Review of ANA flight Nagasaki Tokyo in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight ANA664
Class Economy
Seat 7A
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 19 Sep 23, 11:15
Arrival at 19 Sep 23, 12:55
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Published on 23rd March 2024

ANA (All Nippon Airways) ANA664 Nagasaki to Tokyo (Haneda)

Flight Details:

Airlines: ANA (All Nippon Airways)
Flight: ANA664 NGS to HND
Reg: JA610A
Aircraft: Boeing 767-381ER
Class: Economy
Seat: 7A
Departure Nagasaki Gate 5: 11.15am
Arrival Tokyo (Haneda) Terminal 2: 12.55pm
Flight time: 1 hours 40 minutes
Distance: 954 km or 593 miles

Video: ANA664 Nagasaki to Tokyo (Haneda)


This is the trip report from Sept 2023. Trip reports continue, read previous flight here: Aircalin SB800 Noumea to Tokyo.

I planned this Japan trip using Google maps and watching YouTube and reading comments from different websites.



Google Live map is useful but unreliable in Japan

I had purchased a 7-day JR Pass, which allow unlimited travel on Japan Railway.I had traveled on train from Tokyo to Nagasaki.

photo re8

Travel Options

I checked the options to return from Nagasaki to Tokyo.

Option 1: 4 trains - Changing at Takeo Onsen, Shin-Tosu, Hakata, Shin-Osaka and Tokyo. Journey time: 16 hours
Option 2: Nagasaki city to airport, flight and then Narita airport. Journey time: 4 hours 

I dropped the idea of taking train, too time consuming and stressful. I decided to book a flight and then a take bus to Narita airport.


I had checked the flight options on Nagasaki Airport website. I didn't find flights directly to Narita, so I chose this flight based on timing and price as I had a flight to catch on the same day.

photo image00113

I booked this ticket along with other flights before starting the Japan trip. I chose this ANA flight because of the Boeing 767-300ER.

The last Boeing 767, I had travelled on was Qantas from Sydney - Brisbane in 2010.

Read the report here: Qantas VH-OGI QF520 SYD-BNE .

photo image00105

Online Check-in

Check-in for this flight day before the trip.

photo image00109

I was seated in a different seat, which I changed to 7A during check-in.

photo image00110-21466

Check-in completed

photo image00111

I had saved the boarding pass on the phone.

photo image00112

Organising the Journey

I stayed at a hotel next to Nagasaki station. I found the hotel convenient to travel using different modes of transport. Room was not fancy but I got, what I wanted.

Video: JR Nagasaki Station Hotel - Nagasaki, Japan

Previous evening, I went sightseeing to Nagasaki Ropeway. I got information from a local about the Nagasaki Highway Bus Reservation Center.
I had checked the bus schedule and the ticketing system before. 

See video below.

VIDEO: Nagasaki Highway Bus Reservation Center

Travel to Airport

Nagasaki city is 40kms from airport, journey time takes 1 hour depending on traffic.


Travel time in Japan is long, lot of walking involved.

photo nag

Nagasaki temperature was 27 degrees at 10.30am

Weather - August and September are hot months in Southern parts of Japan. I experienced 35 degrees in Kyoto.

photo image00118-99364

On the day of the journey, I checked out early. Bus station was 5 mins walk from the hotel. I got ticket from the machine.

photo image00028

Bus schedule

photo image00026

I waited for the bus to arrive

photo image00027

Time for boarding through gate 4. Signs are marked.

Japan signage is well marked and planned, once you understand the system.

photo image00029-39189

Ticket checked at the gate, check-in bag handed for storage.

photo image00030

Free seating on this bus. unlike the limousine bus in Tokyo.

photo image00031

Fare information

photo image00032

Window view

photo image00033

Nagasaki city to airport, ticket price: JPY1200

photo image000202b

Video: Bus ride Nagasaki Station to Airport

Reached Nagasaki airport after an hour.

photo image00122-90432

Deboarded the bus and collected bag.

photo image00035-92051

Check-in Counter

Entered the terminal and headed towards the check-in counter.

photo image0000211

Customer service was very helpful, took my passport and then checked ticket details.

photo image00036

I was asked to scan the check-in bag through x-ray machine and then issued boarding pass, baggage receipt and security check paper. I was informed that the yellow paper would be collected on landing in Tokyo.

photo image00038

Departure Level

Departure is located on level 2

photo image00037

Security Check

I took escalator to upper floor, shops are on the left side with security in center. Security check was quick as not many people in the queue.

