Review of Air Baltic flight Paris Riga in Economy

Airline Air Baltic
Flight BT692
Class Economy
Seat 26C
Aircraft Airbus A220-300
Flight time 02:45
Take-off 05 Feb 24, 09:35
Arrival at 05 Feb 24, 13:20
BT   #2 out of 21 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 98 reviews
By GOLD 169
Published on 18th February 2024

Hello everyone,

Welcome to this little routing to Tallinn, my first fligths in 2024.
For the SkyTeam afficionado that I am, I immediately ran into a small problem.
The routing via AMS that I had found last year no longer seemed to work.
For a while I was considering LOT's proposal via Warsaw but, looking behind the scenes, I found this little AF codeshare scheme with the added spice of a 30-minute connection to RIX.
Apparently, 30 minutes of transit is not a problem, according to a kind FRist who reassures me behind the scenes.
Given that I won't have any non-cabin baggage, to hell with caution.
The return trip will be a bit like "déjà vu", but the timetable is more practical.
That's the end of the temptation of a foot in StarAlliance (for the moment).

I'm off on several flights in an A220 BT, bearing in mind that I'm still missing a special BT livery (the one for Estonia, in fact), and I'm hoping that luck will be on my side.


  • CDG-RIX - Economy - Flash transit You are here
  • RIX-TLL - Economy - Did not see a lot Coming soon
  • TLL-AMS - Economy - easy Coming soon
  • AMS-CDG - Economy - The standard Coming soon


Given the timetable, the most practical way to get to CDG is by train (RER B).
The journey will be uneventful, and it's great to be able to head back up to the surface with all these future passengers!

photo img_1675_resultat

FIDS of the day.
I'm well on schedule.

photo img_1678_resultat

Now I have to go to 2B Terminal.
It's a bit of a walk, but it's a nice change from my usual trips to 2F / 2E or even 2G Terminal.
As the route progressed, the crowds thinned out.

photo img_1679_resultatphoto img_1680_resultatphoto img_1681_resultat

Although I didn't have any baggage to check in, I had to go to the counter to collect my boarding pass.
Online check-in was not possible with the AF application.
I headed for the small queue that was already in place like a normal passenger.
The process was quick.
On the other hand, the seat is either an auto choice or you have to pay…

Since I don't appreciate such little addtional costs almost at the door of the plane, I leave it to chance.
Unfortunately, there was no window but a happy row 26 for RIX with aisle.
That's enough to give me peace of mind for the short connection ?
At least I've already got my borading pass for RIX-TLL.
Still no window, though.

photo img_1682_resultat


Then it's off to the boarding gate.
There's no rush at the gate.

photo img_1683_resultat-57206

Head for the security control, which will be easy to pass.

photo img_1684_resultat

It's kind of upside / down process…

photo img_1686_resultat

A lot of orange on this FIDS.
We know who rules here.

photo img_1687_resultat

Shops are always a bit the same.
I just walk through without any emotion or last-minute temptation.

photo img_1688_resultatphoto img_1689_resultat

As there's no lounge to be planned, I settle down in a small café to have a complementary breakfast and find out who's coming to pick me up.
Well, you're not going to believe this, but for my 3rd flight ever with BT, I'm adding the missing one to my collection of special liveries!
3/3 unbeatable!
No need to fly BT after that!

photo img_1690_resultat

Once the emotion of the winning draw was over, I went to the door to wait for my plane.
Although we're not in AF territory, a few ones are there to reassure me…

photo img_1691_resultatphoto img_1692_resultatphoto img_1693_resultat

Looking into the distance with the help of FR24, I followed the approaches and realised that I could immortalise the final.
Example with a big baby.
Not too bad for a phone photo.

photo img_1694_resultat

And now the star of the day.
You have to believe me, because an A220 actually looks smaller in the picture.
I'm happy like a kid.

photo img_1696_resultat

Straight back to the windows to get something cleaner, bearing in mind that for my first deliveries, while satisfaction was at its highest, the photos were rather average at AMS.
At CDG, it will be much better.

photo img_1698_resultat

It's beautiful; simple but beautiful.
I have to admit I'm a bit partial to this one, in fact.

photo img_1700_resultat

Arriving at the gate on time, it will be soon my turn.

photo img_1701_resultatphoto img_1702_resultat


Boarding starts at 9.45am.
Can you smell the delay that makes you feel alive with that 30-minute connection melting away like snow in the sun?

photo img_1704_resultat

I don't lose control and don't miss the signature shots of any FRist.
My fuselage shot is not the happiest.

photo img_1705_resultat

But this one is grandiose.

photo img_1706_resultat

Entering this very bright, sober and ultimately spacious BT cabin.

photo img_1707_resultat

Here I am at my seat row.
So I'm in the aisle and I'll have a copax.

photo img_1708_resultat-71535photo img_1709_resultat

The installation is correct, and the pitch quite good, if not very good.

photo img_1711_resultat

Let's finish our review of the place before setting off.
The light is nice.

photo img_1712_resultat

The magazine and the safety card.
The only things missing are wifi and usb.

photo img_1713_resultat-22726

taxi and take off

Push back, late of course.
My advice is not to stress, there's a good chance we'll be expected at RIX, so I stay calm.
I try to beat the stress by taking a few shots of the outside from my seat.
It doesn't look too bad.

photo img_1714_resultatphoto img_1715_resultat

But the window isn't clean/dry.
A sharklet later, I gave up.

photo img_1716_resultat

Our well-filled aircraft will make good speed to runway 27L.
We'll be at the entrance of the runway at 10.19am with take-off in the immediate aftermath.
No view possible, given my position and the pea soup we're flying through.


