Review of ANA flight Tokyo Hong Kong in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH821
Class Economy
Seat 15K
Flight time 04:35
Take-off 09 Jun 19, 00:55
Arrival at 09 Jun 19, 04:30
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By SILVER 1224
Published on 9th August 2019

Hello everyone, welcome to the fourth part of the trip to Japan. This final part will cover the flight from Tokyo Haneda to Hong Kong.

The ANA domestic transit counter was located next to gate 70. Once we presented the bus ticket, we went downstairs and got on the ANA bus.

photo dsc08399

It took about 15 minutes to get to the international terminal and we arrived at the departure hall.

photo dsc08409

The next stop for me was definitely the plane spotting at the observation deck. In the evening, usually we were able to see flights to Southeast Asia and long haul flights to Europe or America.

photo dsc08400

1. Boeing777-300ER, JA779A, preparing for its flight to Frankfurt as NH203 at 0:10am.
2. Boeing787-9, JA882A, preparing for its flight to Singapore as NH843 at 0:40am.

photo dsc08401

Boeing 777-300ER, JA743A was preparing its flight to Los Angeles as NH106 at 23:30pm.

photo dsc08402

Another look at the JA779A

photo dsc08404

Boeing 787-8, JA834A was preparing its flight to Bangkok as NH877 at 0:55am.

photo dsc08408

On the other side, we could see some other airlines besides ANA.
1. Boeing 777-200ER, JA771J was preparing its flight to Singapore as JL35 at 0:05am.
2. Boeing 777-200ER, JA703J was preparing its flight to Bangkok as JL33 at at 0:40am.
3. Airbus A350-1000, A7-ANC was preparing its flight to Doha as QR813 at 0:01am.

photo dsc08407

We spent about 15 minutes on the observation deck and then we went air-sided. It did not take a long time to pass through the security check and immigration. Gate 144 was the gate for our flight to Hong Kong and we arrived at the gate about one hour prior to the departure time. This flight was also codeshare with United Airlines UA7931.

photo dsc08410

We went downstairs to the waiting area of our gate. Not much people were waiting there.

photo dsc08411

The gate was not opened yet.

photo dsc08412

Our plane was already parked at the gate. The flight was handled by Boeing767-300ER. JA622A would take us to Hong Kong tonight. This plane was delivered to ANA in February 2011.

photo dsc08413

Boarding was called at 0:26am.

photo dsc08415

My seat 15K, bulkhead seat in the first row of the economy class. Blanket was placed in advanced on the seat.

photo dsc08416

The remote control for PTV, phone jack, power socket and USB port were located under the arm rest.

photo dsc08451

View from my seat.

photo dsc08417

Seat pocket items are placed at the bottom of the partition. Headset was also found inside the pocket. When I settled down, I handed my logbook to one of the crew.

photo dsc08418

At 0:44am, all doors were closed and a few minutes later pushback was commenced. Safety video was followed immediately.

It was raining quite heavily outside and I was really glad that the weather was so good during the past few days. Finally it took 20 minutes to taxi to the runway 05, which is quite far from the international terminal. We took off at 1:09am.

photo dsc08423

As the seatbelt sign was turned off 10 minutes after takeoff, I took out the monitor stored below the handrest.

photo dsc08424

Then I started to watch a Japanese movie. All the cabin lights were at the same time turned off.

photo dsc08426

Two hours later when I finished the movie, we were flying somewhere between Japan and Taiwan.

photo dsc08431

Immediately I started to watch another Japanese movie but could not finish before landing.

photo dsc08432

At 3:33am, lights on two sides of cabin were turned on. About 10 minutes later, meal was served. As always you can choose between  Japanese style and Western style and I chose the latter. (English muffin and omelet with ratatouille)
Potato salad
Smoked salmon
Beet and onion salad Caper
Mixed leaves Italian dressing 

photo dsc08436

After the meal, I opted for a coffee.

photo dsc08439

At 4:20am, I went to the lavatory.

photo dsc08442

The cabin view of the front section of the economy class.

photo dsc08441

At 4:27am, the cockpit announced that the landing would be approximately in one hour and the final approach would be in 35 minutes.  I had a look at the seat pocket items which include the ANA magazine, duty-free shopping, entertainment guide and the service information.

photo dsc08443

The A380 has already been added to the fleet page.

photo dsc08444

At 4:57am seat beat sign was turned on. We were entering the Hong Kong airspace from the east.

photo dsc08445

We landed on RWY25L at 4:13am local time. Total flight time was 4 hours and 4 minutes. My logbook was soon returned. This plane would stay overnight in Hong Kong and return to Tokyo Narita the next day morning as NH812.

photo dsc08447

While we were waiting for the disembarking, I took the last chance to watch the behind the scene of the safety video.

Many thanks to all the crews for filling in such a beautiful logbook for me.

photo org_dsc08497

Thanks for reading!

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So finally this is the last report for my trip to Japan. Overall I had a very good experience with the flights with ANA. Not only the service onboard, but also the plane, passengers, connection, etc.

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  • Comment 516174 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6709 Comments
    HI NGD16, thanks for this report and series! Looks like really good service for a 4 hour flight. The meal looks really tasty for regional Y. Also a nice and comfortable cabin. Overall looks to be a great Y experience with ANA.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 516818 by
      NGD16 SILVER AUTHOR 59 Comments
      Hi KévinDC, thanks for your comment. The flight indeed was very comfortable, and the service was far than enough for red-eye flight. I think this is essential for a five star airlines.

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