Review of Cathay Pacific flight Seoul Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX411
Class Economy
Seat 70L
Aircraft Boeing 777-300
Flight time 04:10
Take-off 19 Dec 23, 15:00
Arrival at 19 Dec 23, 18:10
CX   #2 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 511 reviews
By SILVER 1244
Published on 1st June 2024

Hello everyone,

As part of a trip to Asia in late December, I had to make an ICN-HKG flight.
I have several options (HK Express, Hong Kong Airlines, Asiana, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific).

Of all the options available, the most suitable for my time constraints will be Cathay Pacific.

We find ourselves in front of the train station of Seoul, allowing to reach the airport. 

photo img_2396

I am very surprised to see on the front of the station, the logos of several airlines.
And, for good reason, there is a very convenient city check-in for these companies. 

photo img_2397-20718

The train to Incheon Airport will cost around €7 to reach Terminal 1.
It takes between 30 and 45 min to reach the airport, with a frequency every 15 min 

photo img_2398

It changes from regional airport trains in Europe

photo img_2399-58752

Pitch more than enough for a 45 min ride

photo img_2400

We arrive at Incheon Airport at Terminal 1.
Rather oriented Star Alliance, with the presence of Asiana in particular.

First impression very good, the terminal is very nice 

photo img_2409

The boarding areas are huge at ICN T1

photo img_2410-1-73462

No queues at Cathay Pacific registration.
Cordial welcome by the stopover agent and delivery of the PO.

Passage of controls quite correct but without a great fluidity.
Arrival on the AirSide area of the Terminal, and again a very nice impression. 

photo img_2413-93223


photo img_2412

Many brand stores, nothing to envy to European airports on this point.
The terminal is also very spotter friendly.

A350 and B747 LH 

photo img_2429

Welcome to Asiana Hub station

photo img_2452

The company offers a variety of quite amazing aircraft, at the time of fleet standardization.


Hong Kong Airlines in A330

photo img_2458

A350 Finnair

photo img_2461

A320 MYA (MyanMar)

photo img_2476

And, finally, our today's aircraft, B777-300 Cathay Pacific

photo img_2469

Boarding of our flight will begin 20 minutes late.
But, this one will be extremely fluid.

Friendly greeting at the door 

photo img_2480-1

The other neighbor of the day, a B787 Etihad, in special livery, F1

photo img_2481

Door time

photo img_2486

Fuselage shot

photo img_2485

Cordial welcome at the door
Direction the 77 L.

My seat for these 4h to HKG 

photo img_2487

The pitch will be very good for a flight of this duration
The contents of the cover 

photo img_2493

The captain will speak to welcome us on board, and announce a passage through de-icing before leaving for HKG.
And, for good reason, it’s -20° C at ICN!

While waiting for the departure, view on the A320 of MYA, company that was unknown to me until then 

photo img_2492

The rear part of the cabin will be almost completely empty.
Flight will be 50% full 

photo img_2502

The IFE will be functional as soon as we board, unfortunately my screen will not be very functional.
I’ll use the neighbor’s one 

photo img_2495

Safety video since the pushback

photo img_2501

CX color helmet (not very effective to counter the noise of our 2 engines)

photo img_2503-1

Heading to the de-icing area
And then we’ll lose almost 45 minutes taking three layers of glycol. 

photo img_2511

Our flight was already late, we leave with almost 1 hour.
Reassemble the two ICN terminals

Always very Star Alliance and local color in T1  

Then, passing in front of terminal 2, this time much more focused on Korean Air

Before lining up for taking-off, passing in front of the E&M workshops of Korean Air, with no less than 5 A380 which are grounded.

photo img_2539

Sadness to see these giants of the air in such a state

photo img_2544

Take-off with a delay of 1h20

photo img_2548

Good bye, Incheon

photo img_2551

Passage of the cloud layer over the Pacific ocean

I try to connect to the wifi service which was unavailable on the ground.
Unfortunately, no option, even mailing, won't be offered during our flight 

Meal service will begin less than 1 hour after takeoff.
VSML tray on my side 

photo img_2563

The main dish will be good, such as the fruits

photo img_2564

Hagen-Dasz ice cream to finish.
The whole meal will be very good.
A very good point for a flight of this duration 

photo img_2565

Outside, the night is almost there

I will fall asleep for the rest of the cruise and I wake up when approaching HKG
We will finally fly over the island of "Tall Bouddah" (sorry for the quality of the photo) 

photo img_2572-2

Landing with 1h delay in HKG

photo img_2576

Long taxi to reach our landing gate.
With regional and local wildlife

Air Asia 

photo img_2577

A330 China Airlines

photo img_2579-1

The master of the place in force

photo img_2582-1

And our neighbor A340 Swiss

photo img_2585

Before the landing, a satisfaction inquiry will be proposed to us on the IFE
Enough to take the work of the Frists 

photo img_2570

Quick disboarding and passage through the business cabin

photo img_2587

The time of passage of the customs and the taking of the luggage will be quite fast.
I would reach the center of Hong Kong with the express train for about 13 €

Thank you for reading and see you soon for future FR

Papa Sierra Golf 91 

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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew9.5

Seoul - ICN


Hong Kong - HKG



A very good flight on Cathay Pacific despite the delay.
ICN is a very functional and pleasant airport
HKG is a very functional and very nice airport

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6885 Comments
    Flying regionally within Asia is always so much more pleasant than in Europe of North America with a decent chance of getting a widebody, IFE, and a hot meal. These newer seats look much more comfortable than the old fixed shell ones they used to have on the regional-configured 777s.

    Thanks for sharing!

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