Review of Air Canada flight Montreal Vancouver in Economy

Airline Air Canada
Flight AC311
Class Economy
Seat 43A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 04:44
Take-off 15 Mar 24, 18:31
Arrival at 15 Mar 24, 20:15
AC   #20 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 379 reviews
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Published on 11th April 2024

The domestic portion of Montreal Airport really wasn't that interesting. There was only one lounge which was the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge. There wasn't a big food court like at US airports, so I grabbed some food at Tim Horton's and hung out at a ground level gate.

Boarding was scheduled one hour before departure at 17:00 at Gate A51, and I was there around that time. There was an Air Canada A330-300 in Star Alliance livery at the gate next to us.

photo 20240315_165644

This was my plane, C-FNNW, a 10 year old 777-333ER delivered in February 2014 and still sporting the old livery. This was one of Air Canada's high density 777-300ERs with 450 seats including 28 business, 24 premium economy, and 398 economy. No wonder boarding started so early. The gate area was certainly tight for so many people.

photo 20240315_165654

I was in Boarding Group 4 this time, and finally made my way onto the plane after so many people.

photo 20240315_172641

My seat was in the second of three economy cabins. There was a single headphone jack, USB-A port, and outlets between each pairs of seats as well.

photo 20240315_173257

Legroom was pretty standard. There was nothing exceptional. The seat pocket contained an air-sickness bag, the safety card, and Air Canada's "Bistro" menu.

photo 20240315_173248photo 20240315_173035

Boarding finished at 17:48, but due to a flight attendant injury we didn't push back until 18:13 because another attendant needed to be found to replace the injured attendant.

photo 20240315_181516

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photo 20240315_182058

Takeoff was from Runway 24L, and the views were beautiful with the sunset lighting.

photo 20240315_183051photo 20240315_183150

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photo 20240315_183213

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photo 20240315_183715

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photo 20240315_184225

At 19:30, the inflight service began. Unfortunately for me, there was only a free drink service as the snacks had to be paid for. Unlike the Air Canada Express flight, earbuds were not complementary. I just had some water to drink and didn't order anything off the Bistro menu, but here's what the menu looks like. A bag of Doritos I bought in the airport would be enough to hold me over on this flight.

photo 20240315_201858

The seat back screen was very responsive compared to the CRJ-900. Even though the screen was up to date with Air Canada hardware, the actual entertainment system was not the most recent, as would be seen with my next flight on the 787-9.

photo 20240315_212253

I spent a while playing the games which included many choices like solitaire, battleship, pool, and trivia.

photo 20240315_215726

The movie and TV show options were similar to the previous flight, but they were once again plentiful and enough for this flight. WiFi was also available to purchase, but it was not needed.

The moving map was good as it featured many different views that could be changed.

photo 20240315_212343

The flight attendants would do another service in the second half of the flight. I had a water once again.

photo 20240315_214651

I spent some good time looking out the window as flying across Canada was quite a view. I was amazed by all the snow in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

photo 20240315_214259

The mountains in British Columbia were quite mesmerizing.

photo 20240315_223332

Eventually, we started our descent into Vancouver. I didn't take anymore photos as the quality would not be good at night.

photo 20240315_230440

We pulled into the gate at 20:22 PDT next to an Air Canada 737 MAX 8. There was also a 777-200LR as well.

photo 20240315_202219

After deplaning, I scanned my next boarding pass and passed into the international portion of Vancouver airport. Our gate ended up being right next to the gates separating domestic and international flights.

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Air Canada

Cabin crew10.0

Montreal - YUL


Vancouver - YVR



Having never flown Air Canada before, I was surprised that there were no complementary snacks; especially on an almost five hour transcontinental flight. Overall, the seats were comfortable, the entertainment was responsive and plentiful, and the crew were all very nice. Not a very eventful flight apart from the turbulence as I didn't get up from my seat, and there were no free snacks to eat. The best part of the flight was the lighting outside and the views. The sky took a while to get dark as we were flying west the entire time.

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  • Comment 648606 by
    NGO85 SILVER 2002 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR! AC is superior to the US3 when it comes to J, but this confirms that they are clearly behind US carriers in Y. They have really become stingy on their complimentary service, charging for headsets and those tiny drink cups. The only advantage of AC is that they have IFEs throughout their fleet and wide-bodies are heavily used on their domestic hub-hub flights. They also have a decent Bistro product with reasonable prices with the current CAD/USD exchange rate (J meal for less than 15 USD is not bad value).
  • Comment 648654 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    It's unfortunate not to have at least one complimentary snack on such a long transcon flight. In this respect, the base service on AC in Economy within North America isn't as good as US carriers...which is already quite sad. But AC tend to have a much better selection of buy-on-board food than US carriers (there aren't even sandwiches for sale on AA for example). You can even buy a Business class hot main dish on board AC when flying Economy, which I think is a nice option.

    Other than the lack of service, everything is great with a widebody with IFE on a transcon. Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 648752 by
    jettoajet GOLD 116 Comments
    Have been looking forward to this one!

    Unlike the Air Canada Express flight, earbuds were not complementary.

    Huh, this makes no sense. So strange there isn’t a snack service either. Was just reading PheePlanes flight where they had a full menu in Y.

    I’m curious to see whether this level of catering is the same on international medium hauls for example SJO. Long haul Europe obviously has meals but I think AC scrape the barrel on catering. Other than that the rest of the experience sounds nice with good IFE and friendly Canadian crew!

    Thanks for sharing!

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