Review of Delta Air Lines flight Seattle Salt Lake City in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL1985
Class Economy
Seat 26F
Aircraft Boeing 737-900ER
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 09 Jul 19, 06:00
Arrival at 09 Jul 19, 09:00
DL   #39 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 802 reviews
Published on 17th July 2019


Greetings all,
I took these flights heading to Baltimore, MD to visit family. I live in Seattle, and visit relatives in the southern Delaware area every summer, normally flying on Southwest or Alaska. This time, to shake things up a bit, I decided to take Delta eastbound, and Alaska home, on a Seattle-Salt Lake City-Baltimore-Seattle routing. My itinerary was as follows:
7/9/19 DL 1985 dep. SEA 6:00 am arr. SLC 9:00 am 737-900ER
7/9/19 DL 1189 dep. SLC 9:55 am arr. BWI 4:11 pm 737-800
7/23/19 AS 765 dep. BWI 5:20 pm arr. SEA 8:10 pm 737-900ER

Sea-Tac Airport

Given the 6:00 departure time, an early rise was necessary. I woke up at 2:15, left the house at 2:40, and arrived at the airport at 3:50 am, walking into the terminal shortly before 4 am.
photo 48292782661_dcaacd17de_k
photo 48292881252_76b6bbcdac_k
photo 48292783061_4066f204e8_k
I checked in at one of the many kiosks located near the Delta counters, checking a bag for $30 USD and printing my boarding passes. I was offered the opportunity to bid for compensation for taking another flight due to my flights being overbooked, but I reluctantly declined as I had family waiting for me in BWI and a 3-hour drive to southern Delaware after that, so I figured it was best to arrive early and not risk it.
photo 48292882297_da5be0a25b_k
I then proceeded to a bag drop counter, where there was almost no line.
photo 48292783901_f891e48030_k
Then, I headed to the security checkpoint, said goodbye to my dad who had driven me to the airport, and got in the security line. There was only about a 20-minute wait, which is really good for Seattle in the summer, and I was airside by 4:25. While talking to the TSA officer who stamped my boarding pass, he wished me a good flight and I almost said "You too", which was a stark reminder that I was operating on 3 hours of sleep.
photo 48292784106_d26ab64334_k
First, I checked the FIDS to make sure my SEA-SLC flight was on time still. Only one flight delayed (AC departure to YVR), so I'd say things were running pretty smoothly so far!
photo 48292793306_aa51c40c31_k
Concourse B, where I was flying out of, is my least favorite terminal at Sea-Tac due to how crowded it is and the low ceilings, but it really wasn't too bad at this time of day.
photo 48292795466_930376480c_k
Also walked to my gate, just to see what was going on. Sea-Tac was pretty sleepy this time of day; there was adequate seating and no lines at the few restaurants that were open.
photo 48292792871_c34d1f4aa8_k
My plane to SLC, N929DZ, a 0.1 year-old Boeing 737-900ER. The second-to-last 739ER delivered to Delta (as well as the penultimate 737-900ER built), and the newest of the type currently in service at the time. It was delivered on May 31, 2019, and arrived in Seattle shortly after midnight that day after a late-night flight from Atlanta.
photo 48292793496_0c21dea729_k
Having about 45 minutes until boarding, I decided to stroll around a bit to see if I could find something I wanted for breakfast. I went to Concourse C and D, in the hopes that either Camden Food Co. or Beecher's would be open, since I hadn't dined at either chain yet and wanted to try one, but neither was open. I saw a Chinese place of some sort in the C Gates, but that seemed too heavy given how early it was, so I just had a frappe and bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit from McDonald's.
photo 48292892517_a65f17ca75_k
Starting to get brighter out there. Love those cotton candy skies.
photo 48292893097_1bc8f64e8d_k

Delta Flight 1985: SEA-SLC

Boarding started 5 minutes or so behind schedule, at 5:25 am, with the usual pre-boarding groups, US military, first class, etc. I got on with the Main Cabin 2 group.
photo 48292794711_bb7229ee11_k
photo 48292893547_b4644021e5_k
photo 48292901207_019249dcd4_k
photo 48292899997_960a1ba7ff_k
Outside view from my seat at row 26.
photo 48292801051_b8e8a3187c_k
photo 48292801286_d52213d798_k
I then turned my attention to the IFE screen, choosing to put it on the moving map for a little bit.
photo 48292818051_130ea030de_k
photo 48292816951_ec54f98510_k
photo 48292915402_376f7ec5ce_k
Legroom was average (I'm 6'4''), and the seat was comfortable.
photo 48292828221_6e67012dcb_k
Pushback occurred on-time, and the safety video played as we taxied out to the runway. There was a little bit of a line for takeoff, but it was steadily moving.
photo 48292816276_a6928339eb_k
photo 48292818196_f905cf9311_k
photo 48292818996_f277b90e12_k
At 6:18 am we lined up for takeoff on runway 16L/34R, and took to the skies, initially heading south, then southeast on a course to Utah. A link to a takeoff video is included below as well.

