Review of Air France flight Paris Libreville in Premium Eco

Airline Air France
Flight AF926
Class Premium Eco
Seat 17B
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 08:15
Take-off 19 Dec 23, 12:35
Arrival at 19 Dec 23, 20:50
AF   #24 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 6115 reviews
By GOLD 734
Published on 31st March 2024

Hello here is my first Flight-Report in English of my regular commute to/from Gabon. As usual long-haul will be in premium economy and domestic flights will be in economy class. All flights are booked by the travel agency of my company.


  • AF926 CDG -> LBV You are here
  • J7112 LBV -> POG Coming soon
  • J7193 GAX -> POG Coming soon
  • J7153 POG -> LBV Coming soon
  • AF977 LBV -> CDG Coming soon

The day starts with a fire on the highway which did not impede access to the airport from Paris.

photo 20231219_092053

I arrived at the airport with a large margin

photo 20231219_092716

It is not so packed inside.

photo 20231219_092726

Here is the Flight Information Display.

photo 20231219_092801

The most important part for me is this one, today waiting times are shorter than one hour

photo 20231219_093306

I'll be able to drop my luggage in the SkyPriority area in less than five minutes.

photo 20231219_093128-50766photo 20231219_093111-26396

There is a priority line and, for once, the automated passport control gates are working.

photo 20231219_093351photo 20231219_093402-14759

There is a long line to access gates L.

photo 20231219_093456-19412

Gates M require passengers to use the airport train.

photo 20231219_093632-86004

Flight information is displayed here. Waiting time at security has decreased for M gates.

photo 20231219_093607

View from the automated train.

photo 20231219_093846

There is a priority line at at security. It will take roughly 10 minutes to clear security.
Time spent for passport control, train and security inspection : 21 minutes, not bad at all for CDG.

photo 20231219_094258-95787

The gates are one level above security.

photo 20231219_095453

The central area is large. There are two wings on the left and on the right where the gates are located. Most shops are located in the central area.

photo 20231219_100603

There is a significant duty-free shop.

photo 20231219_095519photo 20231219_095653photo 20231219_100105

Also you can find an art exhibition

photo 20231219_100814photo 20231219_100847

The waiting area closer to the gates has many seats and many electrical outlets.

photo 20231219_100925photo 20231219_101006photo 20231219_101210

There is also a playground for kids and video games for bigger kids

photo 20231219_101122photo 20231219_101231

Overall the terminal seems large

photo 20231219_101916-69918photo 20231219_102326-25462

Spotting is easy and but there is not a big airline diversity.
Today's aircraft to Gabon, an A350.

photo 20231219_101102

A few Delta birds

photo 20231219_101955photo 20231219_102442

LATAM to Chile

photo 20231219_102116

China Southern to Guangzhou.

photo 20231219_102257

There is a smoking area at the end of the terminal. 

photo 20231219_102504

I walk back to the lounge. The entrance is clearly visible.

photo 20231219_103017

The lounge has a lot of natural sunlight. There are different areas : one with tables to eat.

photo 20231219_113852-79349photo 20231219_113847-55346

Another one with a lounge apearance.

photo 20231219_103218-40167

I'll take this seat. It was confortable.

photo 20231219_103215

Also available is this bar-like area.

photo 20231219_113940-31252

Soft drinks, wines, Champagne and hard liquors are self serve. I was a bit disappointed by the wines but I am satisfied with the efforts made by the airline to offer French hard liquors.

photo 20231219_112457_003photo 20231219_112409

The food offering has both warm and cold options :

photo 20231219_114010photo 20231219_112648photo 20231219_112424

My favorites, only three of those delicious chocolate desserts from Alain Ducasse are left.

photo 20231219_114003

My choice : mostly sugar.

photo 20231219_112813

It is also possible to spot from the lounge : here is a China Eastern in SkyTeam livery arriving from Shanghai.

photo 20231219_113932

Information screens display the flight as boarding. It's time to go.

photo 20231219_101854

Boarding is done by zone with different lines for each zone. Thera are also two jet bridges, one for business and one for economy and premium economy.

photo 20231219_115811-11230

However there are no windows in the jet bridge.

photo 20231219_115825

Passengers are welcomed by the crew at the door.

photo 20231219_115851

It is necessary to go through the rear section of the business class to reach the premium economy area. I find thos seats gorgeous.

photo 20231219_115924

I'm seated here on the first of three rows. Pillow and blanket are already on the seat. They are different from those in Economy.

