Review of Delta Air Lines flight Seattle Paris in Business

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL 615
Class Business
Seat 05A
Flight time 09:20
Take-off 14 Feb 14, 17:10
Arrival at 15 Feb 14, 11:30
DL   #37 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 760 reviews
By GOLD 9779
Published on 3rd April 2014

That will be the end of this serie of flights with the last interesting leg. I won't publish the last segment as it was crap and a typical HOP! flight > delayed, no information, passengers treated like sh*t. More at the end of the report.

As I have some time to kill, I head to the Delta lounge which is quite nice:

photo DSC_0180photo DSC_0182photo DSC_0190

There are those strange loungers, pretty comfy, but not for me, as the sides are too high and it gave a claustrophobic feeling. I'll then move to a table.

photo DSC_0181

This is the buffet, just after my picture the food will be resplenished. I will only take a few veggies as I would like to dine in the plane.

The bar, with premiums drinks for a free, all others are free of charge:

photo DSC_0189

Nice views of the tarmac and here is my bird for today:

photo DSC_0186

A few minutes before the scheduled boarding time, I'll head to my gate, and again, the boarding will be launched on time with a strict respect of the priorities.

That's the business elite cabin of my 763, very nice:

photo DSC_0191photo DSC_0192photo DSC_0193

I have chosen seat 05A, seats are alternatively either against the wall or the aisle. Seats that are next to the aisle have less privacy, that's why I decided for a seat against the wall, with the console next to the aisle.

photo DSC_0194

Legroom shoot:

photo DSC_0195

Next to us:

photo DSC_0196

The screen, smaller than on the 330:

photo DSC_0197

Welcome drinks and lovely savoury snack:

photo DSC_0198photo DSC_0199

FR Signature on ground:

photo DSC_0200

A word on the welcome drink, it is sparkling californian wine, and not champagne as some cabin crew announce.

Push back on time and I can spot the BA 744 arriving:

photo DSC_0201photo DSC_0202

737-800 Delta :

photo DSC_0203

American :

photo DSC_0205

Dash 8-400 Horizon for Alaska :

photo DSC_0206

Lining up:

photo DSC_0208photo DSC_0209

Diverse 747, DC10, 767 :

Seattle is very freight oriented as seen above.

Passing by the terminal:

Passing by Seattle :

photo DSC_0236photo DSC_0237

Soon after, the menues will be handed out and the orders be taken. An advice here: I noticed on all my flights that the purser does the menu ordering and always starts from 01A towards the end of the cabin and comes back from the last business class seat on the other side to the front. That means that seats on the A side always get their choice, will seats on the other aisle won't get all choices available.

Here's the menu, I was wondering if the food will be as good as on the outbound.

Before eating, I pay my visit to the lavs, they have a beautiful blue lighting, very handy at night to not disturb people seating next to it. I was surprised as well by the pedal to flush or to open the waste bin. To my opinion, this is much more hygienic, as you don't need to touch anything. I will as well change to more comfortable clothes to sleep better.

As an aperitive, here is the safety card:

Hot towel service before the meal:

photo DSC_0242

Diner starts with the amuse-bouche and the drinks. The shrimps and the pineapple were to die for. To go with my food, I asked the purser if I could have the dessert wine, as I love sweet wine. That won't be a problem, and I'll drink almost the whole bottle of an excellent Australian sweet wine.

photo DSC_0246photo DSC_0247

The salad presentation was a bit strange, but good. So was the soup:

photo DSC_0249photo DSC_0250

The tablet is magnetised, very handy in case of turbulences and funny to play with:

photo DSC_0248photo DSC_0271

I took the beef ribs as main, that was not really to my taste, but not bad though.

photo DSC_0251photo DSC_0252

I'll only have some brie from the cheese card, together with fruits and a lovely vanilla/caramel sundae.

photo DSC_0253photo DSC_0254photo DSC_0255

The tray table and the seat controls with a massage function that is not on the Airbus fleet:

photo DSC_0243photo DSC_0244photo DSC_0245

Then comes the time to make the bed ;) It does not look like flat, but it is. I found it to be narrower and less comfortable than the Airbus Cirrus seat, but after checking the specifications, I found out that it is not narrower. Maybe it is just because the seat is next to the wall that I felt it smaller.

photo DSC_0256photo DSC_0257photo DSC_0258

Before sleeping I had a quick tour to coach, that has been retrofitted as well:

photo DSC_0259photo DSC_0260

I managed to sleep quite well, when I woke up, we are here. My only concern was that I did not remember having performed a 19'000km flight. There must be a problem with the fligh map :)

Time to think about breakfast:

photo DSC_0264photo DSC_0265

A sea of clouds below us:

photo DSC_0261photo DSC_0263

Breakfast starts with juices, fruits and bakeries:

photo DSC_0266photo DSC_0267

And just after, the hot dish is handed out by the purser. Coffee will follow after I have eaten my first sausage:

photo DSC_0268photo DSC_0269photo DSC_0270

The breakfast was excellent, I've finished everything, and I preferred it over diner. We are already over the french costal line:

photo DSC_0272photo DSC_0273


photo DSC_0275

Mints will be distributed just before landing:

photo DSC_0276

Early arrival at CDG and a bit of spotting:

photo DSC_0277photo DSC_0278photo DSC_0280

Dedicated to Anthony-Tahiti ;) :

Last view of my bird:

photo DSC_0289

I head to the customs and then to the 2G for my ATR72 flight back to MLH. A flight that I don't want to remember at all.
The lounge was overcrowed and overheated, as usual, but I managed to find a seat. At 2G the boarding gate is only published 20 minutes before the flight's departure time and boarding starts at that time. My flight was due to leave at 01:20p and as the screens in the lounge were out of order, I leave that crap place by 01:00. No gate information yet. All passengers wait up to 01:20 with a screen still showing ON TIME for a 01:20p departure! At 01:25p a gate is announced, but with the mention boarding closed.

