Review of Ryanair flight Brussels Cluj-Napoca in Economy

Airline Ryanair
Flight FR9547
Class Economy
Seat 32A
Aircraft Boeing 737 MAX 8
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 11 Dec 23, 07:00
Arrival at 11 Dec 23, 10:30
FR   #21 out of 21 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 394 reviews
Published on 20th January 2024

Hi Everybody,

During black friday and cyber-monday, I wanted to have a check on the discounts proposed by different airlines.
Willing to go to Cluj in Romania, I decided to check the different offers.

However, leaving from western Europe, Cluj is only accessible by low-cost airlines.
But, the offers are really outstanding in terms of costs.

From Bruxelles to Cluj, FR offers a flight at 12 €.
And, for the way back to Paris, W6 offers a flight at 12€, plus 25 % discount for the cyber monday : 9€

I can't even understand how these airlines can offer such cheap flights.
But, 19€ for some days in Romania can't be lost.

Especially, on CRL-CLJ, FR purposes to try there new Max8-200 aircraft, which I've never tried yet.

Leave for Charleroi airport at 3 am, with FlibCo bus.
This shuttle offers each 20 min a departure between Bruxelles train station and Charleroi airport.
The price of the shuttle is 18.99 € one way.

photo img_1667

Pitch is good, and so early in the morning, each of the traveler will have a full rank.

photo img_1668

1h later, we arrive at Charleroi airport.
The airport is splitted into 2 distinct terminals.

photo img_1669

T1 for me today

photo img_1670

The terminal reminds us we are in a low cost airport.
As an example, the access to the toilet is to be paid.

Ryanair developed an auto-bag check system, which seems not to be convenient for non friendly user of their mobile phone and app.

photo img_1671

Security checks are passed in 5 min.
I guess I was lucky as I arrived really early, before any flight left.
Then, compulsory passage through CRL duty-free

photo img_1672

Airport FIDS
With no surprise, a lot of Ryanair and Wizzair flights.

photo img_1673

Despite the airport looks very low cost typed airport, there is a food court and a waiting area that seems to be convenient.

Symbol of an old time, there is still Air Belgium signal in the terminal.
I was surprised to see there was a lounge in this airport for Air Belgium.

photo img_1674

Once at my door, I will find easily a seat to wait.
Once again, by arriving very early, I got the luck to find a seat.
Lors of people will wait for their flight with no seat available.

We understand easily who is the largest operator here.

photo img_1675

Our flight will be boarded on time.
I will board the last, not to wait for the opening of our doar to board.

However, even boarding the last, we still had to wait for 10 min before accessing the tarmac.

photo img_1676

And here is our plane for today's ride.
But, stormy time in CRL, while boarding.
A rain and a cold weather that reminds us why Ryanair is Ryanair.

photo img_1678

Sight on one of our Leap 1B

photo img_1682

The very specific Max winglet

photo img_1683photo img_1685

Fuselage shot

photo img_1688

Doar time

photo img_1687

The welcome of our hostess will be awaful.
My seat, the 32 A
Pitch will be very bad for my 1m82

photo img_1690

Safety card version Ryanair.
First time for me flying Ryanair, on a flight operated by Ryanair

photo img_1691

No real difference with the B737-800 NG of Ryanair

photo img_1692

As well as for the mood-lightning

photo img_1693

Boarding will be completed in a short time
The plane will be at 2/3 full.

photo img_1696

And, here is the special touch of our hostess.
I let my lugage on the bins over our head, as they were empty.
The hostess will come and take them out, precising that I haven't payed for the option.
Stupid move as they were empty ?!?

photo img_1689

The neighbour, and of course, it is a Ryanair as well

photo img_1694

Pushback will be on time.
Sight on the different operating airlines at CRL

photo img_1695

Very short taxi, and take-off on time

photo img_1697

Very soon after, the clouds

photo img_1699

that we will pass very shortly, I hope to be able to continue my short night…

photo img_1701

But, it without taking into consideration the Ryanair spirit
Light turned on to max, an commercial add each 1/4 h
So, let's enjoy the sunshine

Flight will be very bumpy, as well
Approach will start over the boarder between Romania and Hungary.

photo img_1707

Approach over Cluj city

photo img_1709

Landing 35 min before scheduled time in CLJ
Kiss landing

photo img_1711

It's been a while since I haven't come to CLJ
The airport is under operation works, and the arrival of national and international flights is made far away from the terminal

photo img_1712

Goodbye with the hostess will be as cold as the welcome in CRL.
Last sight on our aircraft

photo img_1713-16715

And Pax Bus to join the terminal, for once really necessary in CLJ

photo img_1714

Police inspection will be passed in 5 min
And, welcome to CLJ

photo img_1715

Thanks for reading the report

See you soon for the return flight

Papa Sierra Golf 91

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Cabin crew2.0
Buy-on-board menu3.0

Brussels - CRL


Cluj-Napoca - CLJ



A very basic Ryanair flight, with no real evolution between the 737-8NG and the Max
CRL is an airport coherent with low-cost standards
CLJ is under opertation work, which should offer evolutions (to be followed !)



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