Review of Alaska Airlines flight San Diego Washington in Domestic First

Airline Alaska Airlines
Flight AS322
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-900ER
Flight time 04:50
Take-off 19 Mar 24, 08:05
Arrival at 19 Mar 24, 15:55
AS   #55 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 85 reviews
Published on 3rd June 2024


Hello and welcome to this short series of flight reviews in Alaska Airlines Domestic First class.

In these reviews we'll just be doing a quick roundtrip out to Washington, DC—nothing terribly exciting, but there were some new lounges for me to try on the return leg.

As a oneworld flyer living in Southern California (most of the year), I love having Alaska Airlines hubs and focus cities in the area.  For domestic and regional travel, Alaska have been my go-to carrier for years and try to fly them whenever possible. 

Though Alaska aren't a small airline by any measure, compared to the big guys, they still have that small carrier feel as they remain very customer-focused and, in my personal experience, are the most consistently pleasant US carrier to fly. This mostly comes down to consistently friendly service from airport agents and cabin crews—flying Alaska dozens of times every year, I have never once come across grumpy or rude staff. The same cannot be said about most other US airlines and this makes a big difference to me. 


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photo routing-san-iad

Check-in & lounge

The majority of trancon schedules from San Diego (and the West Coast in general) aren't great—the two main departure banks are early in the morning arriving in the afternoon, or overnight redeye flights. Unless it's a route with a lot of frequency, those are often the choices, so I usually go for morning flights as I really dislike short redeye flights. Currently Alaska only operate one daily flight to Washington-Dulles, which departs at 8AM. Not terribly early, but it still means a 5AM wake-up. 

I arrived at Terminal 2 before the sun had risen. The morning bank of flights can be pretty busy, but it was surprisingly quiet. I'd checked in 24 hours prior on the app and didn't have any bags to check for the short 3-day trip so I headed right to security. Neither the regular nor TSA Pre-check lanes spilled over into the overflow lanes, which is quite rare at this time of day. 

photo img_2718

With TSA Pre-check I was through in minutes. My gate just happened to be the first gate coming out of TSA Pre-check, but there was still plenty of time before boarding. 

photo img_2719

Got a nice look at our aircraft as the sun began to come up over the horizon. 

photo img_2720

As I had some extra time to kill, thanks to security going faster than usual, I headed to the Aspire Lounge. 

photo img_2721

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that because this lounge is part of the Alaska Lounge network that I had access with my transcon First class ticket and did not have to take out my Priority Pass. Note that complimentary lounge access for paid First class tickets is only available for flights over 2000 miles. Nevertheless, Alaska are still more generous than any other US airline as they are the only airline to include lounge access with domestic First class. 

And for once, it wasn't packed!

photo img_2722

I've mostly been here in the evenings before a British Airways flight when it's just absolutely slammed. I don't think I've ever seen it this empty! I hate getting up so early to catch a flight, but this made it a bit more pleasant to ease into the morning. 

photo img_2723

As usual, nothing terribly exciting as far as food, but a decent offering by US lounge standards. There were also cereals, bagels, breads for toast, and croissants. 

photo img_2724


As there wasn't far to walk, I only headed to the gate a few minutes before boarding time. 

photo img_2725

Alaska have an impressive operation at San Diego, though it's technically more of a focus city, than a hub. Nevertheless, I definitely appreciate that they have a large presence here and offer the most nonstop destinations from SAN. 

photo img_2726photo img_2727

After pre-boarding and Active military boarding (This is pretty common in the US), Group A was called, comprised of First class and Alaska MVP Gold 100K members. 

photo img_2728

Unsurprisingly, this 737-900 had old cabins—New cabins are found mostly on the 737 MAX fleet anymore. Alaska had retrofitted all ex-Virgin America A320 family aircraft after the merger, but ended up retiring them all just a few years later. The 737NG fleet is being refreshed slowly but surely, so it's still very rare to find a new cabin. 

photo img_2730photo img_2731

While the cabins may be getting old, the seats are very comfortable, and with a seat pitch of 40", it's the most legroom in Domestic First class. 

photo img_2733

Each seat has a combo 110v universal power outlet with USB-A port. 

photo img_2732

Unlike fellow US oneworld carrier AA, AS are more consistent about service pre-departure drinks. The options were water, orange juice, or sparkling wine. Ok it's in a paper cup, not great, but PDBs are rarely ever served in glass on domestic flights. 

photo img_2735

The wireless in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi are available from gate-to-gate, which is great. Standard pricing for the Wi-Fi is $8, a decent price compared to other US carriers. 

photo img_2736

But for me it's free, thanks to T-Mobile! I really love that I get free Wi-Fi on most domestic flights operated by major US carriers.