photo 20231219_120042

Nothing to see from the window.

photo 20231219_120436

Seat controls

photo 20231219_121410

There is a water bottle available

photo 20231219_121453

The seatbelt is branded.

photo 20231219_125440

The IFE systèm is large but there are a lot of reflections. You can pair your own device through bluetooth.

photo 20231219_121535

The legroom is good.

photo 20231219_121714-23921

The safety card

photo 20231219_201626

The headset is located on a side pocket of the seat.

photo 20231219_122134

Use this button to free the tray table from the armrest.

photo 20231219_124832

The crew passes an amenity kit and a refreshing towel.

photo 20231219_124915

Then, there is a welcome drink, Champagne for me.

photo 20231219_125736

Pushback is initiated

photo 20231219_132237

During taxi, a safety video and a 90 year old annversary video of the compagny are shown on screens.

photo 20231219_132349photo 20231219_133041photo 20231219_133106

We pass close to 2G terminal

photo 20231219_133356

Cabin is ready for take-off.

photo 20231219_133007


photo 20231219_134019

Around 50 minutes after take-off, the crew starts the first meal service. Here is the tray as given by the crew, I'll take Champagne and tomato juice as drinks. The juice s served in a real glass. Also the crew proposes more bread. Fork and knives are also metal ones.

photo 20231219_142944

I chose the salmon with pasta risotto.

photo 20231219_142948

The main dish was good and the quantity was adequate.

photo 20231219_143846

After the lunch, it is possible to get warm beverages, I got a hot chocolate and a pear liqor which I highly recommend on Air France. Also the crew hands out chocolates.

photo 20231219_152106

I'll do a quick tour of the cabin during the flight. The flight load is decent.

photo 20231219_164027

Door 4R

photo 20231219_163914

Quick look on the desert.

photo 20231219_163312

The rear galley

photo 20231219_163912

The second meal service starts one hour and half before landing. It is the usual disappointing bag.

photo 20231219_190554photo 20231219_190625

Finally the pilot announces the upcoming arrival and the cabin is readied for landing

photo 20231219_201651

Approach on Libreville

photo 20231219_202729


photo 20231219_204531

We disembark through door 1L.

photo 20231219_205010

The jet bridge has no windows.

photo 20231219_205057-74699

Then there are a faw controls : first is the yellow fever vaccine controls. then there is the preliminary passport and visa control. And finally you get sent to a line for the real passport and visa control. There are only a few booths open (five) so depending on if you exist the airplane first or last, you can wait up to one hour and half to get to the luggage area. There is also a small duty free.

photo 20231219_205726

Baggage delivery takes place in this room with two belts. Both of them are used for widebody aircrafts. I'll wait around 20 minutes to collect my luggage on the belt.

photo 20231219_205756photo 20231219_210640

Customs agents will be friendly and will only take a quick look at my luggage. Outside is the usual crowd of relatives, travel agents, SIM card and cigarette sellers.

photo 20231219_210907-33704
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Air France

Cabin crew8.0

Air France Lounge - 2E, Hall M


Paris - CDG


Libreville - LBV



AF: Those new premium economy recliner seats are much more confortable than the previous ones. First meal was ggod, second one very disappointing. I do not believe that the huge price difference with economy is justified.
CDG: Efficiency is decent. Lots of shops and restaurants. Wifi and electrical outlets available. Overall it's a good day for the airport.
LBV: As usual the main chokepoint is passport control. No issue with customs.
Lounge: Good design, not crowded with different types of seating areas. Food was good. Wifi was working and newspapers were available on an app.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Gabon Airlines avec 7.7/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 7 heures et 15 minutes.

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  • Comment 647968 by
    SerialdesignationN 15 Comments
    NIce review! Wish they would serve a bigger snack box before landing though...
  • Comment 648070 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6718 Comments
    Nice to have gotten one of the new A350s! The J cabin looks beautiful and the new W seat looks a lot more comfortable than the older fixed shell seats. Although I like the concept of the fixed shell seats for the better privacy and preserving the space in front, they were not great for sleeping. This more traditional type of recliner seat just seems better suited.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 648196 by
      Azeotrope GOLD AUTHOR 277 Comments
      Hi, thanks for your comment.
      The reclining seat is such an improvement compared to hard shells one.
      In premium economy there is enough space so even if the seat in front reclines it is not bothering.

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