The light and the blue sky arrive once the cloud layer has been pierced.
I walk in circles for a while, skimming the magazine…
10.40am announcements for the service.
There will of course be a sale on board, but before that, a small snack is distributed to all AF share code passengers.
There's a check on the tablet by the cabin crew to see who's the lucky one or not.
So I end up with a bottle of water and a mini croissant (which is also on sale). 

photo img_1718_resultat

This croissant isn't revolutionising the bakery art, but it's rather timely, and to be honest, I wasn't betting on it.
So it's all to the good.

photo img_1719_resultat

Then it's the turn of the pre-ordered meals, for which you'll have to show your credentials in order to receive your pittance.
Things are really fast, because at 11am, everything is finished for the service… although let's not forget that this aircraft is quite full.
The distributions and other sales are carried out efficiently.

So it's time for a small tour in the back.
First, a left-right of the area.

photo img_1720_resultatphoto img_1725_resultat

The single toilet is quite spacious.
The photos are taken wehn entering, so all the water on the ground is not me!
But as on the ground, in the air, not everyone dries their hands…

photo img_1723_resultatphoto img_1721_resultatphoto img_1722_resultat

Back where I belong.
We're going to have to start worrying about the transit.

photo img_1724_resultat

But there's still a long way to go…
These little screens are a welcome relief from boredom.
The flight continues without a hitch.

photo img_1726_resultat

I switch to local time (+1) to prepare for the arrival.
The announcements start coming in.
The plane is due to land at 1.31pm… in theory, I'll have 20 minutes to get from one plane to the other.
I switch to mini-snooze mode to pass the time and not think too much about the transit.
At 12.40pm, sales are announced on board… 
13:05: Information about connections is available on the screen.
It's going to be a rush for gate B5.
PS: Surprisingly, there is a connection announced for AMS.

photo img_1727_resultatphoto img_1728_resultat

Let's consult the map.
Arriving at Terminal E, gate B5, on the map it doesn't look too bad.

photo img_1729_resultat-93118

According to the map, we are close to RIX…
Isn't it obvious?

photo img_1730_resultat


Prepare for landing at 1.15pm with rather pronounced but short turbulence.
Soon a left turn for the runway.
Why left?
Take a look.

photo img_1731_resultat


photo img_1733_resultat

Soft landing at 1:30pm.
Gentle braking (just to stay on the runway…).
Given that an A320 went off the runway at VNO on Saturday, we can't blame the pilot for using up all his runway without sliding.

photo img_1734_resultat

During the taxi, I can spot one of the trio in special livery.

photo img_1736_resultat

But while we're having fun with the colours, it's off for a bus disembarkation!
PAX BUS?!?!?
We're going to lose time again.
So, at least, I can have better picture.

photo img_1737_resultatphoto img_1739_resultat

The air is fresh.
If you have any doubts about who rules the place, just look in the distance.

photo img_1740_resultat

Even if you're in a rush (or stress), it's always nice to disembark with a bus.

photo img_1741_resultat-72686

All in !!!
Because in the distance, I can see the 3rd livery on the tarmac.
Today it's champagne!
On the other hand, it looks like it's slept a bit more than the other 2.

photo img_1742_resultat

I'm on the bus, waiting for the last people before we set off.
The next flight to TLL is at 7pm apparently, so at worst we'll have time to visit the whole terminal!

photo img_1743_resultat

Better view from the bus of the 3rd buddy.

photo img_1745_resultat

The bus, which has been travelling for 400 m, finally stops.
This photo was taken at 13:49…
The serious stuff begins.
Will you run for your flight?

photo img_1746_resultat-82942

Total suspense!

We finish here with FR24 maps.

photo img_1802_resultatphoto img_1803_resultat
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Air Baltic

Cabin crew8.5
Buy-on-board menu7.5

Paris - CDG


Riga - RIX



Another great experience with BT.
With wifi and usb, we'd have a perfect combo.
The small croissant from the BoB (but included in the AF ticket) shows that the BoB is still correct and the prices are not crazy.
Comfort is appreciable and the cabin offers a good feeling of space.
Good point for flight and connection information thanks to the small screens.
In short, efficient and professional.
The cabin crew are friendly but nothing more. Once the service is over, you don't see many people.

The experience today is particularly enhanced by the trio of special liveries, lucky me.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Air Baltic avec 7.3/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 2 heures et 45 minutes.

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  • Comment 644698 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6719 Comments
    That’s a really cool special livery! I’m not a huge fan of their normal livery but this one is really nice. How nice that they give AF codeshare pax a free sandwich. That’s a nice attention that most carriers wouldn’t bother with, so kudos to them for that.

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 644754 by
    NGO85 SILVER 1972 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR, a unique AF/BT experience. What was the fare difference booking AF vs BT? Never was lucky enough to catch a wet-leased BT for LX, but their A220 offering looks on par with their full-service competitors minus the WiFi and charging (a penalty on such a long flight for European standards).

    I have to admit I'm a bit partial to this one, in fact.

    Lithuania unfortunately will take the prize for last place in the BT beauty pageant, too much contrast with the lime green cowlings.

    Surprisingly, there is a connection announced for AMS.

    With a 3h+ layover, someone who wants a leisure trip north.
    • Comment 644852 by
      Frostyjeff GOLD AUTHOR 384 Comments
      Thanks for your comment. I can't tell the difference in price. This ticket was bought a bit last minute (around 500 euros). I imagine that the direct price from BT must have been similar (but certainly cheaper).
      Definitely, the missing wifi deprives BT of the gold medal !
      It's true that the Lithuanian livery is more complicated aesthetically given the number of colours, but we'll say we like it all the same!

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