photo 48292820146_90c2e21240_k
photo 48292819061_4b7f51f5c8_k
photo 48292919352_1a2b34b333_k
photo 48292820931_1af95fa6e4_k
photo 48292820776_d5b9a553b0_k
photo 48292920572_ecf026fc79_k
Climbing out over south Seattle, then Tacoma.
photo 48292821851_c2bf744ad2_k
photo 48292822906_bdfaba017d_k
photo 48292921927_9bea2a348d_k
photo 48292824011_f04f9b7b11_k
Mt. Rainier coming into view, with plenty of snow still on it despite being July.
photo 48294252372_6639404e34_k
Once we got to our low-ish cruising altitude of 29,000 feet, the friendly SEA-based cabin crew did a full drink/snack service. Soft drinks and snacks (almonds, KIND bars, Cheez-Its, and Biscoff cookies) were free, and alcoholic beverages were available for purchase. When the cart came to my row, I got ice water and the classic Delta Biscoff cookies. I checked on the moving map again, then chose to watch some Adam Ruins Everything.
photo 48292925782_148b700f87_k
photo 48292827576_2f88b07dcd_k
photo 48292826651_2674e28e73_k
photo 48292924322_5ef171493e_k
photo 48292827761_d3c4339b47_k
Descent began over northern Utah, with excellent views of the Great Salt Lake. Anyone know why it has that red/green pattern in the second photo?
photo 48294252412_770a519bb7_k
photo 48294153841_eb0649a703_k
photo 48294253262_09ac455a80_k
Getting closer.
photo 48294253337_bc240b64a9_k
At 8:43 am MDT, with a 1-hr time change, we touched down on runway 16L/34R. Like before, a landing video is attached below.

photo 48294154656_b723ecf732_k
photo 48294253857_9b29f33483_k
photo 48294154841_d98142bcec_k
photo 48294155361_99d38c83c3_k
photo 48294254637_d1fa90a71a_k
photo 48294254712_fda638418f_k
Clearing the runway.
photo 48294155966_c335b1c3c4_k
photo 48294263677_8be6231010_k
Our taxi was rather long, during which we passed by both the Delta and SkyWest maintenance hangars. We parked at gate D2 just before 9 am, right next to Concourse E and the new terminal, which appears to be coming along quite nicely.
photo 48294263552_a947ba6303_k
photo 48294263337_c697bded5a_k
photo 48294166306_c5bb9f981a_k
A good chunk of people seemed to be connecting onto other flights at SLC, since I heard other passengers conversing about it, so there was a light sense of urgency about deplaning quickly. Some connections I heard other pax talk about were to Cancun, Palm Springs, and San Antonio. Curious, I asked my seatmate if she was connecting here. She said no, she actually lived in SLC and was coming home from vacation on a KOA-SEA-SLC routing. I had visited KOA last year, so she and I chatted briefly about the Big Island until it was our turn to get up.
I asked the pilots if I could visit the cockpit, and my request was granted. They were friendly, and the FO gave me some Delta 737 trading cards to add to my collection. I didn't get a chance to take a photo of N929DZ at the gate in SLC, but it was going to Raleigh-Durham, NC next. After visiting the cockpit, I headed out to the terminal, looking for my gate for my flight to BWI, and more info about my connections and flight to Baltimore will be included on my next report, which will be coming soon. The FR24 stats for my flight are attached below as well, if you'd like to view that.
photo 48294166296_5d52099b4e_k
photo 48294416642_88f390e17a_k
photo 48298789351_a05dd65f8a_k
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew8.5

Seattle - SEA


Salt Lake City - SLC



Overall, I enjoyed Delta on this flight. The cabin crew was friendly, service was appropriate for the flight length, and we left and arrived on time. This was my first time visiting Salt Lake City, and although the terminals were a bit crowded and dated, amenities were fine and it wasn't absolutely terrible, but I can understand why they're building new facilities. The Delta 737-900ER gets a bad reputation here on, but I found it completely fine; the seats and legroom were good and IFE was great. If I flew it on a longer flight my opinion might differ, but it was more than adequate for the 90-minute hop from SEA to SLC. All in all though, I was satisfied with Delta's performance on the SEA-SLC route, and I wouldn't hesitate to take them on this route again. I hope you enjoyed my trip report, and feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comment section.

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