Review of Afrijet flight Gamba Port Gentil in Economy

Airline Afrijet
Flight J7193
Class Economy
Seat 11F
Aircraft ATR 42-500
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 25 Jan 24, 14:50
Arrival at 25 Jan 24, 15:50
J7   #82 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 7 reviews
By GOLD 182
Published on 11th May 2024

Returning to France with a couple domestic flights in Gabon first.


I'll go to the airport with a car. The road is decent, there are not too many potholes there will be no wait to access the terminal. Actually, you don't have the choice, a car is mandatory if you want to go to the airport due to the lack of public transportation.

photo 20240124_123031

The neighbouring area is an oil field and the airport has some derelict buildings.

photo 20240124_123146

However indications are clear

photo 20240124_135203photo 20240124_135211

There is almost no one here.

photo 20240124_135220photo 20240124_141341

The airport is closed. It will open after the arrival of the inbound plane whichh will carry ground agents. There are only one or two weekly flights so the company employees travel from Port Gentil for the flight. 

photo 20240124_135000

Here is the plane

photo 20240124_134810

Today TR-AGB will be carrying us. It is the sole ATR 42 in Afrijet fleet and is the oldest plane of the company. All the other planes are recent ATR 72. There are also one or two leased CRJ for routes with a larger passenger load. 

photo 20240124_135333

The check-in area is small. There is only one agent to perform passenger check-in and luggage drop off.

photo 20240124_141920-84506

There are no assigned seat and the boarding pass is a plastic card.

photo 20240124_143530

Security is fast even if there is only one line. The aggent is friendly but shoes must be removed. The boardin area has around 20 seats and AC is working.

photo 20240124_144450

There is a TV and free water is available but no wifi network.

photo 20240124_142601

This helicopter carries workers from local oil compagnies to Port Gentil but they do not use the terminal facilities.

photo 20240124_142311

Passengers walk to the ariplane for boarding. No security agent complains about me taking pictures in the airport (the complete opposite of POG).

photo 20240124_144501photo 20240124_144519

Boarding is don through the main passenger door (rear left).

photo 20240124_144552

SInce there are no assigned seats I choose a window seat.  THe legroom is small.

photo 20240124_155809photo 20240124_145034

View from the window. The glass is not really clean.

photo 20240124_145039

Safety card.

photo 20240124_145433

There is no pushback. The plane goes forwar and turns left immediately

photo 20240124_145836photo 20240124_145841photo 20240124_145847

We have to go to the runway's end to make a U-turn.

photo 20240124_145920


photo 20240124_150250

Take off

photo 20240124_150418photo 20240124_150424

The city of Gamba

photo 20240124_150437

Cruise above Gabon

photo 20240124_151027

A sandwich (chicken or tuna) and a soft drink are proposed.

photo 20240124_152928

Approaching Port Gentil

photo 20240124_154725photo 20240124_154951


photo 20240124_155100

The red helicopter is already here

photo 20240124_155353

The Afrijet terminal

photo 20240124_155406

The main terminal, which is used by helicopter companies.

photo 20240124_155424

We will disembark and walk to the Afrijet terminal from where we will collect our luggage after 15 minutes. POG is not photo friendly airside so I won't take any.

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Cabin crew8.5

Gamba - GAX


Port Gentil - POG



A short flight from a remote airport.

J7: legroom is short but a meal is served. Cabin crew is friendly. No wifi onboard this plane.
GAX: no wifi but water is offered. The terminal is cleaned before each flight. Easy access if you have a vehicle or a driver.
POG: Bagage delivery is slow even if the plane is parked in front of the terminal. Wifi available.



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  • Comment 651080 by
    padawan SILVER 2009 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this domestic flight. Interesting service on board.
    So sad to see what Gamba airport has become :(
  • Comment 651102 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 649 Comments
    Quite an interesting flight to be fair and I can't imagine i've heard it before that the airlines flies their staff in to handle a flight. Thanks for reporting!
  • Comment 651107 by
    fiftytwo GOLD 1459 Comments
    thanks for the flight report and experience
  • Comment 651112 by
    jettoajet GOLD 116 Comments
    There is almost no one here.

    A private plane is one thing to have, but a private airport??😂

    Gabon looks so green! If you don’t mind and if you have the time, would you mind letting me know if you think it is worth the visit there?

    A very intriguing report and has set me in the mood for Africa. I love the laidback style (even if they didn’t want you taking pictures this flight) and with ground agents being flown in, have never heard of that in my life😅. Looking forward to the rest of the series!
    • Comment 651420 by
      Azeotrope GOLD AUTHOR 325 Comments
      Gabon is really green, there is no shortage of water that I'm aware of.

      I do think it is a wonderful country to visit, nature is wonderful but visiting is not easy. In the past tourism was not a priority and the country lacks some infrastructure (roads, hotels) to cater to some tourists requirements. Things are starting to change with the new transition government. There is a huge potential with their national parks and natural reserves.
      I've never done anything touristic in Gabon but there are travel agencies that can probably organize things for you.
  • Comment 651194 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    Thanks for this exotic report! Yikes the legroom looks so tight! But I guess that's partly because the seats are so thick. Wow, a sandwich on a 1h flight on a turbo-prop...nice surprise!

    Thanks for sharing!

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