Review of Skymark Airlines flight Tokyo Fukuoka in Economy

Airline Skymark Airlines
Flight BC1
Class Economy
Seat 25D
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 20 Sep 23, 06:20
Arrival at 20 Sep 23, 08:20
BC 13 reviews
Published on 31st March 2024

A visual of my route today from Tokyo's Haneda airport to Fukuoka which will cover a distance of 549mi/884km. 

photo tempimagewiokoe


Hello fellow travelers! Today I'll be embarking on an exciting new journey across Japan starting with a new airline for me, Skymark Airlines from Tokyo's Haneda airport down to Fukuoka! A little back story; after arriving from my DL flight yesterday from Seattle (which you could find that flight report here) I had a hefty 15 hour layover in between flights. I decided to purchase a storage locker and store my luggage while I explored Tokyo for a bit until about 10p. I returned to the airport to retrieve my luggage from the storage lockers and since I had a very early morning flight, I decided it was not worth it to get a hotel room for the night and took a shut eye overnight at the international terminal. The eye mask from the DL flight and my neck pillow definitely saved the night and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be sleeping overnight at the airport.
I woke up to my alarm I had set at 3:30a and made my way to the arrivals hall here at T3 where I needed to take a shuttle bus to the domestic terminal at T1 where my Skymark Airlines flight will be departing from. I didn't realize it until I looked that the shuttle service didn't began until 4:15am and a queue had already began forming about 40 people deep. Ultimately I had to wait a little longer and take the second shuttle bus that arrived at 4:35am as the first one of the day was already full of people.

photo tempimagerqfuzf

The shuttle bus took about 15 minutes to reach T1 from T3 and I was a bit nervous as it was about 45 minutes until boarding would start for my flight.

photo tempimagemvgpxt


When I booked my flight on the Skymark website, I kept getting an error message that I couldn't check-in nor select a seat on my flight. Skymark Airlines has a very similar model to that of Southwest Airlines in the US, they have a fleet of all Boeing 737-800s, offer complimentary snacks/select drinks, allowance of a free 20kg checked bag on all fares and in addition to that they offer free seat selection which I wasn't able to take advantage of. 

photo tempimagetoibsx

I found the self check-in kiosks and tried to see if it'd let me check-in but to no avail. I made line to meet with a very friendly agent and looked up my reservation via my passport. When I asked her if there were any window seats available she regretted to tell me that there were no more window seats available and only aisle or middle seats. She did make a remark saying that she would put me in a row with an empty middle seat which was very nice and I thanked her. 

photo tempimagepqtlo6

Overall check-in went smoothly although I have to admit that I was quite bummed to not have a window seat but oh well. Security control went very smoothly and notably the officers at the security control were some of the nicest people! No screaming nor rushing through by the officers, it was really something out of this world (in a very good way 😅). Definitely don't miss TSA after going through that. All in all I was airside in just 5 minutes! 

photo tempimagebbksjq

Here's our lovely Boeing 737-800 that'll be taking me down to Fukuoka this morning. 

photo tempimageydjjuf

We'll be departing out of gate 20.

photo tempimageoru93y


Boarding began not too long after. I don't recall there being any designated boarding groups and it was all down to whoever made line first which was a unique.

photo tempimageykr1axphoto tempimagejpksrx

My seat for the next 1.45hr, 25D.

photo tempimagekbr6uc

Sadly no PTV… as expected though.

photo tempimageb6thrv

Legroom was descent at least, these seats offer 31" of pitch. I'm 5'9" or 176cm for reference.

photo tempimage2d0p61

Boarding is complete and today's flight load to Fukuoka looked to be around 90%. I was indeed lucky as I was one of the few rows to have an empty middle seat which made the flight a bit more comfortable.

photo tempimagemlyeml

pushback / takeoff

We pushed back right on time and we passed other fellow BC planes.

photo tempimagemw4gdz

See you in a few weeks Tokyo!

photo tempimagekqeyjw

Once we climbed passed 10,000ft the FA's sprang into the aisle and offered everyone these very cool Skymark edition KitKats.

photo tempimage57gale

A look at the tray table which was of standard size and extendable. 

photo tempimageuakwvkphoto tempimageyvgyam

inflight service

About 35 minutes into flight the FA's conducted the main drink and BOB service. The complimentary options on this flight was coffee or water. 

photo tempimagekcxen8photo tempimagett9nkp

The FA also gave me cream and sugar along with my coffee.

photo tempimagesjbpjzphoto tempimagecl61tt

Although the coffee was very tasty,  the FA barely filled just over halfway of the cup with coffee.

photo tempimagekykxsv

seatback contents

Here's a look at the seatback contents.
First we got an air sickness bag.

photo tempimageqoi276

Safety instructions card.

photo tempimageuawmar

Inflight magazine.

photo tempimageieq1cs

This was a great inflight magazine with route information, BOB offerings and pricing, fleet and seat information, etc..

photo tempimagep7qydc

Prices were very reasonable and quite cheap if I must say so. If this were a longer flight I would've definitely taken advantage of some of the offered for sale. 

photo tempimage6wo4klphoto tempimageccflxo

initial descent / landing

The flight quite literally flew by as we were already beginning our initial descent into Fukuoka. 

photo tempimageqyyuzpphoto tempimagecqtctg


photo tempimageronzu6photo tempimage8q5asc

One last look at my B737-800, thanks for the safe and fun flight!

photo tempimagemlljjrphoto tempimage57idv0photo tempimageigmhwd

This concludes the trip report, thanks for reading! I have a small collage of photos below from my short but amazing stay in this city, go check it out ;)

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Skymark Airlines

Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Tokyo - HND


Fukuoka - FUK



This was a great and pleasant flight on Skymark Airlines. Having experienced flying this airline and from someone coming from the states, this airline closely resembles in my opinion to Southwest Airlines back in the states in terms of it being a hybrid airlines of both low cost yet also a legacy airline feel in customer service. Even with their lowest fares you still get a checked bag allowance, free seat selection and a small snack w/ complimentary coffee or water on all flights. I did also enjoy the small touches down to the Skymark branded KitKat bar down to the Pikachu themed branding which was fun and cute! And for the ticket fare price which if I remember correctly was around 55 USD for a oneway 2hr fight from HND to FUK I would say is totally worth the price and wouldn't hesitate flying them again.



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  • Comment 647925 by
    NGO85 SILVER 1972 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR! BC is definitely a carrier with a colorful past, with their lofty goals of bringing A380s into service quickly followed by bankruptcy. Not sure about the WN comparison, like all the other smaller boutique operators in Japan, they have tiny footprints relative to the oppressive NH/JL duopoly (including the sea of regional subsidiaries). Overall, BC's experience is completely aligned with the legacy offerings with a limited drink offering and a small treat. The lack of IFE is a universal issue in Japan with only 7G offering a consistent product.
  • Comment 648138 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6718 Comments
    Nice to see a review on Skymark! It's been a while since I've seen one. They seem like a neat little airline. I can't help but think of their All-Premium-Economy A380 fever dream that never happened and the very short-lived all-Premium A330s. Who knows, maybe someday they'll make a comeback and grow again if the market continued to stay strong.

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 648357 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 639 Comments
    Always wondered what kind of service Skymark was providing and it seems to be very decent for a low cost one. Thanks for sharing!

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