Review of United flight Houston Mobile in Economy

Airline United
Flight UA6361
Class Economy
Seat 7A
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 01:34
Take-off 05 Feb 24, 11:55
Arrival at 05 Feb 24, 13:29
UA   #74 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 379 reviews
By GOLD 171
Published on 5th February 2024

check in and security

I was arriving in off of a connecting flight from IAD, so I can't review the Check In and Security experience at IAD today.

The Lounge

Ordinarily, I would visit the United Club, but I was short on time today, so I skipped it and headed straight to the gate.


We were departing from gate C30 today, which is in the south concourse of IAH's terminal C. IAH is a big airport and can be confusing for first timers, so pay attention to signs and maps if it's your first time.

I grew up in Houston, so I know IAH like the back of my hand, so, fortunately, my tight-ish conncection was a breeze for me!

I got to the gate about 3 minutes before boarding began, and was second in line for group 1. I was able to kind of get a picture of the aircraft from the line.

photo aircraft-pic

Boarding began right on time at 11:30 a.m., about 25 minutes prior to our scheduled departure time of 11:55 a.m.

Once onboard, I was greeted by a friendly male flight attendant who handed me a Cleanplus wipe.

the seat

The cabin was already pretty full by the time I boarded (there were a lot of preboarders on this flight), so I wasn’t able to get a good cabin or seat overview picture. Sorry!

The economy cabin on the ERJ-175 is arranged in a 2-2 configuration so there’s no middle seats! That being said, luggage storage is tight as the aircraft can only accommodate about 30 normal sized carry ons (and that’s being generous), so if you’re not in need of your bag, you may want to take up the offer to check it in at the gate.

My seat for today was 7A, a window seat in the first row of economy. The seat features a “soft bulkhead” meaning that the First class seat is in front of you so you can put a small personal item underneath.

photo seatback

It has 2 windows. One towards the front, and one closer to your head. The one closer to your head has a great view of the wing and engine.

photo window-pic-1photo window-pic-2

Additionally, because this is a bulkhead seat, there is a tray table located in the left armrest.


At 11:38, the captain came on to announce our flight time of 1 hour 10 minutes and a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet. He said we would be experiencing quite a bit of rough air so there may not be a service on today’s flight, but that we shall see how it goes.

My seatmate decided that for some reason, my seatback pocket was where he should store his trash… I mean, what if I wanted to use the safety card or magazine? -sigh-

photo seatmate-trash

the flight

At 11:44, the boarding door closed and the flight attendants began their safety demonstration.

We pushed back at 1148, 7 minutes ahead of our scheduled departure time!

photo pushback

I got a decent view of the 787-8 that brought me to IAH from IAD earlier today during our taxi out.

photo 787

We had a relatively quick taxi to Runway 27.

This is my first departure from Runway 27 at IAH. I’ve taken off on 9 before and even 26L but not 27!

At 12:01, we were taking off on Runway 27.

photo runway-lineup

We got some great views of the IAH airfield below as we climbed out.

photo takeoff-iah-view

At 12:06, we reached 10,000 feet.

At 12:10, the flight attendants came on to announce that there would be no in flight service today.

The captain was right, the turbulence was pretty bad throughout the flight. I'm one of those people that falls asleep when its turbulent because I feel like it kinda rocks me back and forth, so I fell asleep pretty quickly!

I woke up at 12:42, when the captain came on to announce our descent I to Mobile and that we’d be in the ground in about 20 minutes!


At 1:10, we touched down on Runway 33. We then began our taxi into the gate.

photo touchdown-mob

We parked at gate 7 at 1:14 pm, for an early arrival into Mobile!

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Cabin crew7.5

Houston - IAH


Mobile - MOB



Overall, this was a decent flight and just about what you'd expect from United on a short-haul regional flight. I don't think it's fair to bring United down a notch for not doing a service due to weather. A service would have been offered if the weather was permissible and if it were safe to do so, and today it just was not.

Otherwise, it was a very uneventful flight from IAH-MOB.



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