photo img_2737photo img_2738

If you're a US-based T-Mobile customer, you just enter you mobile phone number…

photo img_2739

And Voilà! Free unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi and texting for the duration of the flight. 

photo img_2740

The streaming entertainment is free for everyone, of course, and has tons of content including hundreds of movies, TV shows, music, audio books, documentaries, and children's programming. 

the flight

Boarding wrapped up quickly and we pushed back from the gate on time. 

photo img_2747

Taxi time was quick, just waiting on one aircraft to land. 

photo img_2748

Flying in and out of SAN is always scenic, especially on a nice sunny day. 

photo img_2749

Mornings tend to be foggy with the marine layer later in the spring and early summer, but it was perfectly clear on this mid-March morning. 

photo img_2750photo img_2751

Flying over Cabrillo National Monument on the end of the Point Loma peninsula as we made a turn back inland after takeoff. 

photo img_2752

This always gives the left side of the aircraft amazing views of the city. 

photo img_2753photo img_2754

Looking north towards Mission Bay and La Jolla and Torrey Pines further in the distance. 

photo img_2755

Coronado Island and its wide white sand beaches. 

photo img_2756

There's a basic little map on the Wi-Fi/Entertainment portal. 

photo img_2757

As usual, the flight path took us to the south of Mount Miguel and my neighbourhood at the food of the mountain. 

photo img_2758

Always fun to see my house when flying in or out of SAN. 

photo img_2759

Once over the mountains it's desert and intensive agriculture as far as the eye can see. 

photo img_2760

It's crazy to see such of huge green area in the desert. The agriculture in the Imperial valley, on the southern shores of the Salton Sea, is possible in large part to irrigation from the Colorado river. 

photo img_2761

One thing I'm looking forward to with the new cabins are eye-level tablet holders. This is one of the main things missing with the old cabins—not having anywhere to put tablets, except for the tray table, so it's not really possible to watch something while eating. 

photo img_2762photo img_2763

There was an initial drink service shortly after takeoff. I had a mimosa, a healthy breakfast beverage. 

photo img_2764

More desert agriculture. 

photo img_2765

After agriculture in the middle of the desert is a big city in the middle of the desert: Phoenix, Arizona 

photo img_2766

PHX Phoenix Skyharbor International Airport

photo img_2767

Downtown Phoenix

photo img_2768

Further along, found some snow in the higher elevations of the Southern Rockies

photo img_2770photo img_2771

Meals were served about an hour into the flight. I had pre-ordered online, which is always a nice option to ensure you receive your preferred option. 

There were 5 options for pre-order, quite a lot compared to most other carriers. On board there were only 3 options for those who hadn't pre-ordered. 

photo food-pre-order-san-iad

Southwest Huevos Rancheros
Chicken chorizo sausage, marinated pinto beans, cage-free scrambled eggs
Cotija cheese, salsa verde, and scallion

Served with a warm pastry, granola, and yogurt

photo img_2772

Overall very good and nice and spicy with the hot sauce and salsa verde. It's nice to see an interesting twist on the normal "eggs and sausage" breakfast. 

Flying over the colourful mountains and deserts of New Mexico. 

photo img_2773photo img_2778

The city of Albuquerque on the banks of the Rio Grande

photo img_2775photo img_2774

A little later I discovered the Great Salt Plains and Lake of Northern Oklahoma. 

photo img_2787photo img_2788

The rest of the flight was pretty uneventful. Cabin crew came by often to refill drinks and brought out a snack basket towards the end of the flight.

photo img_2790

We began the descent over West Virginia and the Appalachian Mountains. 

photo img_2791photo img_2793

It's rare to have a to have such a sunny, cloudless flight from coast to coast, especially in March!

photo img_2795photo img_2796

We landed from the north crossing over the Potomac river on final approach. 

photo img_2797photo img_2798

There's no mistaking we're at Washington-Dulles airport with the iconic Saarinen main terminal building and the "moon buggy" mobile lounges. 

photo img_2800

One thing I loved about Dulles when I lived here was the diversity of international airlines here. 

photo img_2801photo img_2802

Having lived many years in DC, flying into Dulles, or Reagan, always feels like coming home. 

photo img_2803photo img_2804

It was a quiet time as I had a train car to the main terminal all to myself. 

photo img_2806

Advertisement for the new Capital One Lounge on exiting. I'll be checking that out on the return flight!

photo img_2807
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Alaska Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Aspire Lounge - 2


San Diego - SAN


Washington - IAD



As usual, a solid experience with Alaska Airlines in Domestic First. Alaska cabin crews are consistently friendly and attentive, the seats are comfortable and spacious (though getting old), and the catering is just a bit better than on the big US3 legacy carriers.

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