Waiting Area

There was plenty of seats, I took one and organised my bag.

photo image00039


I had completed all the formalities, with plenty of time for boarding. I explored the terminal. Window view of the airside. 


Nagasaki has an observation deck. I didn't go as it was too hot to be outside in the sun before travelling.

Solaseed below

photo image00003aa

Passengers waiting for Solaseed boarding.

photo image00004aa

Ready for pushback

photo image00042

ANA in Star Alliance livery

photo image00041

Solaseed pushback completed

photo image00045

Empty waiting area

photo image00046

Video: Nagasaki Airport ✈ Spotting

Exploring the Terminal

Explored the gates while waiting for boarding call.

photo image00043

Sony Sensors

photo image00044

Relaxed for sometime on near gate 6.

photo image00040

Aircraft had not arrived from Tokyo

photo image00047

Aircraft operating the flight was JA610A which had departed Tokyo- Haneda.

photo image00117-42814

Aircraft was on approach into Nagasaki Airport

photo image00116-84866

Boarding gate

photo image00048

I was feeling hungry and got food, seated in front of the gate.

photo image00049

Aircraft Arrives

Ground crew preparing gate for arrival.

photo image00050

Aircraft landed on runway 14 and exited taxiway to arrive at gate.

photo image00051

Aircraft information:

Airline: All Nippon Airways
Reg: JA610A
First flight date: 11/12/2002
Delivery date: 15/04/2003
Aircraft age: 21 year old

photo image00052

Wide angle view as airbridge is attached to aircraft.

photo image00006aa

Skymark arrives in the gate 5.

photo image00053

Boarding area with aircraft in view

photo image00056

Passengers gathered around boarding gate, time was 10.55am

photo image00007aa

Boarding gate view

photo image00008aa

Ground crew at boarding gate, boarding would be conducted in groups using boarding sequence.

photo image00055

Gate 6 arrivals escalator for incoming passengers.

photo image00057


I would be boarding in Group 3.

photo image00058

Boarding call for groups to commence shortly.

photo image00059

Group 2 boarding in progress

photo image00009-14022

Joined the queue as Group 3 was called.

photo image00060

Boarding pass was scanned and was allowed towards the aircraft.

photo image00061

Aircraft was Wi-Fi equipped.

photo image00062

OnBoard Aircraft

Crew was at the door greeting passengers,holding tray of earphones. Boarding pass checked and directed to seat. Passed the Business class which had black leather seats.  That section was full.

Boarding was still in progress.

photo image00066

I was seated in seat 7A

photo image00010aa

Window view

photo image00063aa

Boarding continued

photo image00064-64537

Waiting for pushback

photo image00012aa

Runway 14-32 in use

photo image00063


Airbirdge was withdrawn  and pushback commenced shortly.

photo image00016

Safety demonstration was shown on screen and also conducted by crew.

photo image00065

Nagasaki written on the ground and hill.

photo image00067

After few minutes of taxi, reached runway 32-14.

photo image00068


Aircraft to takeoff from runway 14.

photo image00069

A short hold for JAL Boeing 737 to take off which was following the aircraft on the taxiway.

photo image00115-16471

Takeoff was quick and climb was steep.

photo image00070

Window view

photo image00071

Flight information, I used the Free WI-FI onboard to check flight location.

photo image00119-57448

Heading North along the coast of Japan.

photo image00072-92605

Scattered cloud at cruising altitude.

photo image00017


Boeing 767-300 window

photo image00018

Checked the seat pocket and got safety card and airsickness bag

photo image00073

ANA Boeing 767-300

photo image00075

Airsickness bag

photo image00076

Top view of meal tray

photo image00019

Small meal tray as there is no food provided on this route.

photo image00020

flipped side of the safety card

photo image00074

Seat and audio controls

photo image00081

Earphones for those wishing to listen to audio.

photo image00079

Window view

photo image00078

Bridge connecting the islands of Tokushima and Awaji Island

photo image00080

CAbin SErvice

Crew service was drink. Crew used trolley for the drink service.

