Review of Delta Air Lines flight Denver Salt Lake City in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL2544
Class Economy
Seat 25A
Aircraft Airbus A220-100
Flight time 01:33
Take-off 17 Jun 23, 05:25
Arrival at 17 Jun 23, 06:58
DL   #31 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 831 reviews
Published on 22nd January 2024


Welcome to another trip report!
After spending an overnight layover here in Denver, it was time to get onto my next flight to Salt Lake City. This was a special flight as it would be my first time flying on an Airbus A220, the A220-100 to be exact. Unfortunately though I'll only be able to enjoy flying on this new aircraft for this one hour hop to SLC so I'll make the most of it 😉. 

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Arrived at the gate area about an hour before boarding. Unfortunately there weren't any views of my A220 from the gate area :( .

photo tempimagemvexiw


Not long after boarding soon began. I was assigned to board with group Main 1.

photo tempimagexuug42photo tempimagevrhebl

Some information about my plane:
Flight number: DL 2544 
Aircraft: Airbus A220-100
Registration: N135DQ
Delivered: October 30, 2020 
Age: 3.6 years

photo tempimagewt7j1cphoto tempimagehtcvktphoto tempimage6lvd14

A look at the main cabin which is configured in a 3-2 configuration. Only other aircraft in the DL mainline fleet that has a similar configuration are the Boeing 717's.

photo tempimagenrm28q-30750

seat 25A

My seat for the next hour, 25A.

photo tempimageslmac9

Chose this seat for it's perfect window alignment thanks to aerolopa. Already I was quite impressed by the larger windows compared to those on other airbus aircraft. 

photo tempimageqiwzlr

Not to mention it feels a lot more open (especially the aisles) and not as cramped as compared to other aircraft. 

photo tempimageswfaha

A good size PTV at each seat.

photo tempimagescebx9

Legroom is great for economy class, these seats offer 31" of pitch. 

photo tempimageeporzq

Next to us is an A319 bound for LAX shortly after us.

photo tempimagetn3gozphoto tempimage2jhntw

Frontier A321 bound for Miami.

photo tempimageypr2wo

Boarding is complete. I was quite surprised of how empty this morning's flight to SLC was. The flight load was at around 30-35%.

photo tempimagex0cffs

Cabin lighting set for departure.

photo tempimageyn1v9n

in flight entertainment

Since this would be a short flight with a lot of exploring to do, I decided to check out the IFE system while we were still on the ground. Quote me if I'm wrong but the screens seem to be slightly larger on the A220 then on other DL aircraft. I was just on an DL A321 from ATL-DEN last night and do not reminder the PTV's being this big 😅.  

photo tempimagetfld8g

Nonetheless DL offers the same excellent content across their fleet. From hundreds of movies, shows and live tv. More then enough to keep on entertained on any length flight. 

photo tempimagezpvfxpphoto tempimageedrisnphoto tempimagezxl5uf

A look at the tray table which was of standard size and extendable. 

photo tempimagerdhxuxphoto tempimageq3ohn8

Seatback contents.

photo tempimagemkbcarphoto tempimagertgwia

As we were waiting for pushback, the FA's handed out these headphones which was a nice touch. I've mentioned this before but these are the best economy provided airplane headphones in the sky.

photo tempimageavtqnnphoto tempimagelvjul6

Not long after the safety video began playing.

photo tempimagejwftry

pushback / takeoff

We pushed back 5 minutes ahead of schedule. You can check out the full takeoff video below.

photo tempimagewiyb85photo tempimageexzouaphoto tempimageaxy3fo

We'll be taking on runway 34L.

photo tempimageuhz6isphoto tempimagenbdmmwphoto tempimages6krux

Until next time Denver!

photo tempimagespgfriphoto screenshot-2024-01-20-at-11131pm

Last views of DIA.

photo tempimageri35uh

When exploring the IFE I forgot to show off my favorite part, the interactive map which I left on for the whole flight. Who needs movies or tv shows when you have an amazing interactive map and a huge window with breathtaking views 😅.

photo tempimageaiquuophoto tempimageio74ac

In a span if a few minutes we went from green scenery to snow capped mountain. 

photo tempimage1vizc0photo tempimagewl4smn

the loo

Of course I had to check out the A220's unique loo with a window. And talk about a loo with a view 😂.

photo tempimagefdmrflphoto tempimagepc97sg

The loo as well was very spacious compared to any aircraft I've been on recently for economy class standard. 

photo tempimage0ikt60photo tempimagesl3bgm

inflight service

About 20 minutes into flight the FA's wasted no time and sprang into the cabin to begin the inflight service.

photo tempimagel6zaxmphoto tempimagedtzcql-64532photo tempimageydso9u

Due to the short length of this flight, this was an 'express service' flight which meant you only had three options: coffee, tea or water along with a biscoff cookie. I asked the FA if I could have a coffee and water and she gladly gave them to me. 

photo tempimagecjjz0pphoto tempimagernirusphoto tempimagektfiqv

Coffee and biscoff cookie is a match made in heaven 😁. 

photo tempimageixqae6


photo tempimagee599quphoto tempimagexl71cj

initial descent

Sadly a few moments later the pilot came on the intercom and said that we had begun our initial descent into SLC.

photo tempimagewtpozw

Flying over Payson & Spanish Fork.

photo tempimagexk0d6q

Lake Utah

photo tempimagehvbwwt

Eagle Mountain & Saratoga Springs

photo tempimagegcl0ek

You can check out the full landing video below.

photo tempimagehvxibd

Southwest B737 taking off below us.

photo tempimagertg0xgphoto tempimagemw7wbfphoto tempimagedmnjrc


We'll be landing on runway 16R.

photo tempimageiwvzlkphoto tempimagebwyhmk

Welcome to Salt Lake City!

photo tempimageaqzcelphoto tempimagetitjel

arrival at gate

We arrived at the gate 25 minutes early.

photo tempimagems0p3b

One last look of my seat.

photo tempimagejjpcaaphoto tempimageynsogn


photo tempimageezkn0gphoto tempimagerwpbmi

Finally a look at my A220-100. 

photo tempimagex15qpxphoto tempimagefakmif

One last look of my aircraft, thanks for the safe flight!

photo tempimageg5fjfl

This concludes the trip report, thanks for reading!

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Cabin crew7.5

Denver - DEN


Salt Lake City - SLC



This was a great flight flying on Airbus A220 for my first time. The cabin was very comfortable, clean and modern and the FA's were friendly and professional throughout the flight, absolutely nothing to complain there. After flying on the A220 it has to be my all time favorite narrow body jet to fly on based on those categories. Not to mention the amazing spacious loo with a view is something very unique and wished more aircraft had this feature. Only slight disappointment was once again with the inflight 'express service' that was offered. I would have greatly appreciated a full service selection as I was in the mood for a tomato juice but that was not available on this flight due to its 'duartion'. I've flown this route quite a few times in the past with SW and there was no restrictions to the drinks they would otherwise normally have available.



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