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Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ327
Class Business
Seat 16A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 04 Jul 12, 09:10
Arrival at 04 Jul 12, 11:50
SQ   #5 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 687 reviews
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Published on 2nd April 2014

Summer 2012 had just arrived and I had just finished my final year exams at uni. Before graduation, I had some time to travel into mainland Europe as I has an unused visa which was soon to expire. Munich was once, again, the destination I chose (I have some sort of special affection for the city as this was going to be my 8th trip). Living in Sheffield at the time gave me two options: I could either go through London Heathrow or Manchester and my choice of airline at the time was Lufthansa. Once I remembered that SQ offered fifth-freedom flights between Manchester and Munich, it became a no brainer for me. Firstly, I would be in a proper business class seat for long haul and not the pseudo one offered by LH and the likes. Secondly, the difference in price was not so much; about £50 and lastly, it was Singapore Airlines; which is arguably one of the best airlines around, so it was nice to be able to try it without having to go to Singapore.

At the Airport

This was going to be my first time flying through Manchester Airport. There are trains that run directly from Sheffield's main train station to the Airport so connectivity was not an issue for me. Once at the train station, there is a long walk towards the terminal. This journey is eased up with the presence of several moving walkways which helped shorten the time. MAN has 3 terminals and SQ operates from Terminal 2. Once at the terminal, my first impressions leaned towards the negative zone. It felt so unwelcoming by being too austere; and not in that artistic sense but rather, in a bland and somewhat ugly way. Check-in was quick and this was done by a very nice woman. I was given my boarding pass and lounge card. I quickly made my way to security, which was also quick as there was a fast track lane. Once through security, I had to make my way through the duty free area - which was nice - to the lounge. The way to the lounge felt as though I was looking for the airport managers office. I had to go through several private corridors, which looked very office-like, before I found the lounge.

The Lounge

SQ uses the Escape lounge, which is nice and cosy but nothing to write home about. The seating arrangement felt a bit cramped but I was lucky to find myself a seat as the lounge wasn't crowded at the time. The lounge attendants were nice enough but the food selection was somewhat minimal. I didn't have anything to eat as I wasn't hungry so I cannot comment on how they tasted.


Boarding was announced on-time, close to the stated time of departure. The flight was assigned to a remote stand so I had to make my way through a series of maze like and dungeon looking corridors to get to the gate. Once I finally arrived there after all that walking, I was greeted by two very friendly gate agents who were very fascinated by my shoes. We were the last to board the bus and the airport scenery today wasn't that great as there weren't many planes on the ground. I personally love remote stands but I can understand if the other passengers felt very inconvenienced especially as most of the direct stands at terminal 2 were empty. I was greeted by two extremely nice and friendly flight attendants once I boarded the plane. The female flight attendant showed me to my seat and asked to take my jacket from me. Already, I could tell this flight was going to be awesome despite how short it was going to be.

photo 7759794514_d6b7ec4fb7_k
Pre departure drink and cabin
photo 7759772398_36fe39bd64_b
IFE Screen
photo 7759729190_2ec18330bd_b
photo 7759782770_616cbedb15_b

Just before we departed, another flight attendant came and introduced himself and offered me a menu and a pre-departure drink. So far, this crew had been one of the best I have ever experienced. They were very much in the mood to make the customers happy and as the cabin was literally empty, it made the service a lot more personal. I began to wish I was going all the way to Singapore.

Taxi & Take off

We pushed back right on time and began our taxi to runway 23L. The flight time was going to be just over 2 hours.

photo 7759719420_c45979969c_b
Terminal 2
photo 7759180744_ce0b9f7dcf_bphoto 7759688996_76b678808b_bphoto 7759655710_fba64b9f49_b
Emirates A332
photo 7759645144_ae76fec2fe_bphoto 7759634290_821afac6b8_bphoto 7759625360_40f163f533_b
CX 744F Cargo

Take off was quick and grey. It is always a pleasure hearing those GE90 engines spool up.

