Review of Cathay Pacific flight Tokyo Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight cx549
Class Economy
Seat 60K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 05:30
Take-off 04 Feb 24, 16:47
Arrival at 04 Feb 24, 21:17
CX   #2 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 509 reviews
Published on 10th February 2024

Happy Lunar New Year! This is my first trip from Hong Kong to Tokyo. I did not spend much time in Japan this time, as I may go more often to capture scenery of Japan at various times.

The trip to Japan seems not to have much to write about. Sad that there is no windows at my window seat on the flight flying to Narita Tokyo. So I guess I will skip that flight and move to the flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong. 

Heading to the airport

I picked the flight departing from Tokyo Haneda Airport. It is easy to access the airport from Tokyo Center, just take the Yamanote Line and change for the Tokyo Monorail at Hamamatsucho Station.

The platform view of Hamamatsucho Station. 

photo img_2737-copy

You can see the Rainbow Bridge from the train to the Haneda Airport. 

photo img_2740-copy

During my trip to the airport, I received an email notifying that my flight was rescheduled, and there was a half hour delay. 

photo screenshot-2024-02-10-at-105955pm-copy

Arriving at the airport

photo img_2755-copy

Cathay Pacific uses the aisle L for the check in counters. 

photo img_2771-copy

As my credit card status, i can use the Premium Economy Class check in counters. 

photo img_2767-copy

You can also see the delay information at the information screen at the check in counter.

photo img_2770-copy

After arriving at the airport, I proceeded to the check in counter. The ground staff firstly apologies sincerely for the delay. And the check in process was smooth. It takes around 10 minutes to pass through the security and the customs at the airport. It was efficient.  

photo img_2776-copy

lounge experience

I got some lounge admission tickets and so I decided to go to the CX lounge at the Haneda Airport. The lounge is located near gate 147, which is not far away from the gate of the plane, which is gate 148.

photo img_2788-copyphoto img_2806-copy

It is not my first time to get into this Cathay Pacific Lounge at the Haneda Airport. The staff there first greeted me politely. Since I did not have lunch, I immediately headed to the counter to order some Won Ton Noodles. I quite love the Shrimp Macaroni Gratin so I ordered twice of it. It was delicious.  

There is another section at the lounge and it offers some dessert. They are all delicious.

Finally there is a drink bar at the lounge. It seems that the two signature drinks from the Haneda Lounge disappeared already. I miss the Haneda Jade :( But fine, it is also great to enjoy Cathay Delight before departure. 

photo img_2822-copy

It was also great to enjoy the nice view of the planes and the airport through the large glass windows from the cathay pacific lounge. 


It was supposed to be the time to start boarding, but the announcement from the lounge says that there is a further delay on the boarding time and tell us that we can just continue to sit back and relax at the lounge and wait for further announcements. Here is the final result. The incoming flight (CX548) was delayed for around 2 hours. No wonder that my flight needs to be delayed for a period of time for preparation. 

photo 426144915_10161168109174630_5101170030669233074_nphoto 426131655_10161168109479630_5662837604997866915_n

The staff at the lounge also reminded passengers who wish to exit the lounge that they can stay at the lounge for longer time and further announcement will be made if the flight is ready for boarding. They will make announcement at the lounge. 

And the information board near the gate shows the delay information. 

photo img_2887-copyphoto img_2896-copy

time to on board finally

Oh, it is time to get on board finally. Here is the flight today. 

photo dsc04183-copy

Registration No: B-KPD
Model: Boeing 777-300ER
First Flight date: 21 Nov 2007
Age: 16.2 Years
From HND to HKG
Departure Time : 4:47 PM
Arrival Time: 9:17 PM
Distance: 2,906 km

What’s special for this plane is that it was painted with the oneworld alliance livery. 

First Class is available for the route Hong Kong between Tokyo Haneda. Therefore even for flight Boeing 777, CX installed the inflight Wi-Fi. To keep connecting with others, I tried the service. The loading speed for images, websites was smooth.

photo img_2939-copy-2

The economy class section of the plane. The configuration is 3-3-3. Today my seat was at row 60. Seems that there is less space for you to store your belongings under the seat in front you for this row’s window seat. 

photo img_2909-copyphoto img_2910-copy

And here is the safety card and some photos of the inflight entertainment system. It was smooth. 

after departure, let's enjoy the scenery

After departure, I was so lucky that I could see the magic hour after the sunset and Mount Fuji after passing through the thick layer of clouds. 

photo img_2930-copyphoto dsc04217-copyphoto dsc04346-copy-2

it is dinner time

Dinner was then served. No menu card was distributed. Ok, maybe it is a way to cut cost, but i guess that it would be better if they have the food and the drink information in the inflight entertainment system then. Sometimes it is really difficult to know the selection of the drink and the food, in the noisy flight environment, or when I was seated at the window seat and the flight attendant was standing in the corridor to talk to you over the two seats. 

photo img_2962-copy

I picked the pasta option. From the online review that seems passengers are quite welcome with the pasta option. But I don’t quite like the appetizer. The taste is a little bit sour? And the pasta is fine, but it comes to be a little bit salty at the end of the pasta. Unlike other flights at Y class, they did not proactively ask passengers what to drink and offer the drink after the meal. It is a little bit strange. 

photo img_2965-copy

The dinner ends with the Haagen-Dazs. 

the journey comes to the end

Here is the flight route. 

photo img_2973-copy

Time flies and finally the flight arrived at Hong Kong International Airport. The cabin crew apologized again for the delay of the flight at the announcement. 

photo img_2979-copy

The Lunar New Year is coming and so you could find some decorations at the Hong Kong International Airport. 

photo img_2984-copy
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Cabin crew7.5

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In conclusion, it was still a nice flight from Cathay Pacific. The lounge experience is still great at HND, the lounge is cozy and comfortable. But I really miss the signature drink at the Haneda Airport Lounge. Hope they will bring it back in the future.

The flight experience is nice. The seat of Economy Class is comfortable for the flight. I see some attendants are quite proactive in understanding passengers' needs. But i don't know, maybe such proactivity is limited to foreign passengers only.

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  • Comment 644317 by
    starvelk BRONZE 37 Comments
    Had the same meal with you yesterday from CTS-HKG! I didn't like the appetiser as well, thought it would be soba since we were departing from Japan.
    Flights back to HK from Japan take a long time during the winter due to headwinds! It's not that uncommon for HND-HKG/NRT-HKG to take more than 5 hours these few months.

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 644409 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6709 Comments
    Great report with beautiful photos as always! Wow those are some awesome aerial shots of Fuji! Perfection in the evening light.

    Meals looks good, though you're right it would be nice to have the choices in the IFE if they're not going to hand out menus. But that's such an Asian problem, haha--too used to higher service standards. Here in the West we've been used to cost-cutting and bare minimum service in Economy for well over a decade...almost impossible to find printed menus anymore except in long-haul First and Business--even short haul Business doesn't do it anymore.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 644475 by
      johnchanmk SILVER AUTHOR 20 Comments
      thanks and glad that you enjoy the report!

      Yea, really dont understand that why they did not make use of the IFE to list out the information of drinks and food . i dont mind if the printed version is not available, but please let me know what i can pick / enjoy on the plane :(

      it seems that SQ is doing quite well in this area, even passengers can read the menu before the flight at home, no matter which class they are flying .

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