Ordubad"
First flight: 17.11.2014
Delivery date: 24.12.2014
Test registration - N8570Z

Notably, unlike most B787-8s of that period, this aircraft was produced at a second factory in Charleston (CHS) instead of Everett (PAE). Now, however, the entire line has been moved to Charleston.

The aircraft has a layout of 18 business class seats (2-2-2), 35 comfort class seats (2-3-2) and 157 economy seats (3-3-3).

Flight Info:

The route goes via the cities of Shemakhi (Azerbaijan), Tbilisi and Batumi (Georgia), then along the Black Sea coast of Turkey near the cities of Samsun, Sinop and Zonguldak, and on descent the flight enveloped Istanbul from the Asian side. Flight distance is 1895 km.

photo 2022-07-24-144803

After getting on board I pass by this Comfort class cabin. It was sold together with business class from Moscow. As I figured out later from Noel Philips's trip report on YouTube, this cabin is sold as business class on shorter flights like this one to Istanbul, while the real business class cabin remains abandoned. The IFE is hidden in the armrests there, by the way.

photo dsc09343photo dsc09344

Then I proceed to the economy class cabin in a typical 3-3-3 layout. Due to a quite large amount of Business and Comfort class the first of two economy class cabins is tiny while the second one is bigger.

photo dsc09345photo dsc09346

Here is my seat 22L in the second row of the second cabin. I opted for the second cabin to have my outside view unobstructed by the wing. It was quite unusual to see leather seats in a widebody. On the other hand, they don't fly further than London.

photo dsc09347

The legroom was quite sufficient:

photo dsc09348

Due to enormous window size there was quite an interesting shadow play in the cabin:

photo dsc09357

Of course, the headrest was adjustable:

photo dsc09359

Armrests and buckle covers are somewhat wore off. By the way, the width of the seats according to my measurements was 17.3 inches (43.94 cm), which is 2 cm narrower than in the A340-500 - and for the B787, by the way, this is already the maximum width. The difference was quite noticeable when I sat down. The problem here is that the B787 has a denser layout by default with a fuselage width slightly exceeding the A330 with a 2-4-2 layout. Unfortunately, the B787 with a 2-4-2 economy can only be found in JAL.

photo dsc09353photo dsc09352

During the boarding an advertising video about Azerbaijan was played on the screens, accompanied by folk music - unfortunately, I could not find it in open sources.

photo dsc09350photo dsc09360

When boarding was completed, this music video got switched to corporate IFE wallpaper:

photo dsc09362

By the way, the IFE here is similar to the newer B737-800 and A321SL of Turkish Airlines, except that there is not such a variety of languages, and only Azerbaijani and English are available:

photo dsc09363

After boarding was completed, the crew handed out such corporate style candies:

photo img_6560

Exactly at the estimated departure time the safety video begins:

photo dsc09372photo dsc09381

And a few minutes later the pushback begins, so here we notice a B767-300 and an A319 standing at next gates:

photo dsc09377

Here was our stand - right at the "peak" of terminal:

photo dsc09378

The A340-500 from our previous flight was still at the gate, ready for its upcoming departure to Moscow Domodedovo. This frame (4K-AZ85) has currently not made any flights since December 2022:

photo dsc09384

And here is the full overview of this part of the terminal:

photo dsc09386

A perfect formation of cargo B747s can be seen. Baku is definitely the biggest cargo crossroad in this region:

photo dsc09390

We set off to RWY17. That means we are going to take off in the south direction. From the start position we take a glimpse of the terminal once again:

photo dsc09396

We don't wait a second and set off immediately. An A320 of PIA can be seen here - certainly not a frequent visitor in Europe.

photo dsc09400

During takeoff we enjoy a spectacular view of both terminals:

photo dsc09405

The airport quickly stays far behind us, and now only the road leading there is visible:

photo dsc09406

We climb above the suburbs of Baku and make a sharp right turn then:

photo dsc09414photo dsc09420

Then we enjoy a mesmerizing view of Baku downtown - of course, if I had more time at my disposal, I would definitely make a short walk through the city. But on the other hand, the weather that day did not favor leaving the airport at all, as it was unbearably hot.