Takeoff video

photo 7759605788_22a6cd4aca_bphoto 7759596390_360890cd9c_b
Cloudy day out of MAN
photo 7759578468_dfa06c2891_b

Food & Service

Shortly after take off, the female flight attendant came over to once again, introduce herself. After a brief chat with her, she took my order. Two options were available, the western breakfast and the oriental one. I decided to go for the western one as I hoped to try the latter on my return flight.

photo 7759736910_dfb4ab0984_bphoto 7759745602_3603161527_b
photo 7759558518_f4de47df4c_bphoto 7759547642_8f68eca489_b
Entre: Farmhouse pork sausage with mushroom-capsicum and potato zucchini cake
photo 7759535158_16d1df32e7_b
Starter: Fruit plate with cream cheese

The meal was great! I particularly enjoyed the entre. The fruit plate was also very nice. Everything was perfect; nothing was over or under cooked. The flight attendants kept checking in to see if everything was ok and that was nice. Throughout the flight, I was addressed by name. The service was very top notch.

Some people might feel a bit invaded by their very enthusiastic concern for their passengers welfare however, I think that it shows just how much they value their customers.

The cabin & Seat

After the meal, I was able to absorb the ambience of the cabin very well. I really love the warm but soft colour scheme and how subtle the design is. It's definitely a place I do not mind spending hours in.
photo 7759468370_d2f454f68e_bphoto 7759492600_052f7b1567_b

Now to the seats. I had always wondered about the extra wide seats as the idea of seats that wide fascinated me, at least on paper. The seat is fairly comfortable however, as it is said, too much of everything is not always good. I felt they were too wide. As someone who is slim, it made me feel like I was seating on a long bench in a park with little or no cushion support. The distance between the seats was also a bit of an issue for me as I felt it was too close but with seats so wide, SQ cannot afford a larger seat pitch. The leg rest was helpful but still felt awkward. In bed mode, I found it to be comfortable enough however, the foot well had some sort of block that didn't let my leg stretch out too well so this was a little bit uncomfortable. I would probably recommend the bulkhead seats as those ones have much wider foot wells. All in all however, I would not turn down a request to fly on these seats in the future.

photo 7759457994_70553a7a83_b
Bed mode
photo 474490_10150961299393283_1405780082_o
Family Guy :D
photo 7759476484_ac2e506f9e_b
Inflight: Over the English channel

Rest of the flight & Landing

The remainder of the flight was uneventful and I was able to get at least an hour of sleep which I desperately needed at the time. The female flight attendant woke me up when the descent into Munich commenced. I thanked her for her wonderful hospitality on this rather short but great flight. We made a straight-in into runway 8L and ended with a very smooth landing.

photo 7759418636_26bfb1bbf8_b
Descent: Spoilers deployed
photo 7759379534_0962448075_b
Final approach
Landing Video

photo 7759354074_5098d6a16b_b
photo 7759286736_877fe2d5e2_b
Crossing the bridge
photo 7759308208_aa71e010fc_b
Terminal 2: LH/Star Alliance Domain
photo 7759242512_2474a6e9f1_bphoto 7759223938_91a4d0ead4_hphoto 7759188664_fdc74a7ffe_h

Disembarking the aircraft, going through immigration and baggage claim took less than 20 mins. It was very swift and stress free. Munich Airport is such as wonderful place.

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Independent Escape Lounge - 2


Manchester - MAN


Munich - MUC



Singapore Air has a very solid business class product which is often viewed as one of the best around at the moment. In my experience, the crew outdid themselves. They were probably the best I had ever experienced at the time and they did their best to make sure I enjoyed the flight as much as I could despite how short it was. With regards to the seat, there are pros and cons but it seems SQ management have listened to their customers and introduced an updated product. Hopefully the update should resolve these issues. The food was terrific as well; well presented and tasted great. As for the IFE and press materials, they were very good, unfortunately, in the case of the IFE, I didn't get to use it as much as I could due to how short the flight was.

All things said, if given the opportunity to fly SQ's business class product again, I would not hesitate in a heart beat, however, the bland Manchester Airport experience kind of spoils what was otherwise a near perfect trip.

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