Review of Volaris flight San José Bogota in Economy

Airline Volaris
Flight Q64102
Class Economy
Seat 1A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:10
Take-off 16 Mar 24, 06:40
Arrival at 16 Mar 24, 09:50
Y4 9 reviews
By GOLD 112
Published on 29th March 2024


Day 2, flight 3. I would fly on the Volaris A319 between San Jose and Bogota for the next portion of my LATAM adventure. Originally, this plane was scheduled to be an A320neo, but sadly, there was an aircraft swap the day before.

There are plenty of flight options between the two countries but I figured that I might not try Volaris for a while so this is a perfect opportunity!

Even with an aircraft swap, not all is lost! All in all, this flight was a very pleasant experience, and I would highly recommend flying Volaris. With all that said and done, let's jump right into the review! 


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how I booked

Volaris tends to offer some competitive fares when flying internationally and this route was no different. Due to my flight being on a Saturday, fares were slightly higher. However, I managed to get my one-way ticket for 186$ all in. This included 1 free carry-on, one personal item, and a premium seat (1A), which was 15$ extra.

As you will read about in a minute, this 15$ for a much better seat was a bargain! 186$ is a phenomenal price for a 2-hour flight in "premium economy".


The alarm goes off at 3 am in my Airbnb😒, contemplating life is an understatement. I quickly realized I would be at Country 78 today, so I jumped out of bed, showered, and headed to the airport.

Once arriving, the airport was empty at 4 am. Even though I can do online check-in, I love to have physical boarding passes to pin on my wall at home. Only a couple of people were in front of me anyway. 

photo img_7631

Boarding pass in hand, I headed through security, which was a breeze.

around sjo airport

San Jose airport is extremely pretty, but much like in Liberia, everything is absurdly expensive.

photo img_7632

Heading through the duty-free, a couple of things caught my eye. I collect bracelets, shot glasses and coffee mugs from every country I go to.

photo img_7633

Finally, I found a Starbucks. I mean I do live in SoCal at the end of the day, give me a break 😉.

photo img_7634

9$ coffee in hand, I watched the sunrise over this beautiful Delta 757.  

photo img_7635

San Jose airport is large, there is plenty of seating options all over the terminal 

photo img_7639


Boarding was scheduled for 5:50 am, a whole hour before departure. However, boarding didn't actually start until 6:15 am.

Weirdly, I was in Zone 2, even though I was in seat 1A, make it make sense please😅.

photo img_7644

Heading down the jetbridge, I caught a glimpse of the A319 taking us on the 2-hour hop to Bogota. As well as a private jet parked at a gate?? Once again, make it make sense please😅.

photo img_7646

Thankfully, the jetbridge wasn't congested and I was onboard in no time.

photo img_7649

A look through the glass of our bird.

photo img_7651

It was quite easy to find my seat, and I was easily able to settle into 1A. 

photo img_7655

A look out of the window at a couple of the different aircraft on display. Did you know you can fly the Air Canada 787 for sub 600$ down to San Jose, for 6 hours!!!

photo img_7660


By 6:37 am, the boarding doors were closed.

A couple of minutes later we pushed back. 10 minutes ahead of schedule! Volaris, I am already impressed with you!

I can see traffic getting a little congested at busier times here due to the single taxiway. However, it wasn't too bad after the United Max decided to move its butt😅.

photo img_7664

By 6:44 am, we were rolling down to the other side of the runway.

photo img_7665

There was another Caravan at the end of the runway awaiting takeoff. If you haven't checked out my Sansa review, it was probably one of my coolest flights ever!

photo img_7672photo img_7674

As a 767 motored off in the other direction (once again make it make sense😅) we were next up to depart.

photo img_7675

Finally, at 6:58 am we lined up.

This is why I love 1A, the view when you turn onto the runway. It's especially incredible when in the nose of a 747.

photo img_7678

We had a rolling takeoff and was airborne ahead of schedule! A slideshow is attached if you want to follow the takeoff along in real time🥰.

Whoa!! A Ukraine International plane in San Jose!! Any ideas on what it is doing here?

I attached a slideshow you can swipe through if you want to check out some of the planes parked!

About 10 minutes after takeoff, the captain announced that the largest mountain in Costa Rica was on the right-hand side. Well, I was on the left so I'll show a picture of my view😅.

photo img_7698photo img_7699photo img_7700

the seat/cabin

photo img_7659

Like with almost all of the narrowbody Airbus family, seats are arranged in a 3-3 configuration in economy, and seeing this is an all-economy configuration it's all a 3-3.

However, I selected a premium seat for an additional 15$ in the first row. With the flight being relatively empty, no on was sitting in 1B meaning I had plenty of space to stretch out.

The seat itself was relatively barebones, but extremely well padded. 

The only differential with premium seats seems to be the branding on the seat, and a tad extra legroom.

Here is a photo of a non-premium row.

photo img_7653

There is a button to recline on your right as well as I think radio channels (I haven't been alive that long😅).

