Review of China Southern flight Yiwu Shenzhen in Premium Eco

Airline China Southern
Flight CZ3875
Class Premium Eco
Seat 32A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 13 Jul 23, 07:55
Arrival at 13 Jul 23, 10:05
CZ 137 reviews
By 272
Published on 7th February 2024

This report was initially published on the French version of Flight-Report.


After a challenging context in recent years (no need to elaborate), China is once again "Open for business," according to the Chinese embassy official in Rabat. Without further ado, I organized a trip to meet my partners in China, in Yiwu and Shenzhen. This gave me the opportunity to report on a domestic Chinese flight, with the following specifics for the Flight-Report audience:
- First CZ flight post-COVID at the time (or perhaps the first domestic Chinese flight post-COVID in general?)
- First report from Yiwu Airport (and consequently its lounge, which should be added to the database)

I booked this domestic flight upon arriving in China through the CTRIP platform. Having a foreign phone number meant that I couldn't check in or manage my booking online. I am traveling on this flight with a Chinese colleague. I arrived in Yiwu from Shanghai by train (1.5 hours).


  • AF1597 - Eco - Casablanca → Paris - Airbus A320 Not available
  • AF116 - Eco - Paris → Shanghai - Boeing 777-200ER Not available
  • CZ3875 - Premium - Yiwu → Shenzhen - Boeing 737-800 You are here
  • MF8378 - Business - Shenzhen → Shanghai - Boeing 787-9 Past
  • AF111 - Eco - Shanghai → Paris - Boeing 777-300 Not available
  • AF1596 - Eco - Paris → Casablanca - Airbus A320 Not available


The flight was scheduled for 7:55 AM, requiring an early wake-up at 5:15 AM for a 5:50 departure with a taxi reserved the night before via the local Uber, the Didi app.

The airport is not accessible by metro, so taxi or bus are the only options. The airport is small and close to downtown.

A FIDS intermittently displays flight schedules in English. The flight is on time for now. There are few flights departing from this small airport, which is surprisingly close to Shanghai and Hangzhou.

photo img_5349

Landside, there's a KFC and a few souvenir shops.

photo img_5350

I need to pick up my boarding pass, and my colleague needs to check his suitcase. The check-in counters are shared across all airlines. Despite being Flying Blue Platinum and traveling in Premium Economy, I have no formal proof on me, which prevents us from using the dedicated priority check-in.

photo img_5351-74140photo img_5352

Boarding pass and lounge invitation collected. The stubs of Chinese tickets are different and much smaller than what we're used to in Europe.

photo img_5353-86172

We quickly pass through security via a dedicated Priority access (that is now granted to me based on my Boarding Pass) and find ourselves airside (no picture for security). A few shops, a KFC, and a Starbucks


Yiwu Airport has a lounge for eligible passengers. It's quite "simple" as you'll see in the following photos.

photo img_5357

It offers a few snacks, some beverages, and several tables and couches (comfortable)

The selection is really limited… My selection below

photo img_5363-57262

And then, a classic drama for a 1h20m flight. A significant delay is announced, which keeps getting extended…

photo img_5364

Yiwu Airport also serves as a military base for the Chinese Air Force, which has priority for all its operations. Delays therefore regularly affect departing flights. We patiently wait for our flight to be called, which will happen at… 9:00 AM (for an originally scheduled departure at 7:55…)


The attendant comes to call passengers in the lounge for our flight, inviting us to proceed to the gate. Boarding through a semi-blind jet bridge.

photo img_5371

The 737 shows its nose. It's B-1701, delivered new to CZ in July 2014. So, it celebrates its 9 years of service at the time of the flight.

photo img_5372

At the gate

photo img_5375


We quickly go through business class, which has two rows of 4 seats (with a real "Domestic" business class) numbered 1 to 2

photo img_5376

We then land in Premium Economy, separated by two curtains (between business and economy). The first row starts at 31 (thus jumping from row 2 to row 31). Note that all windows are closed (a specificity related to the military activity of the airport).

photo img_5377

Amenities for this flight of less than 2 hours consist of a pillow, a blanket, and a bottle of water. Everything is clean, and the legroom is comfortable.

The safety card for the enthusiasts amongst you

photo img_5384photo img_5385

While boarding continues, I briefly open the blind to see what's happening outside. I'm able to keep it open for 5 minutes. A flight attendant will come by to kindly ask me to close it. You'll see an Air Force jet if you zoom in.

photo img_5398

Which takes off a few moments later. Quite rare to see this at a civil aviation airport, at least a first for me.

photo img_5399photo img_5407

Safety demonstrations are done via the IFE but the wait continues…

To the point that the cabin crew decides to start the service (at least in premium). Here is the snack served.

While service is still ongoing, the jet bridge is removed, and pushback begins, at 9:50, nearly 2 hours after the scheduled time.

photo img_5404

Takeoff with all windows closed, I can only reopen them once we have left the ground.

Note, we stay at 5100 feet for 10 minutes before climbing to 30100 feet (a peculiarity of Chinese airspace where flight levels are always 100 feet above the thousand), likely due to military activity.

Curtain drawn for Business

photo img_5437

Moodlight activated

photo img_5400

Taking this opportunity to show you the PSU, quite modern

photo img_5397

The flight proceeds smoothly (and without further service) as we fly along the Chinese coast

A documentary on turtles is shown on the central IFE screens. Little did I know I'd be eating those poor turtles a couple of days later with my business partners.

photo img_5448

Some snapshots of our descent into Shenzhen, in the vast Guangdong.

A mint candy is distributed during the descent

photo img_5451

Welcome to Shenzhen!

photo img_5466

Taxi to the gate is quite quick for such a large airport

photo img_5475

And deplaning is quick as well. I wait for my colleague who is at the back of the plane.

photo img_5477

Heading to the exit!

photo img_5478

Chinese airlines often use wide-body aircraft for their domestic flights

photo img_5480photo img_5481

Arriving at the carousel to pick up the checked luggage. Delivery will be done in 5 minutes.

photo img_5483

We head towards the taxi stand. The airport is truly very modern.

Heading downtown!

photo img_5490

Thank you for following this journey in China, and see you very soon!

Flight plan below

photo screenshot-at-jul-13-18-10-22
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China Southern

Cabin crew8.0

Yiwu - YIW


Shenzhen - SZX



A very high-quality domestic flight, aside from the delay, which does not seem to be the airline's fault. China Southern is a good choice for short to medium-haul flights in China, with pleasant cabins and adequate service given the flight duration. Hot beverages would have been appreciated.



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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6739 Comments
    Nice to see a review on a Chinese domestic flight as there have been so few since Covid...despite China being "open for business" as you mentioned. It seems that the recovery of foreign traffic to China post-pandemic has been very slow compared to other countries, perhaps because of recent memory of very strict entry rules and protocols. Even if they are no longer in place.

    The large snack is very nice, though I'm not sure if it's any different from that is offered in regular Economy. I'm assuming no, since Chinese carriers are usually quite generous with food on short-haul, certainly compared to Western carriers anyway.

    The seats look very comfortable, and that level of thick padding is so rare these days! Just missing some charging ports to be perfect. I believe CZ used to hand out tablets for IFE in Premium Economy, but I think it was only on longer flights. Not sure if they still do it on longer flights, but I guess your flight would have been too short to qualify.

    Overall a very nice experience, except for the part about not being able to check in online because of a foreign telephone number--that's just inconvenient and weird (but not surprising from a Mainland Chinese carrier).

    Thanks for sharing!

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