Review of Skymark Airlines flight Ibaraki Kobe in Economy

Airline Skymark Airlines
Flight SKY187
Class Economy
Seat 13H
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 27 Sep 13, 17:10
Arrival at 27 Sep 13, 18:30
BC 13 reviews
By 3755
Published on 19th April 2014
Good morning/evening/night everyone !

This FR is a translation of the French version that you can find here.
I have been kindly asked to try to enrich the English database. Hence this FR which will add a new Japanese airline and 2 regional Japanese airports.

As Skymark made the airline industry headlines recently with the reception of a brand new A330 and the new stewardess uniform, this FR will give an overview of Skymark’s product. I would also point out that Skymark ordered some A380 that should be delivered soon with the least dense configuration onboard, only 394 seats!

Anyway, it is time now to start this report.

This trip aim was to spend the weekend in Kyôto and visit a friend working there. From Tôkyô to Kyôto, there is a reliable mean of transportation called Shinkansen, the Japanese bullet train. The train journey lasts about 2h15 with a train at least every 15 min! But the price of the ticket is a bit pricey at 14.000 JPY the one-way ticket. Train tickets in Japan are safe from revenue management methods. From the first day of selling to the last minute, the price remains unchanged (except with the last tax increase^^).
Then, I decided to look for plane tickets as the great Ôsaka area is served by 3 airports.
- Kansai International Airport (??????) which is the international airport of the Kansai area as indicated by its name, serving domestic, regional, European and American destinations. Inconvenient offshore airport located 50 km from the city
- Ôsaka International Airport (??????) aka Itami which is as International as I am a member of the Japanese Imperial family. Convenient airport located 15 km from the city.
- Kôbe Airport (????) which is not pretending to be international when it is not ! This one, less convenient than Itami, is located 40 km from Ôsaka.

Skymark was offering competitive prices and is also flying from an airport I wanted to try since I settled down in Japan: Ibaraki airport.
With NRT and HND expensive fees, Ibaraki prefectural government decided to built a low-cost airport. Ibaraki prefecture hosts a military base of the Japan Air Self-Defense Forces in Hyakuri and the airport has been built using the available space near the base. IBR has two parallel runways.

Unlike Ôsaka International Airport, Ibaraki is a real international airport with A scheduled international flight to Shanghai Pudong 6 times a week (3*) operated by the mainland Chinese carrier Spring Airlines. Since earlier this year, a regular charter service between IBR and Yangon has been being offered by Myanmar Airways International. So many new routes since I took the flight last September. 3 new domestic flights are now being offered: twice daily to Fukuoka and one daily flight to Nagoya. Moreover, a new transit possibilities has been added through Kobe to Yonago. Naha already existed.

After the formal “How do you do?” with this new airport, the journey begins.
As there is no monorail or crazy expensive “Ibaraki Express” to join the airport, I used my personal car. And here we are, ???? or Ibarakikûkô or Ibaraki airport with a great blue sky!
photo 20130927_161231_zps71c70ac8

I mentioned in some of my FR in French how cheap can be long-term car parks at NRT (outside the airport zone). My car-park is a flat fee of 500 JPY plus 500 JPY per day with a decreasing price. Here, at Ibaraki, it is FREE. And there are 1.000 spots, enough compared to the airport activity.
photo 20130927_161258_zpsb0427817

Here is another outside view of the building. Its size lets me imagine the existence of a first (or second depending floor-count standards) floor.
photo 20130927_161329_zpsb226ce56

On the right side of the building, 2 aircraft caught my eyes. They look less comfortable but faster.
I have done nothing wrong, I swear!
photo 20130927_161628_zps02224b3d

photo 20130927_161611_zps7906eee8

This one might be scary when doing hedge-hopping.
photo 20130927_161718_zps7143d257

And now, it is time to enter this terminal.
photo 20130927_161901_zps3cfead3c

Hé, there would be separate entrances for domestic and international flights? You can also notice that the neighbors are more powerful than at Narita as the airport has short operating hours.^^
photo 20130927_161912_zps1f21f3ae

No separate entrances, same hall! Here the 6 Spring check-in counters and no self check-in computers!
photo 20130927_161948_zps0c6a1bd3

And here the domestic section where Skymark rules alone.
photo 20130927_161955_zpsc0cef0e9

Probably some locals are selling their crafts.
photo 20130927_162002_zps1680b137

And there even is a ???? or konbini, convenience stores open 24/7 well spread in Japan.
photo 20130927_162031_zpscec01c8d
It is now time to approach the counters for the check-in.
Here, checked luggage security scan is performed before doing the check-in. Second time for me to observe this procedure after an ANA flight from CTS (one of my first FR^^). It allows you to realize if you carry an object forbidden to be in the hold!
photo 20130927_162038_zps05bb759e

Maybe, for some of you, Skymark is a low-cost carrier. It offers low fares compared to JAL and ANA but it does not follow the LCC model. There is no seat choice fee nor booking fee nor credit card payment fee. And you can check-in for free up to 3 bags with a combined weight of maximum 15 kg! I checked my luggage and received my boarding pass.