One aspect I loved was the little cubby to place your feet in row 1. It's a great touch, and I wish more airlines did this.

photo img_7656

The first-row seats are separated by armrests that are not moveable, so don't expect a lie-flat seat in economy like my Alaska flight.

photo img_7701

If you have been reading my blog, I am fully against reclining. However, after my seat mate went to the restroom, I took a picture of her seat and the recline seemed decent. 

photo img_7702

Just another picture of the legroom, so generous!

photo img_7703

food & Drink

At the end of the day, Volaris is an ultra-low-cost carrier…

What does this mean? No free Biscoff cookies😒. Everything is a buy onboard system and that meant a pamphlet was waiting in the seatback in case I wanted to order anything. Here is a look at the menu.

Due to the early start, I slept most of the way. Prices for the snacks and drinks were a little on the pricey side but 5$ for a beer is much cheaper than the San Jose airport!

IFE & USB ports, well that was nonexistent.


After a peaceful sleep (very comfortable seat), I woke up just as we started our initial descent. 

Bogota is a funny airport. One moment, you feel like you are 10,000 feet above the next you are on final approach. This is due to a hill when landing to the south. Please correct me if I am wrong, just what I saw and read. 

photo img_7711

The captain straightened us out and we were on short final by 9:43 am.

We touched down at 9:46 am after a flight time of 1 hour and 49 minutes. A very smooth landing, you get my approval El Capitan.

We taxiied by a little baby Avianca in the Star Alliance livery. Awww isn't it adorable😁.

photo img_7725

We pulled into our gate at 9:51 am local time, 9 minutes ahead of schedule!!!

photo img_7727

Thankfully, I was first one off of the plane.

photo img_7730

I'm sorry, 165 minutes to go through immigration???! You must be pulling my leg. The bathroom was needed before I embarked on this long wait which…

photo img_7732

Turned out to be only 5 minutes long 😂. Come on Bogota, don't give me anxiety please next time.

photo img_7735

After clearing immigration, a man in Colombian colors was duty-free. Talk about stylish aye.

photo img_7738

No bags, which meant walking straight to arrivals where there was, guess what? A Starbucks! For half the cost of the one in San Jose!

photo img_7739

Coffee in hand, I called an Uber from the departures area. Word of advice if you are arriving in Bogota. If you want to use an Uber it's much better upstairs then downstairs due to the taxi mafia of Bogota. 

photo img_7741

Country 78, we have done it!!!!!🎉

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a 9-page research paper to write about Incentive Theory 😒, perhaps I can do it on what incentivizes people to travel other than work.

Thank you so much for reading! If you want to know more about Bogota, I will write about what I got up to there and where I stayed on my blog

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Cabin crew8.5
Buy-on-board menu6.5

San José - SJO


Bogota - BOG



It was a very solid flight with Volaris, especially for the price. The seats were well-padded and the legroom cubby was fantastic. I was able to get a nice hour's nap, and the service was relatively friendly based on the minor interactions I had with the FAs. Considering this is an Ultra Low-Cost Carrier, for an extra 15$, it feels like you are in Main Cabin Extra minus the free beverages and snacks. We departed early and landed early, what more could one ask for really?

If the price were the right (no not the game show😅), I wouldn't hesitate to fly Volaris again. I think there is a sweet spot on these low-cost carriers in the rows near the front for a small additional charge. Avianca blew my mind with their new Recaro seat, but you'll have to wait a few days to read that review 😉. Volaris, I only recommend letting people in the premium seats board with Zone 1, and possibly some IFE but I guess this aircraft is vintage so no complaints.



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  • Comment 648220 by
    Chibcha SILVER 552 Comments
    I find it funny that Volaris' seats are probably better than Iberia's on the A32Xs. Talk about being cheap.

    Bogota is a funny airport. One moment, you feel like you are 10,000 feet above the next you are on final approach. This is due to a hill when landing to the south. Please correct me if I am wrong, just what I saw and read.

    Bogotá is pretty high up (2600m). The plateau where it is emerges quite abruptly from the Magdalena River Valley to the west of it, and those were the high mountains you saw. But has the impression that you're flying straight into the mountains. Btw your approach was South-Eastward. BOG's runways are aligned at 14-32. You landed in the 14s.

    You were lucky there were no queues at immigration, it can be a royal mess after midday when the European flights arrive.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 648224 by
      jettoajet GOLD AUTHOR 71 Comments
      Thank you for all of that information! I had no idea that it was called the Magdalena River Valley, am going to have to go do some research now, thanks! Ahh Southeast, that makes more sense.

      I can only imagine about the immigration, guess the trick might be to land in the early morning. How bad can it get? Thinking about heading back next month on the delta JFK departure... but that lands... yeah.

      Thanks for your comment and for stopping by!
  • Comment 648611 by
    Marko_YS 1 Comments
    Good TR, I wish Volaris El Salvador also operated A319s. 😅😅
    Originally, this plane was scheduled to be an A320neo, but sadly, there was an aircraft swap the day before.

    I actually prefer the A319s over the A320neos - the seats recline and generally have more legroom than the A32N Volaris operates.

    I used to fly AV a lot until they restructured into a (quite expensive) LCC. Nowadays, with them having the exact same Economy seats (sans Plus and Premium seats), I fly Volaris - they’re often HALF the price with checked bags and seat selection and all that jazz.
    One thing I do wish is the option to pre order meals, especially if only card is accepted.

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