photo dsc09423photo dsc09424

Right after Baku very interesting hills appeared, which are the end of the Great Caucasian Ridge - unfortunately, I could not find their designation on the map. From there we also get a last glimpse of the city:

photo dsc09427photo dsc09429

Quite soon we reached our cruising altitude. Here we pass Akhsu river in Azerbaijan:

photo dsc09436

Caucasus mountains on the border with Russia covered with a thin clouds layer. Somewhere around there is the southernmost point of Russia - Mount Bazadüzü.

photo dsc09438photo dsc09439

Then I decided to test the main feature of the B787 - blackout portholes instead of curtains. The main disadvantage of this feature is that it can be forcibly locked by the crew, and it will not be possible to unnoticeably raise the blinds to take pictures of overboard views.

photo dsc09441

Next I decided to walk around the cabin and make some pictures of it. Due to the small number of seats (157), it feels quite private, what isn't typical for a wide-body aircraft - the cabins themselves are quite tiny:

photo dsc09431photo dsc09474

Luggage bins and overhead panels are well-known primarily thanks to Sky Interior in B737s:

photo dsc09356photo dsc09355

The entertainment system has a pretty good selection of films - of course, as it is conventional for Azerbaijan, a considerable proportion of international films are Turkish, but the music section has found an approach to fans of Western music, Azerbaijani, and fans of Russian pop music are not deprived either. ?

As it was the case on my previous flight. shortly before the beginning of service the crew handed out hot towels:

photo dsc09442

Soon we were over Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, and the local airport and the Tbilisi Reservoir were also seen as well. Unfortunately it was under a strong haze, so I needed to do my best in Lightroom to remove it for a bit at least):

photo dsc09445

All in all, that day we weren't lucky enough to enjoy views of Georgia from above. Only several peaks of Caucasus were visible over the horizon. Somewhere below there was a town of Borjomi, famous for its mineral water in the whole ex-USSR:

photo dsc09452

Luckily we caught this mesmerizing view of piles of clouds lit with setting sun:

photo dsc09462photo dsc09463

A bit later we passed Batumi located on the Georgian coast - unfortunately it wasn't visible of all because of a thick cloud layer:

photo dsc09465

Here came the meal service, which was again at a high level, at which AZAL has already succeeded in.

1) Appetizers - cucumber and tomato salad and turkey and cheese cuts;
2) Hot meal - chicken with mashed potatoes (the alternative was meat with rice, the last portion of which one of my seatmates managed to grab);
3) Dessert - cream mousse with strawberry jam.

photo img_6591

All in all, the meal was delicious. I opted for water and white wine from the drinks selection:

photo img_6593

After the meal service was finished, packs of roasted hazelnuts were handed:

photo img_6594

And then they served hot drinks, from which I chose coffee with cream. Surprisingly, the cream was from Luxembourg (!), and the sugar for the coffee was in packed cubes. This is the first time I've seen such a sugar pack on board!

photo img_6595

When the service got finished, we have already passed more than a half of Turkish Black Sea coast, and dusk was at its full:

photo dsc09468

Then we finally approach Turkish mainland, already immersed in a mysterious twilight:

photo dsc09476photo dsc09477

And we continued our way along the Bosphorus:

photo dsc09483photo dsc09485

Next, the Golden Horn Bay in the heart of Istanbul showed up - here you realize that approaching Istanbul from the east is truly a gift in terms of views. There is just one condition - you have to sit on the right.

photo dsc09488

We make a sharp right turn over the sea of Marmara and enjoy the view of the city centre:

photo dsc09492photo dsc09494

Asian side of Istanbul is left behind at the same time:

photo dsc09498

The very heart of Istanbul was revealed in all its splendor - you imagine yourself in these streets filled with unforgettable atmosphere, with the shouts of street vendors, the hum of the walking crowds of amazed people and the ringing of local trams:

photo dsc09499

In the area of the old Atatürk Airport we turn on the glide path and the whole Old City and the Bosphorus with the Golden Horn show up again:

photo dsc09503

Istanbul is truly endless:

photo dsc09507photo dsc09510

We were on our glide path flying over the town of Arnavutköy - that meant there was just a couple of minutes left before the arrival:

photo dsc09513photo dsc09518

The so-called "bloody moon" is visible on the horizon - that evening there was a so-called supermoon:

photo dsc09520

We fly past the airport routes O-7 and D020 - their combination, of course, is a kind of urban aesthetics:

photo dsc09524

And we land on the runway 36 20 minutes behind the schedule:

photo dsc09527

Then we promptly leave the runway and turn around in the direction of terminal:

photo dsc09533

And begin our relatively short taxiing:

photo dsc09541photo dsc09536

Due to extreme humidity our windows immediately get misted, so we can hardly see anything:

photo dsc09540photo dsc09542

There was only a tiny strip of unmisted surface left, and through it we see a B787-8 of Royal Jordanian parked at the next gate D8:

photo img_6618

In a few minutes disembarkation begins. We sedately leave the aircraft as there was no need to hurry:

photo img_6622photo dsc09545

Then we pass already deserted Comfort class which fully resembles short-haul business class seats. As it is the case for Turkish A321ceo and B737NG, screens are hidden in the armrests.

photo dsc09547photo dsc09548

Being 2 steps from the exit, I asked the chief cabin flight attendant to have a glimpse of business class. It is identical to earlier Turkish A330s and B777s, but the IFE is newer. However my camera didn't focus the right way, and further I was told off by flight attendant for taking a photo with crew members on it. So here we have what we've got.

photo dsc09549

Istanbul airport

After saying goodbye to the crew, we leave the aircraft by jetbridge:

photo dsc09551

Although the way out is to the left, I decide to take my time and walk the other way to get a better shot of our B787-8:

photo dsc09554photo dsc09555

The departure area below was quite deserted - from 9 to 10 PM it is certainly not a peak hour at IST.

photo dsc09559photo dsc09560

There I catch our B787-8 with his Jordanian brother leaving to Amman:

photo dsc09562

At the gates E (located directly in main terminal area) we see Air Astana A321LR, Belavia B737-800 and Oman Air B737 MAX 8 docked together. Belavia the had to make a notorious detour via Kazakhstan making the flight lasting almost 6 hours.

photo dsc09567

Even the beginning of the pier, right next to main terminal area, was deserted as well:

photo dsc09568photo dsc09569

Then we head down to the corridor leading to passport control:

photo dsc09570photo dsc09571

However I didn't know about the other passport control area in the eastern part of the terminal, so I turnes right and headed to the western one.

photo dsc09572

When I reached passport control, it was also mostly empty. Probably I was the one of passengers of our flight who had lost the way. ?

photo dsc09576

Having flawlessly passed it (as it is always the case in Turkey), I take a long corridor and reach the stairway to baggage claim area:

photo dsc09580

Here I am greeted by a huge duty free where I bought some goods, including sunscreen for the upcoming beach holiday:

photo dsc09582

And here I realize my mistake of taking a wrong path as my luggage belt is one of the furthest from this point:

photo dsc09583

So we finish our healthy walk through the enormous baggage claim area:

photo dsc09584photo dsc09585

My luggage belt was 11 while I entered this are between belts 20 and 21. All the bags had been delivered by that time so I quickly catch both of my bags:

photo dsc09586

I grabbed my suitcases and took the familiar route to the terminal exit. I had to wait at customs, though, because the luggage of arriving passengers was screened, but it didn't take long. In half an hour after getting off the plane, I found myself in the arrival hall.

photo dsc09587photo dsc09588

Then I turn to the exit to catch a taxi to the separate entrance of Turkish Domestic Business Lounge. The route was not long and costed around 7 euros.

photo dsc09589photo dsc09591
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Azerbaijan Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Absheron Lounge - 1


Baku - GYD


Istanbul - IST



At this point we stop, and it's time to summarize the results of this flight:

Baku Heydar Aliyev Airport, Terminal 1 - 5+. The airport is a hidden gem for those who prefer calm and fearless connections. It is a spacious and stylish terminal without any queues at transfer security checkpoints and with placid departures area, and it is not even necessary to pay for a business lounge.
Azerbaijan Airlines - 5. The flight was very decent, the aircraft was in good condition, featuring modern entertainment system. The only disadvantage was that the crew forgot about the request to bring headphones, as during their distribution I left my seat, and then the service started. However, it is not such a big trouble when you have your AirPods.
Istanbul Airport - 5. What else to expect from this wonderful airport? Maximum convenience for passengers, prompt passage of all formalities and a huge modern terminal.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Turkish Airlines avec 8.1/10.

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