Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Bogota in First

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH542
Class First
Seat 1A
Aircraft Airbus A340-600
Flight time 12:30
Take-off 03 Mar 24, 13:30
Arrival at 03 Mar 24, 20:00
LH   #66 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1598 reviews
Published on 28th March 2024

transfer in Frankfurt

I arrive in Frankfurt on a Lufthansa flight from Amsterdam. To be honest, I was kind of expecting that there would be some kind of ground service or assistance, given that a) I'm travelling in First Class, and b) Frankfurt is a mess. But no, apparently it's each man for himself here…

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A lounging Desaster

I make my way through passport control to the Z concourse, from where the flight to Bogota is leaving. I can't seem the find the First Class lounge. I walk into the Senator lounge instead to inquire how to reach the First Class lounge. But apparently, there is none. Given that the Senator lounge is rather full too, I figure I might as well head for the gate straight away.

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Okay, so maybe this wasn't such a brilliant idea… The gate area is very busy and there's no place to sit. There's also a delay in boarding the flight due to its late arrival from Houston. When eventually boarding does start, I nearly miss the announcement because the volume is turned all the way down.

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lufthansa first class cabin

There are two rows of four seats, for a total of eight passengers. The cabin is showing some signs of serious wear and tear. Other than that, the seat offers only very little privacy and there is hardly any storage space.

photo img_8479photo img_8480photo img_8481

Lufthansa's signature touch a a single red rose placed at every seat. I guess it's a nice touch, even though I find it rather pointless. 

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There is a privacy screen that can be raised, but it's only moderately useful.

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cabin crew

The cabin crew are lovely. Two middle-aged ladies are attending to the First Class cabin. They do a great job. They're personable and quite entertaining. While we're still on the ground, I am served a glass of still water and some nuts.

photo img_8485

By the time boarding is done and the doors are closed, we're running over thirty minutes late.

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The lunch takes a very long time to start, mainly because one cabin crew is busy in the galley, while the service for the whole First Class cabin done is only done by the other flight attendant.

First, the crew hand out the menus.

photo img_8487photo img_8486

We start with an amuse bouche of goat cheese.

photo img_8495

And then the table is set.

photo img_8498photo img_8500

There is a choice of butter, olive oil or both.

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… and there are plenty of different types of bread and rolls to choose from.

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Next is the caviar service with trimmings and toast.

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For the starter, I have a combination of three dishes.

And more bread…

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This is followed by the soup, which is just lovely and has a rich, velvety flavour.

photo img_8510

For the main course I have the fish, which is okay.

photo img_8511

The vegetables have apparently been cooked to death and have zero crunch and zero taste left in them.

I skip cheese and have the dessert, which is served with warm custard.

photo img_8512

To conclude the meal I have a coffee.

photo img_8513

second meal service

The time goes by quickly, even with it being a day flight. Just over an hour out of Bogota, the meal service begins.

photo img_8514photo img_8515photo img_8516

I have the minestrone, which is light and full of flavour.

photo img_8517

And some fruit to pretend I'm eating healthy.

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A few days before I left Amsterdam, I received an email from the Lufthansa station in Bogota informing me that they were expecting me and would be escorting me through immigration and customs. It turns out the First Class ground service in Bogota is just about as non-existent as that in Frankfurt.

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Cabin crew9.0

Frankfurt - FRA


Bogota - BOG



The ground experience in Frankfurt was a bit of a let down in that there was nothing that identified the experience as First Class. The cabin and seat were okay, but the seat is not a bit past it and it's also not that comfortable. The food was okay, but the focus is clearly and quantity and not quality. The redeeming feature of this experience were the cabin crew, who were just lovely!

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    I have a feeling of déjà vu, haha. Not sure what happened with the first one, but thanks for re-posting! Definitely a shame not to have been able to go to the FCT...surprised there isn't also a First Class lounge in the terminal for those who don't have time to go to the FCT, which is quite a hike from what I understand (especially if there's no transfer service).

    Yes, the cabin has definitely seen better days, but it's cool to be on an A340-600 in 2024...especially since they were all announced to be retired during the pandemic and then, surprise, they're back! haha. So yeah, I don't see these cabins getting any revamps anytime soon before they're retired again.

    One thing I'm surprised about is that there doesn't seem to be a turndown service or mattress pads available for the seats? Many airlines do this even in Business class so it's surprising that this was not offered in First--especially since these older seats are getting uncomfortable, as you mention, from years of passengers crushing the cushioning.

    The catering at least looks well-presented--too bad it sounds like it wasn't as good as it looks. A good cabin crew definitely makes all the difference on a flight.

    Thanks for sharing!

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