We all head to the gate to find two AF agents chatting together. When they see the crowd coming they complain in french something like what the f**k are they doing here? and then say that boarding has not started yet. I ask one of the agent when boarding and departure are scheduled in order to inform my parents that are waiting to pick me up. His answer is An announcement has been made. I ask again my question, as his answer is not an answer. He responds that he just told me that an announcement has been made.

I begin to loose patience, and answer: OK, you made an announcement, but I haven't heard it, as all pax here, but could you please anwer my question? He'll simply answer: If you did not listen, this is not my fault

This time it is too much for me and I explose, I tell him to stop playing this game and tell us when departure time is scheduled. He then tells me that I have to calm down or he will deny me boarding. Still I don't have any clue about our departure time. It is now 01:45pm

Another agent takes the microphone and tell us that boarding is going to be delayed as the plane needs to be boarded by bus and there is no bus available. What a joke !!

15 minutes later, a bus shows up, but we are being told that we have to wait, as they have now to clean the plane. WTF??! Did they not have enough time to do it?? Eventually at 02:10 boarding starts and we will need 20 minutes to be shuttled to the plane. Once aboard, the captain announces a further delay due to bags loading and explains that the initial boarding was due to a technical problem and an a/c change. Take off will be at 03:00pm.

That will kill any will to make a FR on that leg :)

I understand and accept delays, this happens. But it is unacceptable not to inform passengers and treat them like animals. That's so typical of HOP! What a nice image for France.

To end on a positive note, here some pictures of my trip to Alaska.

Lovely dogs:

photo DSC_0903photo DSC_0906photo DSC_0913

Dalton Highway:

photo DSC_0933photo DSC_0958

Lovely sunset:

photo DSC_0959photo DSC_0976

The Arctic Circle board:

photo DSC_1001

The Dalton Highway board:

photo DSC_0025

A moon aura:

photo DSC_0030

Snow covered trees:

photo DSC_0011photo DSC_0019

The Trans-Alaska pipeline and a house next to the road:

photo DSC_0004photo DSC_0005photo DSC_0036

Fairbanks and a signage with distances:

photo DSC_0042photo DSC_0047

No intention for me to jump today, given the state of the Chena river below:

photo DSC_0051photo DSC_0052

A lovely ice museum at Chena Hot Springs:

And an Appletine, cocktail with Martini, Vodka and apple in an ice glass. Lovely but hard to drink as the ice-glass very tick is :)

photo DSC_0088
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Seattle - SEA


Paris - CDG



Delta is top, as usual, HOP! is flop as usual.
SEA is a very nice airport, CDG and his 2G terminal crap.

Thanks for following me on that trip, to be followed by the translation of my JFK trip, a trip to Canada as farewell to the MD11, A380 to IAD and LAX, Business Elite Delta to Key West, and other things :).

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  • Comment 104597 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this series of fascinating and adventurous reports with equally engaging pictures.

    SEA is one of my favorite airports in the U.S. and it is always a pleasure to connect through there.

    Looks like DL has a very solid international J product.

  • Comment 104605 by
    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5367 Comments

    Nice flight with DL once again, their long haul product is convincing with a comprehensive catering.
    Cabin is good with a full flat and full access seat.

    Fantastic pictures of Alaska, then have you seen northern light?

    And what to say about Hop? Amateurism as it best!

    Thanks a lot for this serie.

  • Comment 104608 by
    Esteban GOLD AUTHOR 17581 Comments

    Unfortunately I have not seen them. A ray of green light for 2 seconds and that was it. The activity was very quiet when I was there, you got to be at the good place at the good time. But I have another encounter foreseen in December, this time in Northern Yukon and for a week, the chances will be better.
    By the way, you will have to add a new a/c time by that time, the HS742, as it will be my bird to Dawson City :)

  • Comment 104645 by
    indianocean SILVER 7248 Comments

    Nice and comfortable Business cabin although I might prefer higher bulkhead between seatsto give more privacy.
    Meals look yummy.
    Thank you for sharing

  • Comment 104680 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6051 Comments

    Nice report. As you know I'm also a big DL fan and this report confirms my good opinion of DL's 767 Business Elite cabin. I've also taken pics of the silverware in odd positions sticking to the magnetized table (in one of my FRs) I discovered it by accident when I almost dropped a spoon, but it stuck to the side of the table, LOL. Cool arctic bonus at the end. Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 104738 by
    directorphilip2 82 Comments

    Love the arctic pictures. It's funny how New York is further than London From Alaska :)

  • Comment 104740 by
    directorphilip2 82 Comments

    Wait it's 2600 NM to new york and 3600NM to london on skyvector so something must be wrong unless they're going of road network

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