Between international and domestic counters is a pair of ???????, escalators. What is on the upper floor ?
photo 20130927_162101_zpsf1cafc38

Oh, an observation deck! But with these windows, it is not optimum.
photo 20130927_162204_zps79b5d985

It is better with this angle.
photo 20130927_162209_zpsf40b5832

By walking on the deck, it was weird. The blind windows were moving while I was moving. It is in fact a special glass to prevent people from taking pictures of the air base.
photo 20130927_162316_zpsc59baac7

That is probably written here. My Japanese is not good enough.
photo 20130927_162654_zps1dfc8ba5

I could still have realized a big bird just arrived. With the short rotation time, I should hurry a bit.
photo 20130927_163647_zps8c01029c

On this floor, there is more than an observation deck, there are shops with the famous packaged food used as omiyage. They contain small cookies to be brought back home after a trip and to be shared with friends or colleagues.
photo 20130927_163623_zps92c8d5cc

And there is also a food court.
photo 20130927_163614_zpsa744781e

At security, there is even less people waiting than at NRT! I passed security with a weird object that was refused in my checked luggage. It was my first time I was deliberately going through security with an object that would have been refused on any other flight!
photo 20130927_163917_zps9266d737

After the check, I observed one of the great things from Japan: vending machines! They are literally everywhere from the craziest Shinjuku station to the remote car park in a small town. I even wonder if there is not one on the top of Fuji-san!
And the prices are reasonable for drinks in the airside area. The sparkling drink with plants extracts is at 1.50 USD or 1.10 EUR!
photo 20130927_164234_zpsf6526a67

photo 20130927_164157_zps02846c23

There is even a small convenience store!
photo 20130927_164509_zps23e13342

Here is the boarding area. Some might have noticed on the right the room forbidden to the younger than 20, aka the room for intoxicated adults.
photo 20130927_164249_zps8876effc

Between domestic and international boarding areas, there is a room which could serve both.
photo 20130927_164318_zps15c85544

And on the other side, THE duty-free shop.
photo 20130927_165142_zpsbdb4a3b2

On TV, a “national” program is being broadcasted, the Tôkyô Sumô tournament! It cannot happen everywhere!
photo 20130927_164348_zps90b037a4

????????????? !
Flight SKY187 bound for God’s door will leave at 17h10 from gate 2.
photo 20130927_164335_zps7092f307

Boarding is probably starting after an announcement I did not understand as I see PAX heading to the counter. I think it is useless to say announcement were only made in Japanese^^
Of course, no jet bridge.
The best observers might have noticed something is missing on the ground.
photo 20130927_170012_zpsa2c57187

There is no push-back truck. The plane can head directly for the runways forward, saving few precious minutes!

Under the wing is the air base. No glass to prevent your devoted reporter to take pictures.
photo 20130927_170147_zpsd940d6eb

A short moment before boarding.
photo 20130927_170218_zps12b28325

Here is the boarding pass. I highlight my identity has never been checked^^
photo 20130927_170959_zps312caf2a

The flight load was low. Hence I changed my seat to get a window one!
photo 20130927_170818_zps7f34dbc9

But, if you noticed, my BP was indicating an F seat which usually is an F seat on a 3-3 narrow-body aircraft! Not always! It could correspond to the lettering of an Airbus wide-body with a 2-4-2 seating configuration where A and H are window seats and C and F are aisle ones.
photo 20130927_182338_zpsae36d7d1

After the usual safety demonstration, short taxi and ready for take-off on runway 03L, northern heading!
photo 20130927_171611_zpsf079e947

photo 20130927_171829_zpsf0d07b55

Coastline view with the night approaching.
photo 20130927_171918_zps140fc054

The aircraft is climbing and climbing and still heading north. So north that I started to doubt about my Japanese geography^^
This was probably to avoid the overcrowded Tôkyô airspace.
Finally, the pilot decided to turn!
photo 20130927_172233_zps05332dee

photo 20130927_172257_zps1a49fe23

photo 20130927_172638_zps4f174dcb

Time to do a description of the cabin.
Content of the pocket with the oshibori given during boarding.
photo 20130927_172735_zps2e8e0bba

Inside the airline magazine, there is the Skymark history with the integration of their A333 last march and of their first A388 for NYC next November.
Meanwhile, SKY has many things to improve and I am perplex with their model which is more a point to point airline.
photo 20130927_172800_zpsdc59094d

Maps of the different served airports are displayed. Focus on the airports involved in this FR.
photo 20130927_172920_zpsb431308b

The beverage menu is also included in the magazine. Alcohol-free beverages are at 100 and 150 JPY. Alcoholic ones are at 200 JPY. Quite decent prices.

Recaro seats with a reasonable pitch. I am 192 cm ( 6’3) tall^^
photo 20130927_173222_zps873f43d0

Leather seats with a SkyInterior cabin.
photo 20130927_173621_zps11147c54

And there is also a plug under the seats. It could have accommodated my Australian one without the adapter.
photo 20130927_173150_zpscb80e85e

Meanwhile, flight is continuing.
photo 20130927_173357_zpsf1354681

And you wonder how classy a SKY flight can be? Look at what you can enjoy onboard!
photo 20130927_173058_zps7fab09f1

Ok, it was not sold onboard. It is the item I could not leave in my checked luggage. Next time, I will pretend to fly in J and drink champagne.