Choice was apple or orange juice. I chose apple juice.

photo image00077


I used the onboard free WiFi to connect with the internet. Used the speed app for speed and direction. Internet speed was good, didn't have any issue while connected

photo image00021

I spent time watching outside the window.

Osaka Kansai Airport below

photo image00082

Flying past Osaka

photo image00022

Seat view with content holder

photo image00083-57041

Curtains closed for business class

photo image00084-99517

Nagoya - Chubu Centrair International Airport below

photo image00085

Flying close to the Minamiizu 

photo image00023

Close to Shizuoka

photo image00087

Chigasaki Beach below

photo image00086

 Crew distributed lemon lollies to passengers.

photo image00088

Approach and LAnding

Pilot announced aircraft would commence descent shortly. Conducted safety check. Flying over Chiba Prefecture

photo image00089

View of Tokyo port

photo image00090

Landed smoothly on runway 34L

photo image00024

Long taxi followed

photo image00091

Passing aircraft parked in remote bay

photo image00092

Arrival in Satellite Terminal

Aircraft parked at satellite terminal.

photo image00094

Passengers preparing to disembark after reaching gate.

photo image00093

Window view

photo image00095-81196

Disembarkation was orderly.

photo image00096

Aircraft view after deplaning

photo image00097

Aircraft parked in Satellite terminal. Took a escalator to upper level and then another to go down to the ground level to catch bus.

photo image00098

VidEO: Tokyo Haneda Airport Bus Ride

Window view from bus

photo image00025

Bus took about 5-10 minutes to reach Terminal 2.

photo image00099

Arrival Terminal 2

After deboarding bus, followed directions towards baggage claim

photo image00100

Reached baggage claim and waited for the check-in bag to arrive.

photo image00101

Arrival was not busy, bag arrived in 10-15 mins.

photo image00102

Exited the ArriVAL Area

After collecting bag, exited the arrival area. Flight schedule on display.

photo image00103

FLight, Route And AircRaft InformaTion

Aircraft routing

photo image00114

Video: ANA ANA664 Nagasaki to Tokyo (Haneda) route

Flight path

photo image00120-29269

Tokyo - Haneda Terminal 2

I wanted to check the observation deck , which is on Level 5F.

photo image00104-29578

Checked the weather, Tokyo temperature was 33 degrees.

Idea of visiting the observation deck was dropped. Decided to take bus to Tokyo - Narita Airport.

I purchased the bus ticket from the machine and stepped outside the terminal.

photo image00121-16012

This concludes the trip report.

I hope you enjoyed reading this trip report.

Thanks for reading the report and watching the video.


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Cabin crew8.0

Nagasaki - NGS


Tokyo - HND



ANA provided good experience both on the ground and in the air. Flight departed and arrived on time. Cabin was clean and well maintained even though the aircraft was old. Wi-Fi on board was free and had good connectivity. Entertainment was Bring Your Own Device [BYOD]. Earphones were provided and allowed to take home. Drinks were provided. Nagasaki airport is far from city, advisable to reach early due to road trip involved. Haneda airport was clean and efficient.

I had a satisfactory experience.



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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6859 Comments
    Nice report as always. Always nice how many widebodies fly domestically in Japan. The Domestic 767 interior is pretty basic, but looks comfortable and clean and it's always cool to be on a widebody on a short flight. Nothing beats the spacious 2-3-2 configuration of a 767.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 649641 by
      koresh SILVER AUTHOR 129 Comments
      Yes, I booked the flight for the Boeing 767 as soon they will be retiring. As seen throughout Japan, people care for their surrounding and keep it clean. Thanks for your comment.

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