That bottle was for the friend I was visiting. Here my in-flight snack for 468 JPY.
photo 20130927_173902_zps42766d5b

When the stewardess sold me my drink and offered me the small biscuits, she kindly told me I should have a look through the windows on the other side.
photo 20130927_174012_zps13b10b95

Flight is going forward over few clouds at dusk.
photo 20130927_174735_zpsdd1e4b29

photo 20130927_175215_zps3783d9bc
Mandatory inspection of the convenience.
photo 20130927_180123_zpsfa2946bd

Cabin view from the aft
photo 20130927_180158_zps329860ec

According to the flight plan in my mind, we were close to the western coast and Obama beach. After avoiding Tôkyô airspace, the captain might need to avoid Ôsaka’s too!
photo 20130927_175821_zps11a6725a

After a left turn, flying over land.
photo 20130927_180531_zps6dfccd38

Kagogawa bay, west side from Kôbe.
photo 20130927_181238_zps1738c6cb

Mood lighting during final approach
photo 20130927_181310_zps5d624462

Light is quickly decreasing like pictures quality.
photo 20130927_181348_zps464d81d4

photo 20130927_181510_zps6f49f359

Are we over ground or water? Like NGO or KIX, UKB has been built on an artificial island.
photo 20130927_181716_zpsf84dd867

After touch down.
photo 20130927_181952_zpsb013bdfd

photo 20130927_182011_zps5d0db5bc

Time to join the terminal. Not really peak hours.
photo 20130927_182119_zps42e13aa5

photo 20130927_182244_zps9a9e3a35

Oh, a friend from AirDo I think.
photo 20130927_182525_zps57f27cca

Quick deboarding with a jetbridge.
photo 20130927_182733_zpsdd5ac561

A common airport corridor.
photo 20130927_182749_zps58f24c0f

photo 20130927_182853_zpsea9f15a1

Luggage collection is this way like the exit. Arriving and departing PAX are not mixed.
photo 20130927_182953_zps89333875

Luggage belt much more pleasant than the one for LCC at NRT.
photo 20130927_183105_zpsc13b43c2

There even is a screen for announcements!
photo 20130927_183109_zps31e0ef2a

Now, bound for the city center with an aerial train refusing my Pasmo card.
photo 20130927_184419_zps16717feb

photo 20130927_191037_zpsc3ddbbae

I think I am hungry now^^
photo 20130927_183017_zps9bcadc34

First, thank for reading this FR and I hope despite my English, you have appreciated it.
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Skymark Airlines

Cabin crew9.5
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Ibaraki - IBR


Kobe - UKB



As a conclusion, I can say it was a very good flight.

IBR: Far from Tôkyô but, for me, it is a bit closer than Narita. The free parking is a serious advantage. The pretty recent building is clean and convenient with whatever you would need. I find the overall to be quite impressive for such a small airport. No queues anywhere. It is kind of a perfect score card and in the end I prefer it over Narita. But much more less flights…

UKB: Clean airport with a nice luggage belt. Quick delivery and also quick walk to ground transportation. That is a general advantage for small airports.

It was my second time flying with them and again it was a very good flight. Despite the long flight path, the punctuality was respected. It might be included in the schedule. Comfort onboard was great for domestic Y: wide pitch, comfy seat and power plug. Only the IFE is missing!^^
For the BoB, no food but the drink prices are not as high as the cruising altitude.
Very professional crew and I really appreciated when the stewardess told me to have a look on the other side. Probably because I am a gaijin though.

This is the end and maybe see you soon (if I am encouraged to continue in English ;-) ).



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  • Comment 106168 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this report on a Japanese carrier that not too many have heard about.

    The comfort level looks nice and when it comes to service I would expect good service on a Japanese carrier. It's part of the culture and even at a 7-11 convenience store you can expect this level of good customer service.

    Hope to see more reports from you.
  • Comment 106184 by
    marathon GOLD 10137 Comments
    This report is just as good as the original version (and once again, I marveled about the free parking lot). Welcome among the Flight Report Translators ! :)
    • Comment 292692 by
      Olrik AUTHOR 968 Comments

      Yeah, I am also surprised by the official free parking lot! Unfortunately, there are not that many flights out of IBR.

      I may not translate all my FR in English. It takes a lot of time and I have an heavy flying schedule soon ;-)

  • Comment 106186 by
    indianocean SILVER 7573 Comments
    You should fly with them again. The female cabin crew just got new uniforms and one should make fantastic durian-like pictures.
    Kobe beef!!! I'm hungry again.
    Thanks for sharing
  • Comment 106246 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6744 Comments
    Great report! Sky Airlines is rarely reported so it's nice to see a report on them. Can't wait for you to do a report on the Sky A330 :-)
    I'm surprised at how good the seat pitch looks for this low-cost carrier--which doesn't seem very low-cost. The cabin looks very nice as well.

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